Australia ISO to set up a unified global standard for block chain technology

Australia ISO to set up a unified global standard for block chain technology

Standards Australia, StandardsAustralia has asked the international organization for Standardization (ISO) set the global standard for block chain technology.

ISO international standard setters in Geneva is widely regarded as the most important global standards authority, has received Australia will require setting global standards for the block chain technology request.

StandardsAustralia is one of ISO identified more than 160 representatives and members of the world.

StandardsAustralia chief executive Adrian OConnell (AdrianO Connell) in an interview with the TheAustralian announced their requests to the ISO.


Adrian OConnell (AdrianO Connell)

He expressed the need to have a distributed ISO Standard Certificate in his view:

“Block chain in different blocks between the global chain dealer interoperability is the key to release the potential of the chain block. This requires a global standard to release the blockchain potential, and the best way is to achieve through the ISO.”

Obviously, ISO needs only 5 members to support the proposal, you can, therefore, the possibility of Australia’s proposal has been through very large.

Through to the ISO block chain seeking to set up a technical committee, we have clearly expressed interest in block chain.”

He pointed out that although the R3CEV bank alliance, stock exchange, for a variety of industry research and development of distributed application services and medical books, but the lack of an interoperable global standards to promote innovation.

He thinks:

“Although there are many research groups are the blockchain project, but there is no technical standards required in the effort to set the blockchain and interoperability standard. This is the significance of the existence of ISO.”

Although the Australian bank has repeatedly by closing the basic banking services to bitcoin companies to take tough measures, but Australia is in financial technology and open door chain block.

For example, the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is the first trading in the stock market after the distributed solution exchange books. In addition, ASX has been to the New York block chain company digital Asset Holding Companies invested $14 million 900 thousand has acquired a 5% stake in the company.

This relationship can also be seen distributed books digital asset company development and provide solutions will be compatible with the existing ASX clearing system.

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