Earn 1 billion 100 million, 2345 to block the chain?

 Earn 1 billion 100 million, 2345 to block the chain?

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Holding group Shanghai 2345 network had tried to block the big chain listed A shares of Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 002195.SZ, hereinafter referred to as “2345”), is likely to stop block chain.

In April 15th 2345, released its 2018 annual report summary report, has not yet been mentioned 2345 of its 2345 block chain (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Shenzhen 2345”) investment.

Business information, Shenzhen 2345 is the A shares of the listed company 2345 owned subsidiary, was established in January 2018, the registered capital of 50 million, with two “software copyright” flag, respectively “octopus planet app software” and “Star Alliance Android software version”.

According to the daily planet Odaily all know, octopus planet is under the banner of the 2345 block chain products. However, now the product is trapped in a dead end”.

2 2018, 2345 line block chain project official website, and released “2345 1.0” white paper block chain scheme. The white paper announced the launch of “2345 Star Alliance Plan” plan, block chain technology based on user behavior by creating a platform to get excited.

The white paper mentioned a number of tokens, star coins (token Name: STC), issued a total of 1 billion 500 million medals.

Subsequently, the 2345 sale of the cloud disk used to dig the “star coins”, “octopus planet”, in the non official channels was pushed up to 2500 yuan.

However, the stars let 2345 coins into illegal RMB currency speculation, negative public opinion. Although the 2345 later called an emergency money exchange business, but the ensuing currency price fell, octopus planet devaluation, again attracted user rights storm.

Today, the star coins in part exchange real time price fell to 2 cents, while others have stopped trading. Octopus star mine miners said, now every day most dug up both star coins, “even boot electricity does not come back to earn.”

Currency price diving, hardware sales, right up…… So, 2345 block chain road seems to be very difficult to continue.

The octopus market shrinking planet

“There’s no hope, a welcome pack away.” Recently, the “cui1899” in the second-hand goods trading platform idle idle fish to 65 yuan a price, put up your hands 220 Octopus star equipment.

In idle fish, like “cui1899” are the hands of Octopus equipment planet and many people, we hang out the price of more than 55 to 200 yuan range. Most of the octopus planet equipment display of goods seller in the picture, hundreds of Octopus star cloud disk hardware is neatly placed on the shelves, unified management, boot, quite mine posture.

A seller told the Odaily: “the daily planet on the market of second-hand Octopus planet more than the price of 60 yuan.”

However, this is just a year ago, launched by the A shares of the listed company 2345 of the planet is still in panic buying, octopus supply carnival.

In February 9, 2018, 2345 on the line of the block chain project website, and launched the “2345 Star Alliance”, declared that “the network behavior of each user (into the page, download games, watch video online payment, etc.) will be seen as a contribution to network behavior, 2345 Star Alliance according to the given user contribution degree corresponding to the stars currency and cash incentives, the proportion of users according to the user’s income distribution.

At the same time with the launch of the project, as well as a mining cloud “octopus planet”, which is called the 2345 Star Alliance “pass”, to provide 2345 Star Alliance “money” opportunities, users must buy Octopus planet equipment.

The propaganda of “money” mode caused a lot of user attention. According to reports, in March 28, 2018, the first batch of Octopus equipment available in the 2345 Star Star Alliance website, only 12 seconds, the official website of the shelves were sold octopus planet.

There are statistics, octopus planet hardware after the release, the first batch of products received nearly 1 million 800 thousand users appointment. The first sale can not meet the user’s enthusiasm, then the 2345 Star Alliance in April 11th launched the second batch of products, this is in 4 seconds sold out all the stocks.

In the taste of the product launch is an empty seckill sweetness, octopus planet in April 25th of the same year on Jingdong to raise the public, 3 seconds exceeded one million yuan, 56 minutes to complete the 10 million of the public to raise the target.

In the process, continue to push the octopus star products, repeatedly refresh speed record and the Jingdong to raise the public to raise the amount of. There are media reports, until May 8th 2345, octopus planet raise the amount exceeded 40 million yuan, a record high Jingdong to raise public.

At that time, the official price of Octopus planet is 1299 yuan, even so, the octopus planet or in the hot market is still a hard to find, many buyers of high priced buy forum.

The media had sneaked into the planet Octopus user group, user group at first did not think the renminbi is a big problem, 2345 listed companies also believe that the strength of endorsement.

But with the media pointed out that 2345 RMB, the 2345 began to cut their relationship with Octopus planet, star currency prices fell to 1.1 yuan from 2 cents.

Today, the “octopus star users” becomes the “octopus star activist group”. Apart from the occasional released low selling Octopus planet information, discuss the return channel or more. Some activists even find the planet had help the octopus sales of Jingdong to raise the public, seeking a refund.

Users questioned: “buy the octopus box more than 1000, less than a year fell to dozens of pieces, a fraud?”

There are people who want to learn from Xi’an Benz to beg for 2345 refund rights model: “small woman cry a Benz refunds, guys do howl 2345 will refund?”

Currency price has shrunk by nearly a hundred times

In addition to the 2345 users of the original basis, the explosion and fire Octopus planet more but also due to the incentive – star coins.

At that time, there have been a large number of users to block chain admission, mainly saw the stars never announced bitcoin virtual currency status.

However, according to the China voice of “news” reported that in June 21, 2018, there were outside of the virtual currency exchange line integral star (“star coins”), open the integral star against the currency market business, token peak price is 1.1 yuan.

For 2345 of the A shares of listed companies and the background of the endorsement, virtual currency at the time of the investment boom, many people generous admission.

Fiscal union also reported, was a “octopus planet”, the public also launched a “trading strategy”, guiding the reader how to transfer to BTBTOP exchange integral star and cash transactions.

Reported that, in addition to the BTBTOP exchange, Wjwcoin (Coineal, Biclub, network game player) exchange is also on the line integral star token exchange.

Cash business was halted after the stars did not export currency exchange, had high bulk purchase of Octopus buyers has become a star mining cut “leek”.

Recently, the daily planet Odaily BTBTOP landing exchange found that star coins (STC, i.e. integral star) in the month of 6 2018 21 has started on the record of the transaction, the opening price is the most expensive star coins, 1.1 yuan. Then the stars coin suffered a fall, the price of money all the way down, the current price of the coin remained at about 2 cents each, 24 hours turnover is only 2.209 STC.

2345 Star Alliance Octopus cloud disk APP, only online mall star beta version, launched the star currency exchange goods sector, but only 5 of the 2345 products can be traded, respectively, multimeter, octopus dolls, calculator, Bluetooth speakers etc..

Octopus cloud disk APP later launched star coins back against the plan, however, plans to buy back the cash back ratio is not satisfactory.

“Spent 2500 to buy equipment, now daily output of 2 coins, each coin 2345 to 1 cents recovery. It is a day income of 2 cents, but also take their own electricity.” Activists say the octopus planet.

Now the 2345 ace technicians forum, also more rights and make complaints about sticking. Some people make complaints about their first admission, octopus planet, have yet to earn electricity. There are people in the forum to start a collection of second-hand equipment business, said the only charge is not more than 10 yuan machine. There are people in the recovery of post comments: take back recycling as scrap metal?

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange was cut after the emergency inquiries

Along with the frequent media attention to the 2345 planet octopus and expose 2345, denied the sales relationship with multiple tokens star coins, which also led to a large number of investors believe that the octopus planet suspected of false propaganda. In the second half of 2018 2345 in RMB, illegal currency speculation, false advertising and other negative opinion.

In the national situation against grim moment of ICO, 2345 received the Shenzhen letter of inquiry, 2345 of its block chain business relevant explanation.

In December 18, 2018 2345, issued a reply to the announcement: 2345 Star Alliance which is part of the business link use block chain technology, the company does not involve digital currency and trading business, legal compliance.

For an interim announcement to form 2345 Star Alliance and octopus star disclosure issue, 2345 responded that the 2018 annual “2345 star alliance business sales revenue and net profit accounted for 2017 years the proportion of the audited operating income and net profit of not more than 10%, no significant impact on the company’s 2018 annual operating results. Do not belong to the category of information disclosure of listed companies should be legal.

Media reports mentioned the planet for the alleged propaganda, octopus individual users and agents and other rights, 2345 to deny false propaganda, said after the octopus planet hardware sales revenue and net profit attributable to the company’s revenue and net profit in the proportion of small, will not have a significant impact on the company’s annual results, and suggest that investors pay attention to investment risks. At the same time also responded that the steady growth of Star Alliance product users, will continue to update the products, access to more products and services, rich ecological scene.

On the Shenzhen 2345 inquiry notice again by the media criticized the Department of “evade the crucial point”.

At the same time, the 2345 also rushed to cut planet with octopus.

The Associated Press reported earnings disclosure service number to assist investors in Octopus star virtual currency cash, the service number immediately changed its name to “travel” common sense of life, while the replacement of the head and the menu bar information, all related information delete coins.

2345 Star Alliance official domain name from “www.2345.org” was renamed “www.xingqiulm.com”.

Even if the 2345 busy cutting, and repeatedly denied suspected of issuing the facts, but still difficult to disassociate themselves.

Chinese the voice of “news” reported in the interview that the investors said the octopus star sales process, 2345 of the staff will be introduced to the buyer agents, but the stars into the key link of RMB currency, 2345 does not come forward.

In April 15th, 2345 released the latest annual report mentioned in the 2345, yet on the Shenzhen’s 2345 block chain company.

Business information and annual reports show that Shenzhen 2345 blockchain company was founded in Shenzhen June 1 2018 17, a registered capital of 5000 million yuan.

2345 Star Alliance official website still hung A shares of listed company’s products “sign.

The company has not yet funded chain blocks, what does that mean? In this regard, the daily planet Odaily attempts to call, the official mail channel contact 2345, but as of press time before its official response has not yet been any.

From the cash loan to block chain

2345 is famous for 2345 web site navigation. Subsequently, 2345 has been in the “game of the Internet vertical force, trying to cash flow navigation website.

But the Internet information services 2345 before and after 2015, has met the revenue and profit growth bottlenecks, started from the “Internet service provider” to “the transformation of Internet plus financial innovation” in 2015.

Earnings data show that during the period from 2015 to 2017, 2345 in the financial revenue increased from 9 million 127 thousand and 300 yuan to 2 billion 93 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of financial business revenues jumped from 0.62% to 65.42%. Million European Network reported statistics, the financial business of 3 years of revenue growth of 230 times.

This, 2345 cash loan business the most dazzling.

36kr had previously reported that, along with the cash loan began to rise in 2016, 2015 is still a loss of 7 million 320 thousand “2345 loan king”, in 2016 the total loans grew 2164.98%. 2017 is only half of the time, the king gave 2345 2345 loans contributed 2.39 million yuan net profit, accounting for the parent company profit 50%.

But the road is not easy mutual gold. At the beginning of 2018, 2345 announced a results of letters, published a total of 964 million yuan of assets impairment, 2345 said that the main reasons for the rapid development of the company during the reporting period and the licensed financial institutions to carry out cooperation in the Internet consumer finance business, the loss of bad loans and advances to the amount of growth caused by the company should bear the corresponding increase by.

For regulatory control and wind pressure, the 2345 officially cut its cash loan business at the end of 2017. Also at this time, 2345 to block chain, and released its “white paper” 1 2345 block chain scheme.

Then turn on the blockchain, 2345, got what?

2345 2018 semi annual report shows that the 2345 Star Alliance as a new business is attributable to the Internet information service business sector, are listed separately in the semi annual report shows. In the first half of 2018, 2345 in Internet information services sector to achieve revenue more than 1 billion 180 million yuan, compared with the same period of the previous year growth of 127.95%,

This means that, in the first half of 2018, 2345 revenue through 2345 Star Alliance Project grab.

IMO collective defeat

The first cloud mining model is not its Octopus planet 2345.

As early as the first half of 2017 years, thunder launched called “shared cloud computing products play off the cloud”. The user through the play off cloud to contribute their idle bandwidth and storage resources, and obtain a “chain g” (formerly known as the “play off money”) reward.

However, after a burst of fire, thunder cloud also play off and octopus planet is facing an embarrassing situation.

After the thunder announced 2018 Q3 earnings, the annual report contains the play off sales cloud cloud computing business Q3 revenue of $1980 million, an increase of 150 million dollars. Growth data in 2016 years Q3-2017 Q3 up to 110%, but in 2017 years Q3-2018 years Q3 growth of only 8.3%.

Media analysis, 2018 Q3, cloud computing and IVAS service, the weakest in the thunder overall business, means that the thunder play off cloud is facing the bottleneck of “marketable”.

In addition, the legal factor is the biggest risk of this kind of industry.

In early January 12, 2018, Chinese Internet Finance Association released a risk on the prevention of disguised ICO activities suggest that with the thunder “chain grams” as an example, summarizes the mill as the core issue of virtual digital assets “(IMO) model.

In simple terms, IMO refers to issue tokens through the sale of hardware / machine for the first time. It also analysis, IMO is essentially a financing behavior, is also a ICO.

But whether it is the project of ICO, or 2345 IMO and the thunder, finally because of the lack of actual support value, become a feather.

Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

A word to describe the chain circle of love with the global software community will open Telegram, the meeting will use Zoom.

The daily planet Odaily interviewed Zhao Changpeng, said money to use Zoom; the block chain company Paxos received Odaily Daily Planet interview, also recommended by Zoom; even the EOS super node “Constitutional Convention”, also by Zoom.

In the circle of transnational chain interview, Zoom’s presence is clearly more than the former Skype.

Zoom is a video conferencing provider. The software you can be understood as UI a little more concise Skype; no friends, no public number, only the communication function of WeChat. Users do not even need to register can also participate in the meeting. It can also support the traditional enterprise conference room hardware video conference terminal, PC network, no case of telephone access, also support with Slack and other companies to assist software integration.

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

UI very simple zoom

Now, the company listed on the stock market. Yesterday was the first day of listing zoom, the share price rose 72%, reaching $16 billion 200 million valuation.

Founder of the Yuan face forced to sign the ignorant “Forbes” said: “I don’t know why.”

The curious Odaily also inquire about the daily planet, why this software block chain circle of love?

Smooth and low delay, automatic adjustment of clarity

Good user experience is the reason given by the chain ring users, even in the international meeting is not Caton, delay is very low.

“It is very smooth, very good use.” Secret technology Bo recommended Zoom ape.

Although as a user I, when used for a while but card. But China agent told me that your last mile network if it sucks, I can’t help you.

After consulting with several cloud video industry, the daily planet Odaily found that Zoom really good reputation in the industry, many enterprise customers will use this software. “Some scene is intolerable to delay, such as the class when the teacher interacts with.” Cloud broadcast platform Maodou network founder Li Ming said, a lot of network classroom are beginning to use Zoom.

“Why Zoom is particularly good in the use of the process? This is related to the background.” Li Ming believes that Zoom was founded at the beginning of PC Internet era is just the transition to the mobile Internet era.

The traditional video conference industry is for government agencies and large enterprises, so the main is to adapt to the company’s room with large screen and multi equipment. For many small businesses simply can not afford to give this money, the future of cloud video SaaS is the incremental market; and many employees are likely to be in the two or three line of the city, not to mention the meeting room, even 4G will not spread.

Zoom official website declared: “when your mobile device operating in 3G or 4G/LTE mode, zoom app according to the Apple Corp’s data plan guide will only send a maximum bandwidth of 1MB/min data.”

“Zoom is always the location of mobile Internet, it must adapt to a variety of mobile networks, 3/4G networks, and even some of the mobile device itself is poor, it is very successful to do network adaptive. Simply according to the resolution optimization of video and screen the available bandwidth of each user. The signal is not good, the picture can be fuzzy, but the audio is better.” Li Ming said.

Cloud video product manager Chen Yao believes that “they only have the mobile terminal and PC terminal, there is no pre conference room hardware terminal, relative image rendering area is relatively limited.” As mentioned above, the traditional to B enterprises need to focus on meeting the large screen equipment.

Before the meeting, to build a system of enterprise and railway system, the high cost of. Adaptive strategy is also let Zoom + SaaS to B to C has become not only to a certain extent, and both had one, after all with the software finally is employees. Today’s enterprise, employees all over the world, not only in the high-end office. As Zoom founder Yuan Zheng think, should pay attention to employees’ influence on business decisions. If employees feel a C end product to use, will recommend to the company.

However, some enterprises live company executive director said that compared several Zoom is stable and clear, but still have a common drawback: the audio rate is too low, it lead to the meeting, if one party is in the singing performance, it is not the original sound heard.”

Widely distributed network nodes: burn + open system

Before discussing how the underlying Zoom technology more Niubi, the first concern is the size of the node deployment.

Almost every time to accept the daily planet Odaily interview, referred to the Zoom server density, this is the key of low delay.

“If you are in Guangzhou, I was in Beijing, we are going to have a meeting. If the server is in Shanghai recently, the (information) have a circle to fly to Shanghai to attend the meeting. This delay will be higher.” Li Ming, for example, when it is in Beijing Haidian, Guangzhou Baiyun are closer to us, of course, the server delay will be much lower. If both parties in different countries and continents, not to mention the time delay.

“(node) algorithm is important.” a communications industry senior insiders bluntly, many nodes this point very tricky, because “really do not spend too much ground to.”

I like algorithm ten times stronger than you, then I would write off how much hair?” He played a joke that improved algorithm in. “I come of age, the subconscious more concerned about the amount of fat.”

This is why many chain circle users feel, in an interview or meeting of Zoom multinational experience than WeChat or Skype good reasons: WeChat and Skype server are mainly concentrated in the Chinese or the United States, the equivalent of each interaction has a “transnational information transmission”, but not Zoom.

Then again, Zoom on what node shop?

Burn + open.

Open to authorize their strategy.

“Skype is a closed system, agents can only sell directly to their account server, mostly in the United states. Zoom is an open strategy to allow agents to self deploy.” 2014 began in China agent Zoom Wu said that day, which increased the willingness of agents. A lot of China Zoom authorized agent to use their products. Even insiders said that some domestic enterprises live products, “Zoom is a shell technology package.”

Here the open, popular understanding is, Zoom will bring its own interface open to agents or some large enterprises, but the latter can retain their foreign brands, and these local operators to help Zoom deployment and maintenance of nodes, with Zoom nodes are shared globally, expand the node density of Zoom.

And dare to burn.

“In fact don’t have an open strategy, can be deployed nodes, but with Zoom than the deployment cost is high, can reach 10 times.” Wu day, Zoom was the size of the burn shop strategy, such as “you are now on their website to download the software, you are free.”

Maodou network Li Ming also stressed the huge investment of Zoom in the construction of the Internet, “they also melt several rounds”. He believes that the majority of the Zoom financing, are invested to build server and algorithm. “Technology is the need to burn, small companies can only do some easy things.”

According to the statistics of Crunchbase, Zoom from its inception in 2011 a total of $160 million including melting, melt the 120 million round of the 2017 D, the lead investor Sequoia capital.

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

Table: Crunchbase

Dig to Zhejiang doctor, since the research video encoding technology

After networking, with experience is the underlying technology.

The architecture does not use MCU.” Chen Yao here mentioned MCU (multi control unit, a multipoint control unit), is the traditional multiplayer video conferencing equipment mainstream architecture.

According to public information, MCU is essentially a multimedia information exchange. The difference between MCU and ordinary switches that switch to complete the signal is a point-to-point connection, and MCU will complete the multipoint to multipoint switching, tandem or broadcast. The image processing data and voice in a multipoint conference. The format and decide the quality of image and audio.

The Zoom is a CMC video router.

According to the official Zoom technology, this is the Zoom system (including public cloud and private cloud) is one of the most important parts. The CMC provides a video conferencing media exchange platform, is a single point of control signaling and media.

Adaptive mentioned above (AVL – adaptive video layering, namely, adaptive layered video) according to the meeting of the parties of the network bandwidth, the performance of CPU equipment, optimization of video resolution, it is done in the subcontract CMC video switch, Zoom patented technology H.264 SVC video encoding can be dynamically optimized according to the receiver bandwidth and CPU resources.

CMC mainly for packet forwarding, audio codec work all in conference room zoom hardware terminal do.

This and the traditional MCU is different, the traditional video conference system delay, mainly because MCU must do the codec conversion and other processing, increase the meeting time. Zoom CMC video codec to switch the hardware terminal, and the code was optimized. Zoom data is given the maximum delay is not more than 200ms.

Here said the optimization of encoding method, one of the Zoom’s official website is mentioned: to increase the compression strength.

The traditional compression technology slow and can not put files very small, otherwise it will affect the quality.

However, Zoom’s official website said: “Zoom in compression has invested a large sum of money in several years after finally let the compression speed more quickly, the compressed files for more capacity is small, the most important is not affect the video and audio clarity.”

The compression ratio is too high, but if the loss is very terrible. It should mainly rely on redundancy and compensation.” The senior Telecom practitioners said that the video encoding technology in addition to compression, still need to see redundancy and compensation. “Is the same data redundancy, multiple times, or different forms at the same time, especially the key frame, compensation is lost but to think of a way to rebuild the package, or in the middle of a blur make people perceive better.”

Fault tolerance, Zoom packet loss rate reached 20%, also can let users can accept (the prospectus said 40% can also maintain smooth). But before the MCU video program, packet loss rate of the network requirements must be below 1%.

To develop superior encoding technology, also cannot do without CEO to dig under the weight of the people.

“Zoom video encoding is the use of assembly language to write their own.” Wu day revealed that Zoom invited Dr. limbo Zhejiang University to take the lead, the doctor is home to do video encoding algorithm better, do it is a relatively new global video compression algorithm. “By Ling Bo Eric (Yuan Zheng English name) dig to go to Silicon Valley, his family emigrated in the past, now zoom IPO should be financial freedom.”

Heavy sales: low price promotion + make every employee when the sales

However, smooth, adaptive network technology brings new architecture brings effect is not unique to Zoom.

For example, we usually contact the Iqiyi video website, it will automatically adjust the definition.

“Open strategy, the use of the new technology system, plus the right strategy.” Wu day summed up also stressed that in the industry as a whole in the use of the new technology system, many technical effect mentioned above is unique to Zoom, can only say that the solution is different, is not the formation of industry standards.

“The original video industry H.323 protocol has been a long time, in 1999 an Israeli invention, now keep up with the times, a lot of live video companies are from new technology research. Including the Jingdong internal problems by the meeting he made a new agreement, Liu Qiangdong also heard a reward that person; Chen Yao their company’s agreement is new.” Even as the Zoom China agent, Wu day still honestly believes that the industry’s underlying protocol effects are similar.

Indeed, access to public information, Vidyo and other mobile video conferencing provider, is also the main “without expensive old hardware and special network, affordable” features, Zoom light is known, with his unique marketing strategy are inseparable.

“The bottom of the audio and video codec is certainly a lot of patent, this is not to see the effect, can improve the user experience, let you experience to stay ahead.” Li Ming believes that with the technical background of founder Yuan Zheng, let him very main products and experience, rather than the general to B companies that focus on sales.

Experience is very important, but we must pay attention to sales.

Public speaking, Yuan Zheng summary want employees where to develop, he said: “sales oriented.”

“In addition to the sales team, all the others including HR should be always thinking about foreign companies to sell products.” He said, the elevator to see people to recommend zoom; see a neighbor to recommend zoom weekend; sales by mail cannot be deleted, to reply to each other with zoom.

A technology founder, but the sale is very important. This is what I want to learn. This is why Zoom can profit.” Li Ming believes that this is a lot of technology pioneers lack characteristics.

According to the zoom prospectus, the annual cost of sales accounted for more than half of total revenue, and the proportion of two consecutive years of growth. But in the reduction of the proportion of R & D expenses.

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

As the Northern Light Venture Capital analyst Xu Ning believes that in the enterprise service, as a technology to become standard, “0.1%, 0.2% of the effect is not sufficient to call barriers.” Provide solutions for customers is the core of an enterprise service company.

As Zoom has its own unique sales funnel C to B, and this strategy is consistent with the target customers.

“SaaS model hit the small and medium-sized enterprise development conference system: your pain points.” Li Ming analysis, small and medium-sized enterprises would end with the ordinary C like, is extremely sensitive to the price, willingness to pay is low. At the same time, the small and medium-sized enterprise management personnel, flat, ordinary employees is more likely to affect the company level decision.

Chen Yao added: “they adopt public and press the account sales strategy, greatly reducing the user’s decision time, the market spread rapidly.”

For startups, spending huge sums to buy a conference system, as the first to think about how to live.

This is not what most blocks of chain enterprise’s status? Block chain circle with Zoom a lot, perhaps with Zoom main customers: small and medium-sized enterprises, the relationship of price sensitive, employees of the wide geographical distribution (mean network level).

After the introduction of the Zoom, is not a better understanding of the blockchain circle why love?

I am Odaily reporter for the daily planet editor Lu Xiaoming (lohiuming), the article for any omissions welcome advice, plus friends please note Name, unit, position and reason.

Late bus voice: the U.S. Treasury for the first time on unregistered bitcoin traders P2P fines

Abstract: the list of the Ministry of public security network technology application pilot and demonstration projects, including a 6 block chain project; Beijing opened the first block chain notarization; Zhao Changpeng: the regulatory authorities in some countries do not love BNB and profits, so this part of the description is removed……

“What time” share the moment. Hello everyone, today is the 19 Friday of April 2019, I am Hua Nan, as you sort of events today.

Dynamic chain ring

In April 18th, the Safety Management Bureau of the Ministry of network released a network security technology pilot demonstration project list. It is understood that the list has a total of 101 pilot projects, including a 6 block chain project, respectively: “Internet plus” power oriented business confidence block chain public service platform, based on the blockchain electronic invoice system, based on SM series cipher block chain alliance platform, based on the research and demonstration application union block chain of third party electronic data security platform, e-government alliance block chain trust transfer platform for e-government information block chain industry safety risk monitoring platform.

2, the Customs Department of science and technology development division Cao spring: application block chain technology will be declared by the enterprise from the certificate of “change” he”

In April 17th, the Tianjin port block chain verification pilot project officially launched operation. The Customs Department of science and technology development division, Cao Quan said: “the application of block chain technology will be declared by the enterprise” certificate “into” he “. The former enterprise application materials submitted by themselves, namely ‘self certificate’, and through the block chain technology, customs in obtaining materials and enterprise credit data is from manufacturing enterprises and downstream enterprises cooperation, their simple fraud is very difficult, but the chain of all enterprises to provide false information this, will increase the cost of fraud, but also provides more reliable information. As a result, the customs clearance can be further improved in speed.”

3, Beijing opened the first block chain certificate

The first block chain certificate issued, today in the city of Beijing CITIC notary office use. The relevant responsible person said that this marks the notarization of entering a new stage of development, the blockchain notarization service era officially opened.

4, xinhuanet.com editor Guo Bensheng: the future development of short videos to use block chain of new technologies to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in a short video

In April 18th, the “2019 national short video creative summit” held in Henan of Zhengzhou. Xinhuanet.com editor Guo Bensheng said at the meeting, the future development of short videos to use new technology to strengthen the blockchain short video of intellectual property protection, construction industry standards, providing a healthy and orderly environment for the short video content producers.

Dynamic currency circle

5, the Ministry of Finance for the first time unregistered bitcoin traders P2P fines

The Treasury Financial Crime Department (FinCEN) recently on a man accused of violating anti money laundering law California man fined $35 thousand, because he represents clients without a license in the case of hundreds of bitcoin transactions. FinCEN said on Thursday, this is the first department to take enforcement action against the P2P virtual currency transactions. 6 years ago, FinCEN released the first guidance, representing the requirements of people buy and sell bitcoin virtual currency or other personal need to register for monetary service companies.

6, Zhao Changpeng: the regulatory authorities in some countries do not love BNB and profits, so this part of the description is removed

Zhao Changpeng micro Bo said, a white paper update: 1. “repo” one word is not accurate. Money income is an BNB, if you sell BNB into USDT, and then USDT back BNB, this seems to make an unnecessary move. The first use of the word in the white paper stage is because did not want to know. 2. “repo” is not important, important is how much destroyed, we will reduce the total amount of the currency appreciation. “Repo” can also quietly sell, continue to flow to the market, but the total circulation did not change. Everyone has destroyed their digital currency wallet right, bitcoin these years have been destroyed in the passive. The 3. part of the national regulatory authorities do not love BNB and profits. We listen to the opinions of relevant departments to remove the part description. The 4. white paper has been updated in two months ago. The number of days before the destruction of transparency, compared to before you, obviously, we act without any change. 5. after 7 BNB total destruction, the destruction of 11654359 a (about 2.5 billion USD).

7, security companies: BSV rollback is due to side effects support blocks, not attack

On the last night of BSV block chain in high 578640 appeared 6 rollback events, PeckShield Valley R & D Center for Jeff Liu said the cause of BSV rollback phenomenon, BSV supports a large side effect caused by 51% attacks is not block. As the backbone to generate a large block of time, other miners may have dug a small block and become the new main chain, resulting in a BSV rollback block phenomenon.

8, data: 2019 in the first quarter of the attackers received extortion software encryption currency number of the previous quarter increased by nearly 90%

The ransomware offers solutions for Coveware, the latest report shows that the first quarter of 2019 ransomware attackers to obtain encryption currency than the last quarter increased by nearly 90%. The first quarter of this year, to pay the ransom to the attacker daily from the fourth quarter of 2018 of $6733 $12762. Bitcoin is still the most mainstream software blackmail payment, 98% attacks require the use of bitcoin payment.

Well, that’s all for today, want to get more information, welcome attention to titanium media and chain was too WeChat public number, or to download the client, we’ll see you tomorrow.

What time is: audio information program by the chain of new diseases. Every weekday evening in the “get FM” column update, before going to bed last night this morning as you sort of currency circle, circle chain of events. This series by Hua Nan sister voice broadcast.

2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

Rating Dapp, chief of the blockchain combined with RatingToken Q1 Dapp released the “2019 market analysis report”. As everyone knows, the lottery game Dapp the large number of users, number of transactions, the analysis found that the 2 categories of Dapp not only serious competition, and EOS/ETH lottery games each class Dapp first quarter generally lack the ability to pull the new. Market exchange Dapp thanks to digital currency market callback, hot deals Dapp overall excellent ability to pull new. 2019Q1 Dapp gambling BetDice new users continued to decline, in March fell to three digits, that gambling Dapp appeared to pull the new problem of survival, sustained growth in doubt.

A macro trend

1.1 EOS exclusive hot Dapp half of the country

2019Q1 trading 1W pen or more popular Dapp a total of 324, which the EOS chain of 183, accounting for more than 56.48%.

 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

The number of 1.2 popular Dapp monthly increments, EOS Dapp continued to be active in more popular

The number of 2019Q1 transaction 1W pen or more popular Dapp showing the monthly increasing trend and hot Dapp market EOS chain has remained above 58% month. In addition, the number of monthly transactions TRON 1W pen or more popular Dapp show a decline of 36.62% in February, reduced to 45. Despite a slight rebound in March, but still have not reached the high value of 71 in January. The reason, EOS hot Dapp month the number of transactions is relatively stable, as compared to TRON Dapp after the line continued to be active for longer.

1.3 Dapp in the early stage of development, the number of transactions in the following million

Hot Dapp in the first quarter of the number of transactions mainly concentrated in the 100W pen, 10W pen following the transactions of popular Dapp, EOS, ETH, TRON market share is close to. With the popular Dapp number of transactions increase, highlighting the phenomenon oligarchy EOS. The number of transactions in the Dapp between 100W and 1000W, EOS is TRON of 4 times, while ETH had no more than one million transactions Dapp. The number of transactions of more than 10 million level Dapp only 9, not exceed 2 digits. Compared with the traditional Internet market tens of millions of active users of App, Dapp is still in the early stages of development.

1.4 the popular Dapp cumulative single month the number of new users approaching 70W

Hot Dapp monthly transaction number fluctuations, 30% more or less frequently. In February 107 million January 160 million pen pen is reduced by about 33.13%, an increase of 32.71% compared to February March 142 million. The popular Dapp accumulated new users in the first quarter growth rate maintained at more than 20%, a single month new approaching 70w. In February 45.82w January 69.15w March 37.77w growth of 21.31%, compared with February growth of about 50.92%.

 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

Two, classification analysis

2.1 popular TRON Dapp new users tend to severe deformity

EOS, ETH, TRON on various types of popular Dapp new users each one has its own merits. ETH in addition to lack of social hot Dapp and other popular Dapp various types of drainage is relatively balanced. EOS draw class hot Dapp new users accounted for EOS of the first quarter of the popular Dapp added more than 53% of the total number of users. Lottery and gaming 2 types of popular Dapp accounted for EOS in the first quarter of the popular Dapp added more than 65% of the total number of users, while ETH is only 31.18%. TRON hot Dapp new users mainly focus lottery and gaming market, this kind of popular 2 Dapp new users accounted for a total of 70.84w, TRON in the first quarter of the popular Dapp new users close to the total number of 87%, TRON in the first quarter of the popular Dapp new users tend to severe deformity.

 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

2.2 EOS/ETH lottery games each Dapp class average first quarter new users generally less than 3000

With various types of 2019Q1 DAPP new users found that new users of popular Dapp for each type of average has generally less than 3000, Dapp popularized the slow progress. The familiar lottery has a large number of transactions and a large number of users of the class and Dapp class game not only serious competition, new users are not satisfactory, except TRON, EOS/ETH lottery games each Dapp class average first quarter new users generally less than 3000.

EOS draw popular Dapp although as many as 120 games, popular Dapp second has 27, the user can add hot Dapp each of these 2 types of the average of less than 3000. EOS is the best kind of other popular Dapp18, every hot Dapp respectively brought 8038 new users.

The number of new users of TRON, lottery games, market hot Dapp average lead were 8338, 22677, 8814, this is also the three best public chain diversion effect. The number of risk categories of popular Dapp are second major types of TRON, 20 Dapp 4.27w also brings new users, the average hot Dapp brings 2135 new users are less than 3000.

Market hot Dapp ETH, the average number of new users up to more than 6000, and the average EOS/TRON number of new users is more than 3000. This is because the exchange Dapp division in this category, the year after the digital currency transaction price correction, the user has the rise, emergence of this independent type hot Dapp average phenomenon bring new users more than 3000.

Social class Dapp less competitive, in addition to the first quarter of EOS Murmur, Sense Chat, Discussions, no transaction million Dapp.

 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

Three, hot analysis

The phenomenon of hot Dapp into yellow gamble era, gambling Dapp persistent doubts

The first quarter of 2019 new DappTOP 10 on-line transaction number minimum 224.5w, 6 of which 1 gambling, pornography. The phenomenon of new Dapp are from yellow gambling category.

 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

HASH BABY is the other kind of pornographic pictures Dapp, ready to say is the use of sharing, mining customers, users can upload the Yellow figure, like to get points to achieve. HASH BABY is the earliest trading time January 10, 2019, the number of transactions in February was 538, in March to become the number of transactions of tens of millions of Dapp, the number of new users from 15 to the explosive growth of 8.14w, a new line of 2019Q1 Dapp successfully occupy the top.

Compared with the simple and crude porn Dapp get traffic and trading behavior, gambling class Dapp made on innovative gameplay “”.

For example, BetDice to TRONbet. They are all lottery gambling Dapp, the first time in October 13, 2018 and September 20, 2018 respectively for trading. TRONbet, BetDice and Dapp are the use of dice gambling hash value, which is the industry classic bet size spinach game, there are 2 main ways, one is the dice size, one is mine.

When you click on the dice button will launch a TRON/EOS network to transfer transactions, and each transaction will generate a fixed hash value, the hash value of the game after the 2 digit number, if the number is greater than (or less) digital set before the start of the game, you will win and get the corresponding odds. Of course, winrate and odds are corresponding, started gambling games before, you can also adjust. These are full of “innovation” gambling play, and did not deviate from the Kelly formula gambling hidden and the law of large numbers, in the rational case, each winning odds and fixed with the increase in the number of participation, your money will be more close to 0. If the non rational gambling Dapp, perhaps a loss of light is possible.

2019 in the first quarter of this year, the number of transactions TRONbet and BetDice are more than 4000W pen, website traffic over 10w. The TRONbet website traffic reaches 50W, the number of new users of more than 2W. On the other hand, the number of new users in February and March BetDice continued to decline, has been reduced to 928 from 2075 in January, that gambling Dapp appeared to pull the new problem of survival, sustained growth in doubt. Compared with the continuous growth of gambling, pornography Dapp, Dapp need more new users or the Everfount unlimited funds, plus the world each country to restrict or prohibit gambling games have strong legal provisions, it is doomed to a gambling class Dapp is difficult to become a profitable product with millions of active households.

Appendix: 2019Q1 ETH/EOS/TRON DAPP list Top50

 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

More than 1. data did not filter the same user in different types or different Dapp new attempt, there may be superimposed effect like the APP market, so the new users / new users to the new user visits.

2. popular Dapp 1W refers to the transaction more than Dapp.

3. the data report on periodic data from January 1, 2019 ~3 month 31 days.


This report clearly and accurately reflect the view of analysts to evaluate analysis, independent and impartial, objective and rigorous conclusion, without any third party or to influence, hereby declare;

The data used in this report are from public compliance channels, not the information accuracy, integrity and reliability of any warranty;

The information in this report or opinions expressed do not constitute investment advice to any person, nor any person liable for any loss of any content in this report is caused by;

Without the blockchain chief official authorization case, any action or affiliates, employees do not represent the official attitude;

This report is only the blockchain chief of all copyright, not only written permission, any organization or individual shall not in any form of copyright, copy, publish or quote. If the blockchain chief agreed to reference, the need to use in the allowed range, and indicate the source for “blockchain Sheikh” and not on this report any violation to reference, modify;

If you have any doubts about this report, please indicate the source mailbox cgl@conew.com welcome to contact the official reprint of this report, the illegal use of banned commercial reprint; this report will resort to legal responsibility.

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 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

Technical support:

 2019 Q1 Dapp market analysis report: Gambling class Dapp pull new capacity, persistent doubts

Official website: ratingtoken.io

The RatingToken block chain project data of digital currency and ICO ratings based, to provide the latest and most complete digital currency and ICO list, as well as the news report of virtual currency and encryption currency.

The RatingToken security team has the size of more than 50 people, including big data, artificial intelligence and block chain of R & D personnel accounted for more than 90%. Most of the team members from the famous Kingsoft antivirus security team.

RatingToken continuation of technical strength of Kingsoft security, is committed to providing intelligent block chain security, contract audit and other security services.

The Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) for the first time on unregistered bitcoin traders P2P fines

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) recently accused of violating anti money laundering law of the California men’s Eric Powers fined $35 thousand. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has been on the Eric Powers civil penalties assessed, report shows that he violated the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), unregistered money business (non bank financial institutions) MBS license, no written guarantee or the implementation of relevant measures to ensure compliance with BSA, and no reports of suspicious transactions and currency trading.

In 1970 the Bank Secrecy Act BSA, also known as the “currency and foreign trade report”, is the law of the United States, financial institutions asked the United States to assist the United States government agencies to detect and prevent money laundering. Specifically, the act requires financial institutions to retain the negotiable instrument cash purchase records, if the amount of more than $10000 daily summary report, and report suspicious activities may indicate money laundering, tax evasion and other criminal activities.

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), virtual currency to dealers, have the obligation and must comply with BSA regulations, including the FinCEN registration; effective implementation and maintenance of anti money laundering scheme; submit a suspicious transaction reports (SAR) and currency transaction reports (CTR) and keep these records.

In March 19, 2013, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FinCEN issued “on the personal application management, and the use of virtual currency exchange regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”). The provisions that, unless there are special restrictions or exemptions to transfer money, “manager” or “traders” or “foreign exchange dealer”, must be running under the requirement of FinCEN and the need for monetary service companies registered.

Evaluation report pointed out, Eric Powers engaged in more than 200 currency transactions, including the transfer of $100000, but the money did not submit a currency transaction report (CTR). Eric Powers was about 160 bitcoins trading, worth about $5 million.

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What is a stable currency under a battlefield?

Editor’s note: This article from the blue fox notes (ID:lanhubiji), the original author: Hasu, translation: “blue fox notes” community “realthinkbit”, the daily planet Odaily authorized reprint.

 What is a stable currency under a battlefield?

Stable currency is one of the most important parts of encryption in the world. The most stable currency today are based on the dollar support to the issue, in essence is not very different, this leads to what no real moat between them. Blue fox notes that this is the chance of Dai.

So far, the stable US dollar based on Tether, such as USDT, Circle or USDC do not pay any interest to the holder. We believe that this situation will change in 2019. Now the user is actually stable currency to stable currency exchange service providers offer free loans (digital transfer bank certificate), stable currency different differences are not significant in this regard.

Stable currency providers through the customer funds deposited in banks and charge interest on those deposits to make money. At the time of this writing, the stable currency holding 26.7 billions of dollars of customer deposits. According to the annual interest rate of 2.5%, these deposits bring 6750 million dollars in revenue for each year. In addition, Circle has declared: “in the future, they may also be the currency fund investment to high liquidity, AAA fixed income securities.”

On the contrary, if there is no interest income, then this business model does not exist. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) and the European Central Bank (ECB) of the zero interest rate policy, stable currency in the euro and the yen based on no competitiveness.

In order to assess the future stability of the currency market, let us first look at today’s Bank of America market. Although the national average interest rate of many bank entity is still 0.1% or even lower, but the online bank has begun to force the price. They can take the bank lending between loans acquired most of interest (currently about 2.7%), directly to the customer deposits to achieve this goal.

As a result of the price war, Goldman, HSBC and Barclay and other major banks and American Express financial wealth or front technology companies are beginning to offer savings accounts for more than 2.1% of the online payment.

In fact, real bank can survive in a much lower interest, because they are in order to branch banking and ATM network as well as individual support form to provide ancillary services, these services are also subject to the attention of the customer. Their customers tend to pay attention to the personal contact and these local banks to provide comfort, and online banking customers are generally more sensitive to prices.

Relatively speaking, stable currency is more similar to the provider of online bank. They provide services and security level is roughly the same, exit cost is small — stable currency user will not be locked in any mortgage or insurance contract, and change their provider for only a few minutes.

In 2017, Tether seems to have been behind them to create an entirely new and stable currency regulation. But in 2018, Tether did not do so many things to change their image and become more transparent, and new competitors and soon lost their moat.

Because it is very difficult with your competitors to produce any substantial difference, so in FUD (Note: FUD blue fox refers to fear, uncertainty and doubt) after the war and ensure the transparency of the war, the next competition is likely to push the price war.

Stable currency providers must begin to pay interest to the holder, otherwise there may be out. When Gemini was briefly allowing customers to buy their $1 tokens to the price of $0.99, we can see this point — for 1% discount.

The most simple method of interest payment is every one or two months to address all send a. Interest payments will begin to market pricing, it is with the way of dividends before and after bond ETF dividends, so the holders do not have to worry about anything.

Therefore, the stable money market will bring more users for its good and stable currency provider situation is relatively poor, their profit margins will decline. For a long time, we speculate that the stable currency dollars to support in excessive investment situation, because they have any moat in this area is very difficult.

In fact, based on the net interest margin stable currency is a very fragile business model. Providers are not only vulnerable to the impact of intense competition, but also reduces the interest rate can sweep the battlefield. Nevertheless, the current “gentleman’s agreement” could not last forever. Wait and see which will be the first stable currency jumped out to start a price war?

Parallel chain, may be in another lightning network expansion mode flashpoint

Make a payment network in the field with the lightning bitcoin contribution and market penetration, lightning network as a side chain with chain type expansion for trading success, let the block chain expansion solution again to get everyone’s attention. In fact, in the field of block chain expansion in addition to the side chain and a variety of other ways, such as: slice, parallel chain, today I will discuss the model of the parallel chain.

What is the parallel chain?

The landing of the complex CTO Wang Zhiwen parallel chain technology is introduced, like bitcoin parallel chain lightning and lightning network, but it is different: the chain of parallel network users, will only increase the data content of the backbone and the state will not increase the content, simple and stable in order to keep the main chain. We also love parallel chain called parallel public chain, separate from the parallel chain point of view, it has its own micro consensus, a self independent ecological chain blocks, but from the view of the whole system, it shared consensus with the backbone, so it blocks from the entire chain network to say it is a chain.

 Parallel chain, may be in another lightning network expansion mode flashpoint

 Parallel chain, may be in another lightning network expansion mode flashpoint

Parallel chain principle:

The bottom layer is made up of a number of Chain33 chain, the deal sent to the main chain by consensus package, then to be executed in parallel synchronous chain, finally execution results back to the main chain of consensus, so that the consensus and execution separation, and transactions to achieve parallel execution, improve TPS. Compared with the scheme, parallel chain network expansion ability is more simple and intuitive, more functional; it is not only a DAPP application, with direct block chain ecological self.

The cross chain chain parallel operation is very simple, hash is not locked, nor relay, but through the. All the cross chain, are two transactions in different chain. The main chain chain chain into a cross for peace deal in different chain execution.

 Parallel chain, may be in another lightning network expansion mode flashpoint

Parallel chain nature:

Through consensus and sharing network independent ecological chain block, to ensure credibility, and enhance the safety of the whole block chain network; implementation through consensus and transaction separation to improve the performance of parallel transaction execution. This greatly reduces the public chain deployment threshold, can promote more SMEs to participate in. This may be the next outbreak expansion solution point.

USDT OTC Juzhen 11%, bitcoin will become disc or transfer

2019.4.19 Market Report

Today’s topic:

OTC USDT price premium prices always become the driving factor of USDT (Tether) in April 2nd, prices continued to rise, USDT off price once reached 7 yuan, the premium rate as high as 4.35%. At the same time, BTC greatly soared nearly 20%, attracted a rush to raise funds into the market. If the USDT premium and prices simultaneously occur, it is not doubtful. While the USDT premium rate decreased even when the discount, investors will change the market alert. And now the statistics of the USDT earthquake appeared at 5:20, USDT off price amplitude as high as 11%, 5 minutes or 10.2%, but the price in 5 minutes after the rebound, to reach 6.82 yuan high price. For the spot trading of investors, the price changes impact on investors is limited, but if it is a futures trader who is likely to be closed when the price swings, so there will be no small loss of money. Therefore, investors need to pay close attention to changes in the price of risk.

BTC, a market analysis (4 hour cycle)

1, technical (more)

Data source: Fire currency market center time: 2019.4.19 10:05

The big line appeared bitcoin continuous slow advance, facing short-term pullback, the callback to what place is not good judgment, but according to the historical trend of judgment, if you want a sharp correction in the case, the callback rate will be very fast, so the lower the possibility of collapse.

Strategy: the current trend is not suitable for open, waiting for the opportunity

2, the news

(1) over the past 2 hours BTC net outflow of funds over $22 million (empty)

(2) the Notre Dame de Paris has received donations of nearly $1 billion to contain a minimum part of BTC (in)

(3) TokenInsight:BTC is slow and steady flow upward market (more)

(4) Anthony Pompliano: in the next 25 years, BTC may become a global currency (more)

Comment on:

As a bold idea, bitcoin future has become a global currency, with many of the digital currency production and circulation, but with bitcoin exchange; for example in the shopping mall can enjoy passes mall distribution, take a bus card through the bus company distribution, so as to enhance between consumers and businesses the relationship of this new economic form is attractive.

Two, ETH market analysis (4 hour cycle)

1, technical (more)

Data source: Fire currency market center time: 2019.4.19 10:29

Square face above the etheric pressure is very obvious, it is difficult to break through, need concussion ready, now has the trend was suppressed, the shock can hardly be avoided Qingcang hold a single operation, can wait for the new admission and opening opportunities.

Strategy: wait for the new admission and opening opportunities

2, the news

(1) the BM:ETH community is learning Bitshare in 2014 to recognize what needs more financial support to the center (in)

Comment on:

When a lot of money spent on mining on cutting costs to the center, while the theoretical goal is to go to the center to center, mining and chemical to contradiction, if they can find a good balance, a new breakthrough may soon be able to produce.

Three, the mainstream currency analysis

Data source: Fire currency market center time: 2019.4.19 10:56

The main currency did not timely break, now appear to break the signal, will start a new shock adjustment, on the spot hold some positions, waiting for the opening opportunities.

Four, rose small currency analysis

Data source: Fire currency market center time: 2019.4.19 11:04

Small currency began to active in the mainstream currency callback occasion, capital and emotional side to small currency, small coins next turns up is expected to be more appropriate, can wait. The introduction of TOS, GSC and TNB part can hold the position of bargain hunting.

Disclaimer: the market risk, the investment need to be cautious. The information has been obtained from public sources of information, halo of accuracy and completeness of such information without any guarantee, does not guarantee that the information without any updates, it does not guarantee that any change made by halo of any proposed reference data not used, the readers must make their own judgment and investment decision. Without the written authorization of the halo Institute, no person shall this post, the data are copied or abridged and modify the contrary intent.

Source: Halo Research Institute

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The platform IEO coins and accelerate the industry back, bitcoin market Zhaxian bad shape?

Author Tao Jun Levin.

The source, Levin road block chain (laidaoblockchain)

No doubt is that the market will appear the whole encryption currency, warm in the spring of 2019 on the occasion, investor sentiment in the market gradually rising from the dead, but apart from the mainstream currency good performance, other currency performance is unsatisfactory, even trading depth are not, this is not the case should reverse market!

Surprisingly, we found that two kinds of coins in the market are particularly prominent, a class is a class of IEO platform coins, coins, but after a year of two or more years in the currency of this phenomenon be cast into the shade, normal? Why gains than in the past?

Platform business model

First look at the first class, the main currency exchange platform is a platform which is particularly representative of currency, currency BNB, HT and OK OKB fire coins. But the understanding of this market on currency circle knows, recently to represent them as currency market platform stole the limelight, have risen several times from the beginning of the year, the market value of BNB in thousands of digital currency top.

As we all know, the center of the exchange profit is the main mode of fee, fee income is mainly due to the excellent encryption platform monetary assets, which will attract investors into the exchange trading platform, to provide a trading place, thus forming a sustainable business cycle.

However, recent trading platform seems to be in the conversion of profit model, vigorously promote their currency, by selling platform for the main income. Whether the transformation financing play, exchange credit endorsement, the early use of hunger marketing, market circulation less pull disc, making a false prosperity, or the development of public chain, to the center of the exchange, all cannot do without the purpose of money selling platform.

You may be hard to imagine a stock exchange, had to sell their shares of profit. In fact, the encrypted currency exchange sale as a flat NT, for at least the first case, will distribute dividends, holding a certain proportion can even participate in operation.

In addition, there are some other platforms are ready to, such as media platform, mining platform, poor profitability, but the currency, immediately into the tens of millions of dollars in financing, this phenomenon is not very abnormal?

Fortunately, only our domestic platform “smart”, a variety of ways, some of the foreign head platform but rarely heard to say, another exchange “stupid”, had 300 years ago, part of the Amsterdam immigration Holland tulip post bubble into the Wall Street area, where is the speculation of heaven, and we China securities the market will lag behind the Wall Street of the United States for more than a century, we play the game, they have already been played hundreds of times, just in a different form, essentially no difference.

IEO make your back

Look again to exchange the endorsement of IEO financing. Most of the project is a new project in 2018 -2019 years, the community consensus, the code is not perfect, not even open source, basically no popularity abroad, just by virtue of a white paper, and behind the team in exchange for financing credit endorsement.

If the original lCO returned to the market reaction for a period of time, the market reaction test, then the IEO market to the market only a few hours or even minutes, the project using the exchange flow, give the exchange amount to exchange and, finally sold in small quantities, so that investors play the hunger games. Then, when the project launched, money will be pulled disc several times, because the circulation amount does not attract large-scale selling, this will make investors into an illusion, the value reflected in the “price”.

This fast-paced IEO project does not give investors the reaction time, the amount of small rush is not necessarily rush to what, who is willing to study the quality of the project, the contribution of the industry, there is no doubt that this barbaric growth in the industry overdraft emotional development, the thought of the industry after a year the precipitation of lCO tend to be more rational, so that the industry think there is backward IEO.

Bitcoin market Zhaxian bad signs

The platform IEO coins and barbaric development, dampened the enthusiasm of the whole heart to the center of the community, the development of the number of years less than a few hours, this is how ironic, at present in the bitcoin market has bad Zhaxian Ni end!

As everyone knows, in the system of bitcoin has an important cycle is, bitcoin prices will usher in the mining market competition, performance in the data is not force growth, is force growth while improving the security model of the bitcoin system, to lay a solid foundation for the price increase.

In March 24th, bitcoin prices rose about 20%, if the miners hashrate remain unchanged, it means that at least until the next difficult to adjust, the miner’s income will also enhance the same magnitude is 20%, the assumption of human nature profit, in the case of income growth should be more competitive force is added; at the same time, up to 4 months late, the Yunnan Guizhou Sichuan is the arrival of the wet period period, mining market cost mainly electricity costs directly down a grade, can increase the income of miners, which will lead to an increase of force.

Bitcoin prices, and reduce mining costs, in accordance with the normal logic should be considered a substantial growth force. But now it is abnormal, but does not rise is reduced, it is bad. Why is this happening? Because in the mining market interests, as well as in platform IEO coins and projects benefit significantly.

When markets are not rational, but also rational market, hoping to get self correction in the development, let the mainstream funds return to high-quality assets, gains in recovery, so as to live up to 10 years of hard development of encryption currency!

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