ARTS Coming: Artwork Digital Asset Certification

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Project pain pointsn
Art Appreciation Nowadays, no matter in fiction or in TV dramas, you should have seen that art currently has a lot of drawbacks in terms of circulation and transactions. Almost 80% of art works can not be easily circulated and traded, and these problems Which disturbs the art merchants of artists for more than 10 years. However, the blockchain technology belongs to the copyright, anti-counterfeiting certification, trade record tampering, traceability, asymmetric information and pricing have brought new vitality to the artwork market.n
At present the core of the project has three pain pointsn
n1. The authenticity of the work is difficult to determinen
2. The ownership of the hard to determinen
3. Weak liquidity is difficult to pricen
nn1. The authenticity of the work generally comes from the opinion of the authoritative agencies and expertsn
2. Rights Attribution ARTS is prepared to use blockchain technology can not be tampered with to achieve, for each piece of art to design a special can not be tampered with addressn
3.ARTS team established a block chain history file, all the true origin, evolution, collection records, etc. complete and evolutionary historical records.n
nBlockchain-based distributed accounting and non-tampering provide works of art with valid ID cards so that even those who do not know the artwork can see the authenticity, merits, merits and demerits of the artwork.n
Project Description n
Art collection industry can be described as a long history, but even in the twilight of science and technology today, the collection of industry inherent a series of pain points (such as copyright ownership, security certification, transactional tampering, traceability, asymmetric information, pricing, purchase professional reference Basis, etc.) is still not well resolved – until we have ARTS.n
If you want to ask the hottest cutting-edge technology in recent years, than blockchain. The earliest blockchain to exist as the underlying technology for bitcoin, but now it is long gone from bitcoin and is known all over the world for information that is immediately verifiable, traceable but difficult to tamper with and unmasked.n
ARTS is an example of the successful application of blockchain technology in the collectibles industry. It combines the principles of cryptography in blockchain technology, timing data and consensus mechanisms to ensure the coherence and continuity of nodes in a distributed database. Created a set of privacy, efficiency and security of the shared value system features, and ultimately solve the collection industry has been pending issues.n
Project Technologyn
ARTS is a tokens issued based on the Achain blockchain platform, creating a continuously evolving, easy-to-use, low-cost, and well-tailored approach by introducing modular virtual machines, smart sandboxes, value exchange and bifurcation mechanisms Blockchain network.n

ARTS has made a number of technological innovations, such as the three-step technology development path that enabled “contract network-forked network-interworking network” and pioneered the chain, BaaS, security isolation and event-response ) Mechanism to carry out in-depth research and development, in the technology to complete the modular design, intelligent sandbox and other innovations, re-ensure the operation of the platform block chain application with greater stability and security.n
Team infon
Co-founder David Zhun
International graphic design community (ICOGRADA) membersn
Asia Design Management Forum brand forum chairmann
Visiting Lecturer, School of Urban Design, Central Academy of Fine Artsn
Won many domestic and international professional competitionsn
Graduated from the Central Academy of Art Designn
Former WPP Group, a world-renowned brand consultancy. Service a large number of industry-leading customers, has accumulated rich experience in customer research and combat in China. With its accurate ideas, efficient implementation, touching expression to win customer praise. He has provided overall brand solutions to clients in various fields (finance, real estate, retail, healthcare, government, technology media, automotive) including COFCO, CITIC, China Resourcesn
Co-founder Jiang Jien
Founding Partner, R-Coin Foundationn
Chin a capital partner former China Investment Center COO, involved in the operation of the fund billionsn
Co-founder Stevenn
He used to be a member of blockbuster industry in the Fort Five Hundred member enterprises and leader of integral platform. He has invested in blockchain projects such as VEN, TNB, DRGN, QLC and DBC, specializing in business strategy, operation and channel developmentn
Co-founder Guo Mingn
Silicon Valley in the United States engaged in technology research and development, the main areas for the chip design, graphics and network infrastructure algorithms, Shenzhen Chi Institute of intelligent manufacturing incubator co-founder of Shenzhen Yuanchuang International Laboratory founder, Shenzhen Yuanchu ยท Shanghai New York University blockchain experiment roomn
Co-founder, one of the next generation of fundamental blockchain developers. Co-founder Gene Jiangn
Artificial intelligence scientist and big data expert Postdoctoral fellow at York University, UK Member of Cognitive Network Technical Committee of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Member of British Institute of Engineering Highest level research and development project (EU FP7) Project sponsor and principal responsible After returning home, Baba, Sohu and other business strategy development.n
to sum up n
ARTS as Achain’s sidechain can theoretically achieve transaction speeds of up to 1000tps per second, as an improvement over ETH ARTS does not suffer from ETH congestion, and ARTS owns tens of millions of artists’ resources using a combination of online and offline solutions To create a blockchain art market and to identify issues such as identity, circulation and transaction traceability. As the saying goes one step ahead of students, one hundred paces ahead of death. Blockchain is currently operating very little online, and as the first company to get out of the blockchain on the art block and get accredited by multiple agencies, the next move deserves our attention.n
ARTS contact addressn
Official website: www.artcoin.artn
Facabook: Id = 100022904169657n
Official customer service QQ: 948050787n
Learn more, add Arts Official WeChat WeChat: Arts_coinn

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