Austria Yipbee through bitcoin payment orders has reached 10%

Austria Yipbee through bitcoin payment orders has reached 10%


A start-up allow consumers to purchase goods from wholesalers Industrial Company in Austria currently has 10% orders is to pay with bitcoin.

Yipbee announced this month that the A round of more than one million euros of investment is paid through the euro and BitPay bitcoin.

A monthly increase of 15% to 20% customers aroused the interest of investors, Yipbee ready to take the business in the second half of the year extended to Eastern europe.

FounderUmutKivrak told the bitcoin house: “in March we began to get the net profit and keep each month growth of 15% to 20%”.

A large number of Yipbee transactions in the virtual currency of the mainstream service record is still a relatively rare example.

Kivrak said he soon noticed that many customers are more willing to put bitcoin as a currency rather than an investment tool. And this group of customers is relatively large.

BitPay in businesses try to pay with money directly to the total order encryption into euro.

Last month, the headquarters began to accept the use of bits in its currency payment network in Czech Republic major online retailer Alza.

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