Apple pays bitcoin, is this forcing the fruit powder to turn into fruit?

Bitpay has released a message that Apple will support bitcoin! At first, I was surprised to hear that this is to make a big news. Why didn’t Apple release it by itself? However, now Apple may be in a panic. Will the price of an Apple phone be 0.0001 bitcoin or 0.01 bitcoin? After all, bitcoin’s “good news” is constantly on the rise. It will soar 20 million times in 10 years and 10 times in 2020, and “American experts” are optimistic that it will rise to $100000 or even $400000 in the future! This is the rhythm of heaven! Even if Apple is determined to set a price, even if Apple is determined to make a price, the fruit powder will change instantly. In the past January, bitcoin went up and down more than 30%. Just spent 0.001 yuan to buy a mobile phone, in the twinkling of an eye, you give me the difference! Some people have always said that “fangnao” is a Chinese characteristic. This time, bitcoin, which is known as borderless, has to be tested to see if “guonao” is American. But then again, if it goes up, it’s natural to make trouble. What if it falls? It’s down 30% a week. I’m afraid Apple has to send a lawyer’s letter to the world’s money fans to recover it? But the most regrettable thing is that, even if we do it again, I’m afraid it will not produce any results. Thanks to the “advanced nature” of bitcoin, bitcoin is decentralized, and no central organization is responsible for it. Even in many countries, it is explicitly prohibited. Disputes or virtual currency stolen, the court is not supported. @The birth of bitcoin is full of ideal color, but the ideal of unlimited liberalism is doomed to be impossible to realize in human society. The vision of “world currency” has lost its possibility in the crazy speculation. what you think?

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