Australia travel test based on block chain hotel

Australia travel test based on block chain hotel

A hotel booking Australian listed company Webjet cooperation with Microsoft has developed a concept of product chain block.

Through the use of Microsoft’s Azure platform, Webjet creates a platform to create and share the independence and credibility of the document.

Test solution blockchain the company is the operator of the web service, is expected to expand its range of services in the next year. According to the Australian financial review reported that the test was started in 6 months ago.

It is worth mentioning that, Webjet began to accept bitcoin payments from early 2015. Webjet is a company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies, while the exchange has been testing its application block chain. Other companies in the field of tourism accommodation block chain technology, including Airbnb.

At present, the company’s focus on expanding its scope of the pilot. Managing director Webjet said in a statement:

“We are aware of the simplified tourism industry will be additional accommodation business after booking, and block chain technology can help solve many problems in tourism industry outside.”

Microsoft representatives also said the core product of Webjet project can be applied to all projects.

By partnering with Webjet using a digital platform for us, we are together in Australia to create a new block chain solution, it not only has the potential to change the tourism industry, but also many other industries, “commented CTOMarkRussinovich Azure Webjet project.

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