Argentina will install 200 bitcoin ATM machine in October

Argentina will install 200 bitcoin ATM machine in October


200 “two-way” bitcoin ATM will receive Argentina next month, this is a response to the “world monetary order change initiatives.

Local media reports cryptonoticias, Odyssey Group CEO SebastianPonceliz said economic policy is the early consumer bitcoin driving force, the state will get to multiple benefits.

He told the “newspaper” the news of the world said in an interview: “this idea stems from the people of the world monetary order is changing the understanding.”.

This is what I call a “fusion of money, let us use the different methods of payment and exchange (cash, electronic wallet password, etc.) and human contact, is a ATM, it can handle multiple currencies, the digital currency used in reality”

If the successful launch, Argentina will seize the opportunities in many markets.

Last month, Australia announced plans to transform 500 machines to have bitcoin sales and purchase function.

Ponceliz said:

“Odyssey is the first global financial integration technology, digital currency and cash platform……. Reduce transaction cost, promote the circulation of foreign exchange,”.

The British BTM Bitlish told the cointelegraphBTM headquarters may deploy 5000 large bitcoin ATM machine in Europe before the end of 2017

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