At the end of the money to travel Caution!, DragonEx dragon net security bitcoin assets safety

Less than two months, the Spring Festival is coming. The Spring Festival is happy to return home for the new year, celebrate after hard days, but some people can only be sad. Xiao Bian recently learned that a company called Bmart exchange, the end of the month to 11 this year, more and more users find mention is not dealing with, not trading. These suffering users have reported to the police, this is actually the exchange with the money run away.

Coincidentally, another trading platform Bi top also issued a notice in December 6th so.

From a pile of exchange projects, run away “disappeared” examples can be seen, we can really keep their eyes open, safe and trusted exchange. A digital currency transaction security can not be guaranteed, it really is, the domestic has certain restrictions on digital currency transactions, resulting in the development of domestic trading platform with limited; second, the majority of domestic investors in overseas trading trading platform for capital security cannot track field. So Xiaobian recommend choosing a reliable platform is very important. According to Xiao Bian multi comparison, as the leading international currency trading platform, DragonEx dragon net from the beginning of the establishment will give full consideration to the needs of domestic investors, and through continuous efforts to achieve a safe, stable, professional trading.

It is understood that the Dragon DragonEx network is Singapore blockchain asset trading platform, because the first transaction is mining and cash dividends at the same time to enjoy, community driven, safe and stable, 7*24 high quality customer service and other factors is rapidly becoming a global trading platform before 20. Dragon net holding EU digital currency business license, complete legal compliance operation. Dragon net currency are all on-line through a rigorous screening, there are 5 trading market at present (USDT, BTC, ETH, DC, Innovation Zone), hundreds of transactions. English language system platform support, WEB, IOS, Android terminal cover. Market support C2C, and currency currency trading currency. In addition, in November 2, 2018, DT was the first official to destruction, deflation, voting return to community autonomy, DragonEx network has been in the dragon to the center of the road.

For investors considering the safety of transaction demand, the dragon network is how to protect the safety of users? On this issue, Xiao Bian was in the group are lucky enough to see the dragon net official answer: about security, the highest level of encryption, system security; the user behavior monitoring system, protect account security. On the stability, high availability of distributed architecture design, database services, business all over the world multiple backup, failure to second level recovery. On compliance, sensitive operation of the multi-stage audit, 100% benchmark digital currency deposit system, external audit institutions regularly.

Xiaobian dragon net reliable and his reputation, for example, was a garbage project team MDC fraud dragon net for the MDC event to run away, come up with its own funds of nearly 2000 million users to buy back, is responsible for the loss of investors backing.

In summary, the year is approaching, but also give you the digital currency asset to pick a safe home, had a happy year, Xiaobian DragonEx dragon net is a good choice!

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