As long as two years of the bear market, how to break bitcoin

About to enter the end of 2018, after two weeks, is 2019. For next year’s investment plan, everyone has their own plan. After one year, 2017 years and 12 month 17 days, bitcoin has reached the highest point in history, $19142. As of December 17th, bitcoin prices suddenly rose, rose up to 11%. Since entering a bear market since the past, bitcoin prices have been hovering in the $3200, 17 day, topped $3400, the highest point in nearly $3600, to $3500, at the same time, since December 7th the highest turnover day. This day, just bitcoin is the highest point of the first anniversary of the day.

In the winter of 2017 seems better than there are cold, but when soaring price of money and encryption, the cold winter will feel warm, block chain has thus entered the public view, and a hot trend. However, bitcoin prices fell from the highest point of a fall, fell over 83%, even low.

Bitcoin since its birth, the price is like a roller coaster. The first bitcoin enthusiasts “Laszlo Hanyecz” to buy a value of $25 for 10000 bitcoin coupon, then bitcoin has a price of $0.0025. 11 2010 6, Mt.Gox in the bitcoin exchange price of $0.5, compared to the original price doubled 200 times. However, the Mt.Gox exchange was hacked, the hacker in a short time will bitcoin price down to $0.01, resulting in the world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox was forced to temporarily shut down and subsequently went bankrupt, then into a difficult market for two years. However, in January 2013 the “Cyprus debt crisis” broke out, crypto currency faced a crisis in the traditional financial sector conditions favored, bitcoin prices soared to $265. In December, European countries have issued related policies, bitcoin more than the international price of gold soared to $1147, for the first time, and began a steady climb. Until August 2015, due to limited space growth increment, bitcoin prices fell to 200 U.S. dollars. Affected by the bitcoin production by half and external factors, in December 2016 the price of bitcoin again exceeded $1000. By 2017, bitcoin prices fell short in the middle of July after a strong rebound in the number of price adjustments, continue to climb steadily until October topped $5000, after less than a month in December exceeded $10 thousand, approaching $20 thousand, the price doubled again, this is also the current bitcoin history the highest price range.

However, after 2018, the market entered a long bear market, from the beginning of February of $6300, all the way down, and in December 14th, hovering near $3300. It is worth noting that in the bitcoin record 1st anniversary, 17, bitcoin prices began to break down, upside, $3300 and $3400, to $3500. Although the encrypted digital currency volatility is the norm, and under normal circumstances, any strong buying is the result of some random peak, the peak quickly led to selling and strong integration. The price seems to be different, the entire trading day has a strong and sustained buying. Or the organization to support the market, or at the bottom of the form. A rebound after 15 months of continuous record low, for investors is a happy thing.

December 17th is destined to be an unforgettable day. According to foreign media reports, the same day, the largest U.S. encryption currency exchange Coinbase announced that its retail investors can use coin trading function, this function had been the only professional institutional investors use. Coin exchange trading is another digital assets with a digital asset transactions. Investors without additional funds (Fiat) on the basis of more convenient, low risk of digital asset investment. Retail investors can trade at Coinbase BTC on ETH/ETC/LTC/ZRX/BCH. According to customer feedback, Coinbase will add more to the transaction. Many people said that the bitcoin prices suddenly rise, and Coinbase opening coin trading function is related to retail investors, let go of the threshold, improve the retail investment income, attract more individual investors, in order to promote the exchange of the trading volume and the day to live up to a certain extent, can be said to be in the self-help behavior bear market under the.

Although the fundamentals and current trading volume improved. At the same time, many professionals in the next wave of crypto currency rebounded sharply with a strong hope. The short-term rise, or just a coincidence in time, the bear market in the one meter sunshine, compared to the previous two years bear market, seems to advance a step. For the market, everyone needs to keep awe.

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