Australia’s Freeman city $8 million for distributed energy block chain pilot

Australia’s Freeman city $8 million for distributed energy block chain pilot

The west coast of Australia’s Freeman city plans to use block chain energy data record. The government began to evaluate the block chain technology and data analysis in distributed energy and water system.

The block chain pilot involving academic infrastructure and technology partners, including the blockchain start-up company in Perth PowerLedger, the Australian energy market operator (AEMO) based on WesternPower, and the government support of low carbon life cooperation research center.

The pilot will use block chain technology to connect the elasticity, low carbon and low cost system. PowerLedger said, large solar photovoltaic (PV) factory, rooftop solar photovoltaic panels, the size of the region of the cell, as well as regional water treatment station and access system will also use the blockchain technology and data analysis technology for control of electric vehicle charging.

The block chain pilot shows the wisdom of the city’s future Internet infrastructure.

Last week, the Australian government has invested $257 million for the project, as part of a government first “smart city and suburban plan”, the project promises to provide a total of $28 million 500 thousand in funding for 52 projects. Provide funds of $5 million 680 thousand additional blockchain initiatives by the project partners.

Curtin University will be responsible for the two years of project management work, and carry out research projects.

Curtin University professor Greg Morrison (GregMorrison) said: “we will develop smart metering, battery storage and chain block trading system, the infrastructure for the key of the distributed energy and water efficiency to meet certain requirements, there will need to be Co located physically.”

Similarly, Murdoch University will provide research support for alternative area water supply and storage plan, these programs will be used for each other and the power grid to provide water, capacity and ancillary services.

Institute of computing and CSIRO Curtin Data61 will provide data analysis, to generate a report from the project, real estate developers and WA LandCorp is expected to monitor the project, in order to explore the connection and intelligent technology of alternative energy systems.

At the same time, the classification of power and Originenergy company recently launched an energy sharing plan, the company will provide renewable energy trading, in addition, the company also has a battery provides for community ownership mode.

At the same time, recently with OriginEnergy energy sharing plan PowerLedger, except for the battery community ownership, will also provide renewable energy assets transaction layer.

Other beneficiaries of the Australian government and the wisdom of the City suburb project includes the city of Perth, the state capital city of wisdom cooperation project was $1 million 400 thousand.

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