At the beginning of 2021, bitcoin will grow by more than $30000

Bitcoin broke through $30000 last night to a new all-time high, and the largest cryptocurrency has witnessed the strong momentum in the market, which has helped it hit a new high in the past month. Unlike 2017, ATH in 2020 is the result of growing interest in cryptocurrencies. This is due to the impact of the new coronavirus, leading many people to seek alternatives to traditional finance. Interestingly, a large part of this interest comes from institutions that find value in digital assets. At a price of $30000, BTC’s return in the past year was close to 315%, which is an irresistible temptation for any investor. PayPal has moved from slow deployment to quickly adding bitcoin station wagon, and square and MicroStrategy have also become famous investors in BTC. According to the latest report from bitcoin’s Ministry of finance, nearly 29 companies have included bitcoin in their portfolios. Among them, MicroStrategy leads with 70470 BTCs, with a holding of more than $2 billion. Bitcoin has always been a safe option for investors as the dollar faces tough times, and it’s not easy to compare it with gold. Like bitcoin, gold will hit an all-time high in 2020. With more debt accumulating like the United States, the Federal Reserve continues to maintain its policy of quantitative easing, zero interest rate and bond yield manipulation to fund borrowing, and the future of gold and bitcoin may be brighter. Because of its limited supply, bitcoin’s scarcity is increasing its value, and it provides a safe haven against traditional financial risks. Tom Lee, executive partner and research director of fundstrat global advisors, shared his views on the future of bitcoin in 2021 with CNBC. According to him, 2021 will be reminiscent of 2017 and much better than 2020. By 2021, he predicts, valuations will rise by 300%, which means bitcoin will cost about $120000. When asked if his answer is based on the opposite nature of the relationship between the dollar and bitcoin, Tom replied: “it will be part of it for two reasons, but the most important factor is that we did see a lot of central bank liquidity problems this year. The dollar was really strong for most of the year, but now its weakness makes people think, you know How to maintain a reasonable monetary unit? ” “Many people think gold will be the subject, but I think bitcoin is the digital asset that young people and those from the digital age want to hold as a value store.”. Many critics chose bitcoin in 2020, and skeptics may find it harder to see it as an asset bubble in 2021. The original text is from ambcrypto, compiled by blockchain knight, with additions and deletions. The English copyright belongs to the original author. Please contact the compiler for Chinese reprint.

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