At present, Canada and Europe and other more than 50 thousand stores available cash to buy bitcoin

At present, Canada and Europe and other more than 50 thousand stores available cash to buy bitcoin

Bitit cooperation with Neosurf bitcoin startups, has more than 100 thousand local shops around the world launched bitcoin purchase service, Bitit now plans to extend its network to 15 thousands of retail stores.

This marks the Paris based company started a new stage, the company and the distribution network expert Flexepin cooperation, will be more than 1.5 10000 convenience stores in Canada and Australia launched the cash to buy bitcoin services.

CEO Bitit NicolasKatan said: Bitit wants to cash to buy bitcoin services extended to Australia and Canada, to expand the scale of its network.

In addition, Bitit and Cashlib to carry out strategic cooperation launched in France in cash to buy bitcoin service. By now, Cashlib vouchers can buy bitcoin in France 3.5 10000 stores, bitcoin will be widely used in france.

NicolasKatan said: “the cash to buy bitcoin market has just begun. Vouchers of payment so that we can better reduce the risk and cost. By using the Bitit network at present, tens of thousands of users can buy coins on the counter, just like buying any other products as simple.

He added: “now the French users can choose to get bitcoins through Neosurf or Cashlib. Before the French users use the cash to buy bitcoin opportunity is very limited.”

Flexepin and Cashlib vouchers denominations from $25 to $500. Once users get vouchers, they only need to enter the document on the Bitit website code and exchange for bitcoins, pending confirmation voucher code, bitcoin will immediately send out.

With the increase of credit card fraud, users now have the tools to protect their identity information. Do not need to disclose detailed information, customer transactions do not need a credit card or bank account, but is also very simple to use. In fact, what could be more convenient than buying bitcoin to buy magazines in the corner store? Customers can also buy bitcoin around in my spare time. Now customers can switch between Flexepin, Neosurf and Cashlib of 3 kinds of vouchers, choice of value and exchange for bitcoins on the Bitit platform.

There are a variety of vouchers for the client to choose, the goal of Bitit is not a bank account in Europe, Canada and Australia need to quickly use the new payment technology and electronic commerce.

These partnerships to strengthen the young French technology company’s international influence, the company aims to become the global digital block chain asset service the fastest platform for individuals and institutions.

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