Loopring: Encrypting money markets requires a centralized tokens trading agreement

nThe earliest, encrypted currency circle is from a handful of proficient in computer science and cryptography geeks began. This will always see the hackers figure, they are free in the network of the world are not prominent corner. Slowly, the circle of encrypted money is known for more people, to meet the needs of more people’s transactions, the exchange came into being. In the eyes of hackers, the exchange is the most worthwhile time to focus on the asset paradise, they are looking for all kinds of loopholes, because the success of “black” once, you can steal a substantial digital assets.n
nIn the world of encrypted money, the exchange is one of the most centralized products. The transaction hosts the various digital assets of the user, and the user can only trust them based on the business ethics of the exchange operator. But often, based on mutual trust of human nature, there are human factors of the inevitable negligence, it caused a number of exchanges Pirates of the incident.n

n(Bitcoin and hacker)n
nPirates of the coins, has been lingering in the world of encrypted money over the “ghost”. Interestingly, in every big market, will happen to make the community shocked the money incident. May wish to recall:n
nn1. In March 2014, Mt.Gox was stolen 850,000 bits, and the company filed a bankruptcy protection with the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo. The company’s users are still waiting for its return has not yet been stolen a small amount of Bitcoin. As the investigation progressed, Mt.Gox was exposed to the so-called Bitcoin was stolen in fact. 850,000 “stolen” bits of the currency, in fact, because of external theft missing only 7,000.n
n2. In August 2014, the domestic famous cottage currency exchanges were attacked, stolen 50 million NXT (future currency). In the event of the disposal process, the exchange exposed a serious lack of security, POS currency wallet online security risks and other issues. Account stolen, the exchange back and forth, in the rolling block and private back and forth between the swing, lost the initiative, the final hackers cheated 110 bit currency, as long as the return of 500 million NXT currency.n
n3. March 2014, when the popularity is not very high Poloniex hackers attack, the platform stored 12.3% Bitcoin was stolen, then once caused the user’s currency panic tide.n
n4. In August 2016, Bitfinex, due to security vulnerabilities on the site, resulted in the theft of Bitcoats held by users, with 119,756 bits of stolen bits totaling about $ 65 million. The company then decided to share the losses by all users to avoid bankruptcy.n
nnThere are far more than the number of transactions in the exchange, many exchanges are forced to maintain the reputation of the operation, after the occurrence of dumping money will not choose to open to the public, they tend to advance their own stolen funds, the risk can bear the case , Can “cover their past” is the best.n
nThe exchange uses a central model to operate, and Pirates of the currency are always inherent risks. To completely eliminate this phenomenon, can only turn to the use of decentralized trading model. One of the core strengths of a centralized deal is to avoid any assets being managed, so there is no possibility of stolen assets, which will greatly reduce the user’s trust in the exchange costs.n

nThe Loopring product developed by the domestic team is expected to bring us the next generation of de-centric coin agreements. Different from the traditional exchange matching mode, Looprng agreement to support users directly use their own private key, foreign broadcasting want to match the transaction. The looping token in the Loopring order does not have to be charged to the transaction, and is kept in the address of the user’s own block chain during the order, match, and settlement process. Orders do not lock the user chain on the chain of tokens, after the order of the user can still use their own digital tokens.n
nAt present, Loopring products based on the development of the platform platform. If the ethernet is the bottom of the agreement, then Loopring will act as the intermediate service layer of the agreement role, it can be supported by all the ERC20 mechanism tokens call. The market value of the ether-based system has been as high as $ 17 billion, and the market for ERC20 tokens will continue to grow, with the potential of Loopring’s use.n
nLoopring core team lineup, the assembly of the domestic top Internet company’s development and operation of large coffee:n
nWang Dong: Chairman of the Foundationn

Former Google US Tech Lead, co-founder and vice president, co-founder of Jingdong, co-founder of coin coin coin co-founder and co-founder and co-founder and co-founder, Block Chain Technology Researcher.n
nn n
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nn n
nMa Chao: Chief Technology Officern

has served as senior R u0026 D engineer at Google, senior director of cloud network, true network of technical director, coin Feng Hong Kong Stock Exchange CTO, familiar with the block chain and virtual asset exchange technology and ecology.n
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nZhou Jie: Chief Marketing Officern

has served PayPal and Ernst

European banks create DLT start-ups for small businesses

nnnSurrounded by: BNP Paribas, France Trust, Ouqing Bank, Societe Generale, S2IEM, CACEIS, Euronext Euronext invests in large financial institutions in Europe to set up a chain chain trading company after the start of liquidShare. For small and medium enterprises to provide transparent and secure capital market access channels.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nEuropean large financial institutions jointly set up after the transaction chain chain start-up companies, specifically for small and medium enterprises (SME).n
nIn June 2016, the participating banks developed a post-transaction infrastructure based on Distributed Document Technology (DLT), and then established a new start-up company, LiquidShare, to facilitate the entry of small and medium-sized businesses into the capital markets and reduce post-trade Cost, while increasing security and transparency.n
nThe investment beneficiaries include the European Investment Bank BNP Paribas, the Caisse des Depots, the Euroclear, Societe Generale, S2IEM and CACEIS (assets of the French Agricultural Credit Bank Management services), as well as the Euronext Euronext.n
nThese are familiar to the public for the company, many of which continue to focus on and participate in the development of block chain.n
nFor example, BNP Paribas subsidiary securities services BNP Paribas Securities Services has developed a fund allocation platform to use block-chain technology for AXA investment management. Earlier this year, Euroclear announced the expansion of its block chain gold trading platform, the end may be fully open.n
nThibaud de Maintenant, former head of global trading banking at De Bank, France, was appointed head of LiquidShare. Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Anthony Attia, a member of the Euronext Management Committee.n

Lunar month Block chain talent dilemma will last for several years

nnnRampage comment: now in the block chain technology start stage, so the relevant professionals scarce. The main solution of the industry is specialized training, and such developers are divided into three categories, the various types of technical requirements made a detailed division. University-related technical training courses will also receive attention, this article to the students in the course of choice is a solid programming basis.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIn today’s block chain market, financing is easy.n
nAs the title is written, the start-up companies that finance money for financing are eager to find qualified developers, but there is a common problem with projects that build public and private block chains.n
nEven if you want to reduce costs through these platforms to improve efficiency of business alliances and enterprises have not been spared.n
nAfter all, this industry has just started, so this situation is not surprising. Really understand the block chain of people not much, recruitment is also very difficult.n
nBut that does not mean that the company is not exploring the strategy of attracting and retaining talent.n
nBlock chain developer typen
nBut before deepening these strategies, it is necessary to understand the different types of developers in the chain area.n
nBlock chain project programmers can be broadly divided into three categories.n
nnThe first is the developer of the core block chain protocol, such as the network layer (point-to-point communication) or the consensus layer (the distributed consensus on the existing block chain conditions). They generally have a strong low-level programming language background (traditional C, but now some clients use Java, OCaml and C #), distributed systems and encryption technology background.n
nnnThe second type of developer prepares the block chain backend application (smart contract form). For example, after the emergence of the ether square, understand the platform Solidity language programmers demand. The ethertop smart contract uses the language of the Solarse language developers who need programming, security and software testing.n
nnnThe third type of developer builds the application of interaction with the block chain, but does not need professional block chain knowledge or qualification. They usually use the popular web development language to build applications, these applications and then through the API and block chain interaction.n
nnFrom the programming point of view, they mostly block the chain for the database. Often web development and codebase backgrounds are needed (ReactJS is one of the most popular JavaScript code libraries used by the developers).n
nThere are many developer categories, but most block-chain projects employ multiple developers. Just understand these three important elements, and can work with the professional team to build products with less technical leaders.n
nBut the situation is not always the casen
nMany ICOs currently based on the ethertop are not required for the first category of developers. But mainly for the project to build intelligent contract framework, the other is the conventional web application development.n
nThis increases the number of block chain items that do not require in-depth understanding of the block chain principle. For example, Bancor has only one major smart contract development, but raised $ 150 million.n
nSkills and thinkingn
nAnother major challenge is that “fast action, breaking the routine” concept makes smart contract programming different from regular web development.n
nUnlike most consumer-oriented web applications, smart contract vulnerabilities are difficult to fix. So the smart contract test is very important.n
n”Said Mike Goldin, head of technology at ConsenSys, an evolutionary start-up company,n
nn”The most important thing is to train new smart contract developers to develop a test as the core of thinking.”n
nnAnd the cost of smart contract loopholes. The ethernet network itself has undergone a hard bifurcation to reverse The DAO’s vulnerability. After the vulnerability was discovered, the smart contract held a total supply of 13% of the currency.n
nIn order to avoid such loopholes, formal verification has become the focus of intelligent contract development.n
nFormal Verification Matters the Math to ensure that the program can implement the contents of the formal specification file to determine that there are no missing edge cases. You can also reduce code vulnerabilities that can be used for industries with high vulnerability rates, such as the healthcare and aviation industries.n
nFor developers, the smart contract, especially the ether square, not only the accuracy of practice, or efficient practice. Every time a smart contract is executed, pay “petrol” to the miner.n
nSo even a small inefficient event will leave the cost of gasoline in the contract’s life cycle.n
nTo sum up, the block-based chain project based on the ethertop is usually in the Solarse language. Because the Solidity language is born for this purpose, there are not many developers who are familiar with Solidity.n
nGolden said his current strategy has been to train new employees, rather than assessing the previous experience of Solidity.n
nn”We are looking for experienced developers and then on-demand training.We have found that graduates with C and C based languages ​​are very successful because Solidity is similar in some respects.”n
nnTo complicate the problem, there are very few block-chain training at the main computer science courses.n
nMIT, Cornell, etc. More and more colleges and universities in the construction of block-chain laboratory, technical research, but colleges and universities began to cover the necessary skills training courses will take several years.n
nBut the future university will also be the main source of block chain developers.n
nJames Young believes that universities must go beyond the programming world and encourage “de-centric thinking” to reduce advertising scams.n
nn”I think the future will have ‘block chain bachelor’, programming and other basic technical knowledge is only a small part of the course will be training tokens game theory, economics, cultural society, legal issues and so on.”n
nnYoung stressed that, in view of the characteristics of the industry and its ‘mode change’, he believes that this in-depth training is a must.n
nn”Must understand its meaning, not just the programming language.”n
nHow is the training camp?n
nAt present the university lacks a strong course, so the training camp quickly filled the gap.n
nBryant Nielson, executive director of Blockchain Academy, South Africa’s block chain training organization believes that professional training programs will go beyond the university.n
nn”The university will not lead the training of the next generation of block chain developers. Over the next three to five years, I think training camps and in-house training will be the leading resources for developer training, and universities are discriminating against new technologies.”n
nnNielson pointed out that the current market, companies involved in the chain chain only from outside the industry to seek the cost of talent is too high.n
nTherefore, internal training is the central strategy of most large organizations. With regard to the shortage of qualified talent in the field, he believes that the value of developers in the market is high.n
nn”Block-chain developers are similar to iOS developer developers ten years ago, or HTML developers two decades ago, and those who enter the industry will be the leading technology architects in three to five years.”n
nCooperation n
nA more realistic solution is to combine the above solutions.n
nEmin Gun Sirer, the main promoter of the project, and the famous block-chain project for the University of Cornell University, the University of Cornell University, the University of Cornell University, and the University of Cayenne, The leadership of the field of technical personnel training is not very confident.n
nBut he believes that industry and academic cooperation will be helpful.n
nn”Most universities are only passive organizations, insiders can not meet the needs of emerging areas.We see the increase in interest in the field, especially the financial and technological industry strong country, I think this trend will continue to develop.”n
nnSirer predicts that the university’s demand for block-chain talent will also increase.n
nn”We will see the university in the block chain and other areas of strategic recruitment, we will see the existing staff to adjust, start a new course.”n
nFront roadn
nWhile everyone is talking about finding how difficult the developer is, the market concerned also find it difficult to understand the field and its needs.n
nAnd developers who have experience in other areas can easily be misled by the skills that chain developers must have. And even those who are interested in the field of students is also difficult to determine what the focus is.n
nSo Sirer recommends that people looking for opportunities in the industry focus on core programming concepts, rather than block-specific skills.n
nn”I have to master the core courses, such as system programming, operating systems, distributed systems, network design and algorithms.I and many other staff are more willing to train firmly grasp the block chain core computer science, not the opposite approach.”n
nnUltimately, as more and more students and developers enter the chain chain industry, the market will find a balance.n
nBut as the technology industry has recently shown to us, top developers will get a lot of money, and the chain of chain areas of higher than the conventional field of entrepreneurship.n

The use of block chains in the pharmaceutical industry still takes time

nnnRacking Comments: Block chain as the bottom of the digital currency technology has been applied to many industries, especially in the financial and insurance industry, to ensure the safety of data and to trace the source. But supporters of the technology now believe that it can solve many of the problems in the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain and the broader issues that exist in the healthcare industry. A meeting on June 6 at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland focused on the block chain and its potential in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The meeting concluded that there is no doubt that the block chain has the potential, but it will take time to implement the application in the pharmaceutical industry.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nDigital classification book technology (DLT), or can be called “block chain”, is the digital currency of the bottom of the digital currency classification system. The technology is currently being used in a number of industries – including finance and insurance, to ensure safety and traceability. But supporters believe that this technology can solve the pharmaceutical industry supply chain in the many problems, as well as the health care industry in the broader issues (such as patient sensitive data and clinical information security transmission).n
nBlock chain technology can not only be used to determine the authenticity of a given drug, but also to ensure that patients do the prescribed medication prescribed the measurement of drugs. This is also important for assessing the patient’s efficacy, which in turn helps to determine health insurance reimbursement and pay for pharmaceutical companies in value contracts.n
nAs the technology gets more and more in the pharmaceutical industry, the industry is also exploring some of the potential applications of the technology. A survey of 120 life sciences executives in June found that 83 percent thought the technology would be adopted in five years.n
nOn June 6, 2017, a meeting was held at the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland to explore the chain of chains and its potential in the pharmaceutical and medical applications. The conference was organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the speakers included representatives from biopharmaceutical companies, industry consortia, academia, suppliers and senior consultants.n
nAmish supply chain senior manager Ashish Srivastava and David Mahlum, the company’s new innovator and technical director, asked the question: Is the block chain a day-to-day or just right for the pharmaceutical industry? And then opened the theme of the meeting. But the consensus reached in the meeting is that the technology is extremely promising, but it may take ten years to actually implement it in the pharmaceutical and life sciences.n
nThey pointed out that the main purpose of the birth of this technology is to prevent hackers, as well as the transaction can be audited and track the fact that the block chain is indeed the ability to build trust. They also pointed out that this technology can improve cooperation with business partners and suppliers, and improve the visibility of inventory. They think this is a “bottom-level technology”, but with other similar technologies (especially the Internet took two decades to develop until now widely used as a medium), this technology also takes time to build, and Is still in its early stages. With the Gartner Hype Cycle, they argue that block chains are increasingly close to the “high expectations” peak in the pharmaceutical industry, so it may take five to ten years to become an underestimated force. As they say, “the TCP / IP of the block chain is yet to come, compared to the evolution of the Internet.”n
nChain Business Insights co-founder Ken Cottrell discusses the “smart contract” invented in the 1990s, mainly on the chain of chains on the provisions of the terms of the agreement and the implementation of the software, and can reduce costs and help both parties from the agreement Fraud, while providing a stronger Internet of things relevance.n
nIBM and its Chinese partners have also launched a chain-based chain of hospitals and pharmaceutical retailers to provide financial services for drug purchases. The solution is designed to speed up the payment process. Chinese companies can wait for payment after the product is shipped, otherwise the buyer will be unable to get the product due to credit problems.n
nAt the meeting, Cottrell elaborated on a case study in the use of block chains and smart contracts between the two banks and the shipper handling the cotton shipment to China. He said that this setting involved block chains, smart contracts and Internet of Things sensors, and validated the concept of other transactions.n
nWhile other guests at the meeting explored the specific applications that are being discussed in the healthcare industry and in the pharmaceutical industry supply chain.n
nParticipants said industry professionals would learn more about the technology and stay in touch with other groups that focus on the chain chain industry to learn more about whether the day-to-day operations of the industry could, or how, benefit from the technology The The Chicago Supply Chain Research Center is currently working on this research, focusing on how block chains are adapted to drug supply chain management, traceability, and compliance with the US Drug Supply Chain Safety Act.n

Egyptian regulators deny that domestic banks will handle Bitcoin business

nnnIn the past, there were rumors that the Egyptian central bank would allow banks in the country to deal with encrypted currency business such as Bitcoin. But recently, Egypt’s central bank vice president Gamal Negm denied this. At present, more and more countries attach importance to the legal framework, according to national laws to establish the status of this technology, but Egypt’s encrypted money market is still in the new stage.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe Egyptian central bank recently rumors that it is not possible to allow the country’s banks to handle bit currency and other encrypted money business.n
nAccording to reports, these rumors first appeared in the social media, and the news, the Egyptian central bank vice president Gamal Negm immediately denied this.n
n”To keep the stability of the Egyptian banking system, the bank will only deal with official currency-related businesses without dealing with any virtual currency-related businesses,” said Negm last month to Amwal Al Ghad, an Egyptian economics journalist. “The publications in Washington, DC The Al-Monitor Egyptian news forum was reported yesterday.n
nAt present, more and more countries attach importance to the legal framework, and in accordance with domestic law to establish the status of this technology, the Egyptian central bank of this rumor at this time.n
nSo far, Japan has become the earliest through the new regulations, the establishment of such a way to pay the legal status of the country, while India and Russia, including the country is also actively developing such a framework.n
nAccording to LocalBitcoins, Egypt, like other countries in the region, has a relatively new encrypted money market and is serviced by start-ups such as BitOasis and local exchanges.n

Distributed Capital Research Report (5): Distributed Digital Asset Management Sailing


Author: Distributed Capital analyst – Huang Qiao Meng Micro Signal: Hankshuang90n

nThis year, to Bitcoin, ether Square as the representative of the digital currency can be described as grabbed the limelight, the appreciation of several times or even hundreds of times a few, the total market capitalization has reached 100 billion US dollars, at the same time, the vigorous development of ICO A large number of digital currency. According to statistics, the global number of transactions in the currency has reached more than 800 species, the market more than 4,000.n
nDr. Xiao Feng, vice chairman and distributed capital partner of Wanxiang Holdings, predicted that the total market capitalization of digital assets would exceed $ 1 trillion after 10 years, and this new trend could not be overlooked from the point of view of asset allocation.n
nHowever, most of the current digital currency investors are still retail, the lack of professional investment institutions, digital money asset management industry has been ready to come out. There are two dimensions in the digital asset management of the chain chain. The first is to use the block chain to transform the fund management model. On the other hand, it is a digital asset invested in the chain chain, such as Bitcoin, the ether square and so on.n
nDigital asset management will become a trillion level of the marketn
nIn the traditional financial sector, the asset management industry has always been the rich economy of the trillion industry, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway company is the world’s top asset management companies, such as the famous Blackstone asset management company, its capital Tube size of up to 5 trillion US dollars, even beyond the world’s third largest economy in Japan’s annual GDP.n
nIt is foreseeable that in the field of digital assets, the future trillion level of market value will also support a huge market capitalization. Of course, before we discuss digital asset management, we need to have a clear understanding of it. Dr. Xiao Feng has made the following definition of digital assets:n
nnA digital asset is a capital registered in a chain or distributed account;n
nnnDigital assets are a virtual asset, which is a virtual asset in the form of bits, rather than gold and other physical structure of the assets.n
nnnDigital assets are programmable assets that are exchanged in the form of computer code.n
nnnThe word asset is a point-to-point autonomous transaction that does not require human intervention. 5. Most of the digital assets are in the form of coin. Coin is equivalent to “digital tokens”.n
nnIf you want to classify these digital assets, you can have the following dimensions: 1. Digital assets with traditional asset mapping, such as toxins for gold asset securitization DGX 2. Tokers without asset mapping, such as bits Coins, the ether square, etc. 3. With the digital currency as the underlying assets of various types of financial derivatives.n
nDistributed Digital Asset Managementn
nSo how do we do digital asset management, and if we resort to traditional hedge funds, we will face many challenges.n
nFirst, the lack of standards makes traditional fund performance contrast very difficult and the fund review is also unclear; secondly, the establishment and operation of a hedge fund is very time-consuming and costly, which limits the ability to select hedge fund managers in a small range , And thus limit the competitiveness of hedge funds and possible excellent performance; the same time, still using the old technology structure investment hedge funds, resulting in a lot of inefficiency.n
nTherefore, in the block chain on the birth of digital assets, we can also take the block chain technology to do asset management, breaking the traditional hedge fund limitations.n
nAt present, according to a document provided by Coinfund, there are currently eight to the center of the asset management platform (DAMP), including ICONOMI, Melonport, Iconomi, CoinDash, Etherplan and so on.n
nHere we will introduce several typical platforms and a digital currency fundn
nFounded in the first quarter of 2016, ICONOMI is the world’s leading distributed digital asset management platform designed to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in early projects that are not available in the traditional economy.n
nICONOMI products include an open digital asset management platform ICONOMI Open Fund Management (OFM)n
nplatform and two types of funds ICONOMI Coin Traded Fund (CTF) and the ICONOMI Coin Managed Fund (CMF).n
nOFM, as a platform, aims to bring investors and fund managers together, and OFM distributes management fees through the APF Smart Contract. At the same time, OFM also provides a series of investment management modules, such as portfolio management tools, market information analysis tools, market forecasting tools and so on.n
nCoin Traded Fund (CTF) is a pre-established index fund that can be traded on an exchange and Coin Managed Fund (n
nCMF) is an active management fund whose tokens are only traded within ICONOMI.n
nAt present, ICONOMI has a feedback program that will include a unique mode of operation; the technology company will use the active management fund performance array to get the return from the exchange to buy ICN tokens and to destroy (“burn”) these generations To increase the percentage of ICN tokens that each participant has.n
nMelonport was founded by former Goldman Sachs vice president, Mona ElIsa, which in the future is intended for the fund managers to provide a transparent, low-threshold, low-cost digital asset management platform for fund managers, as well as lowering the threshold for fund participants,n
nMelon is an open source agreement where anyone in Melonport can build, manage and invest in digital assets. Platform to provide transparent performance and audit tools, as well as risk assessment, compliance management, KYC, including the module. In the current encryption of digital money investment, but also the lack of necessary technical basis tools to measure, audit performance, and to ensure the safety of customer assets.n
nThe Melonport protocol includes two Ethernet-based Smart Contracts – Melon Core and Melon Modules; Melon Core provides portfolio managers to develop services that conform to the underlying code base. Melon Modules offers a variety of auxiliary modules, including price feedback, volatility calculations And daily profit and loss calculations.n
nMelonport platform, the hedge fund industry can bring a lot of convenience, but also for traditional fund traders to enter the industry pave the way. First, Melonport offers a more transparent performance management mechanism to help pick out the best fund managers. Second, Melonport automates many operations with smart contracts, effectively reducing the fixed cost of managing the portfolio.n
nMelonport’s available prototypes will be available by the end of 2017 to early 2018.n
nTaaS is Token as a

From the bud to the future trend, Lu Jin, chairman of Li Renjie talk about ICO

n n
nImage from Phoenix Finance WEMONEYn
nn”2017 Shanghai New Financial Annual Conference and Financial Technology Bund Summit” was held in Shanghai recently. According to media reports, the meeting will be the chairman of the land bank Li Renjie referred to the recent concern of the ICO problem, he believes that although there is only a budding, but in the future to a certain extent, is a trend.n
nn”2017 Shanghai New Financial Annual Meeting u0026 Financial Technology Bund Summit” was held in Shanghai recently. According to media reports, the meeting will be the chairman of the land bank Li Renjie referred to the recent concern of the ICO problem, he believes that although there is only a budding, but in the future to a certain extent, is a trend.n
nLu Jin, full name Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Market Co., Ltd., a member of Ping An Group, China is also one of the largest network investment and financing platform. And peace, it is one of the important participants in the field of domestic chain chain, which in 2016 in May, became the first to join the R3 block chain alliance institutions.n
nIn the speech of the day Li Renjie mentioned that China’s financial industry to today, facing many difficulties and pain points. In response to these problems, some scholars have proposed to go to the intermediary, Li Renjie pointed out that at the time caused a lot of controversy, but today, perhaps in the near future will be achieved. This means that not only financial institutions, including those who accept financial services, will have a process of de-mediation.n
nAccording to Li Renjie, this half a year he ran a lot of places, including London, Singapore, Hong Kong, with the regulatory authorities to do a lot of communication. International financial centers are very concerned about and envy the development of China’s Fintech, but the domestic so-called Internet remediation in the near future, how to do “good money to drive bad money” Li Renjie said, to do a concerted effort, you need to return to the original rules and regulations of various departments up.n
nn”Because the original rules and regulations of various departments, must lag behind the practice.”n
n”How to do it both to encourage innovation while at the same time be prudent? So monitoring the sandbox is a good tool.”n
nnThe concept of Regulatory Sandbox was proposed by the British government in 2015 to refer to a “safe space”. In this secure space, financial technology companies can test their innovative financial products, services, business models and marketing methods, rather than in the relevant activities encountered problems immediately subject to regulatory rules.n
nLi Renjie said:n
nn”Social progress, regulation and regulation should be interactive.”n
nnPrior to joining Lu Jin in 2016, Li Renjie had been in the position of the governor of the Industrial Bank 13 years.n

The Russian central bank uses regional chain technology to improve domestic SWIFT services

nnnRussia’s local media reported that the Russian central bank to consider its SWIFT-like inter-bank communication system in the deployment of block-chain technology. At the beginning of the system was the boycott of the European Parliament, and even to discuss whether the sanctions. However, the current experts believe that even if the deployment of block-chain technology, the system can not replace SWIFT, because the system changes require a lot of costs, SWIFT in Russia has not been any threat.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nRussian media agency Izvestiya quoted the central bank’s public affairs office reported that the Russian central bank (Central Bank of Russia) plans to simulate the SWIFT financial communications system using distributed book technology.n
nThe central bank press office said, “the Russian central bank to consider the use of distributed books to develop its financial communications system.” The press office explained that the Russian central bank used the SWIFT simulation system in two ways: one, as a backup channel for financial information exchange, and second, as a special economic demand for SWIFT alternatives.n
nAt present, 326 banks connected to Russia’s SWIFT system, accounting for only 46% of all Russian financial institutions. Experts believe that the central bank hopes that through the block chain technology to promote more domestic financial institutions to use its services last year, Russia’s SWIFT participating institutions did not grow.n
nIzvestiya quotes sources familiar with the central bank’s plan, and the central bank is considering using the APF block chain or similar program.n
nExperts believe that the deployment of the chain chain can not let the Russian banks to give up SWIFT, select a similar system in Russia, because the current SWIFT in Russia is not threatened, and the transition to the new system will bring huge costs. However, they acknowledged that the SWIFT simulation system could provide a good solution for local and regional banks that did not participate in international transactions.n
nRussia’s financial communications services were created in 2014 as a backup channel for inter-bank communications. The European Parliament in 2014 also discussed the removal of Russia from SWIFT.n

Delphi White Paper Interpretation (3): Predict how the market and AI, things together to change the world


Reporter: pencil leadn

As the first domestic market to predict the market, Delphy team has been committed to promoting the concept of forecasting the market, bringing together the whole society of information and wisdom to help you better see the future.n
nIn this article, the Delphy team gives a deep interpretation of the forecast market, focusing on how the market is combined with AI, how can we change the world by predicting the market?n

nFirst of all, the first article of the article will be summarized to the main point:n
nn1. Forecasting the market and AI: Delphy predicts predictions in the market Robots can collect various market information and automate transactions based on the user’s situation.n
n2. Forecast of the combination of market and networking: Delphy support Internet of things real-time data acquisition, integration of various types of information, in the forecast outside the market to form a forecast information trading market.n
n3. Predict how the market will change the future: In the ecology of the forecast market, people can acquire the key information by participating in creating the event itself, thereby profiting in the forecast market and forming a closed loop. Therefore, participation in the forecast market makes people motivated to change the future.n
nWhat is the forecast market?n
nThe forecast market (also known as the information market, decision market, think futures, event derivative or virtual market) is a trading market designed to trade the possibility of different outcomes by Robin Hanson, a professor at George Mason University in the United States , He was hailed as the father of the predicted market,n
nPredict the nature of the market is to predict what the outcome will end. For example, people can predict whether Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary Clinton as a Democratic candidate. People can buy each of the results of the stock, these results have a certain probability of occurrence.n
nFor example, if you spend $ 0.6 to buy the results of Bernie’s election, spending $ 0.4 to buy the results of Hillary’s election, which means that you think Bernie was elected 60%, Hillary 40%, and then you can A variety of prices for sale with others. If Bernie became a candidate, then the forecast market would allow the stock of Bernie’s results to be converted into $ 1 and the Hillary stock would be lost.n
nHowever, the traditional centrality of the forecast market is faced with many problems such as failure to self-evident, low market acceptance, security and other security challenges from time to time.n
nCompared with the central system, to the centralization system is often able to hold greater tolerance of innovation, making innovative products to flourish. The market forecast of the block chain can guarantee the advantages of non-tampering, globalization and smart contract clearing through the characteristics of the block chain itself.n
nIn addition, we believe that the center to predict the market will also appear the following innovations:n
nMulti-center arbitration market (oracle):n
nAn important mechanism for forecasting the market is the mechanism for reporting the outcome of the event. In the center of the forecast market, usually by the platform to report their own results, it is difficult to do self-evident innocence. And the use of decentralized system, the results of the event can be reported by multiple systems, and then by a person to make decisions.n
nIf the community believes that this person is trustworthy, then the forecast contract has liquidity, can be traded. And if the person is not trustworthy, then the results can be reported by many people (for example, two people need two people agree). Market participants can also vote to decide who reports to them.n
nFor example, systems like Augur have a tokens system, and people who hold tokens can vote on the results in groups. All of these forms can be changed. In some cases, you do not even need to report. If the information is already available on the etherfront, the solution will not require a trusted source, that is, if someone sells their songs on the etherfront, and can be publicly accessed through other contracts, they can be used as is.n
nIn contrast, Delphy predicts a more efficient event reporting mechanism. In the Delphy forecast market, the forecast results are determined by Oracle, which provides a range of APIs that Delphy calls to determine the market’s winning or losing results and the subsequent settlement by calling these Oracle APIs.n
nOracle can be centrally (such as RealityKeys), it can be multi-center. Some predictive applications only need to use a single data point to verify the results, so the central Oracle is enough. For example, the results of the NBA game prediction, NBA official website may be the result of the game is necessary. For multi-centric Oracle, we will devise an incentive mechanism and implement m out of n mode and Oracle’s dispute resolution solution.n
nAI Expert Advisorn
nAllowing automatic trading to predict the market is an important participatory mechanism. In the Delphy forecast market, we can create a program to replace people to participate in the forecast market, the program itself can absorb a lot of information, and analysis and judgments, to more accurate prediction.n

nSpecifically, the automated transaction program is an AI artificial intelligence, through machine learning and large data algorithms, the program can automatically from a variety of channels to collect the latest information to participate in the forecast market, to help users get economic returns. Of course, individuals and organizations with data sources will take a lot of advantage, they can sell the data source to others or participate in the forecast.n
nIn the concept, these AI robots will be based on your identity and work on their own transactions. If you join a label organization, then the robot will automatically detect this and see it as an indicator of possible success, so that the results of the transaction (automatic economic benefits).n
nFor example, if you frequent a coffee shop, your robot will automatically start trading on the store’s upcoming earnings. Because you have a direct impact on your success as a customer, you can share their economic benefits.n
nForecast information market was bornn
nThe premise of making a correct prediction is to obtain effective information, so the information market can be said to be the market factor for the market. Delphy also builds a market for information that allows the participant to sell information that can be used in the forecast market.n
nIn the information collection, the Internet of Things is very useful, the sensor can continue to produce data and the chain, with these data on the one hand can be used to predict the market, on the other hand can not open the information in the market, Sell ​​the information to others to obtain knowledge for more effective predictions.n
nAs a result, the information market can be developed around sales information to facilitate forecasting and reporting. This is not just for the sensor data. It will eventually become a specification for reporting any type of data to the block chain, especially for reporting purposes. It not only means that there can be audited transparent information there, but also means that participants should immediately provide a credible source of information, which is very low cost for producers.n
nPredict market participation in creating the futuren
nUsing Delphy to predict the market, we can conceive a picture of the future, in which we gain the key forecast information by participating in our own creation, thereby making a profit in the forecast market.n
nIn terms of expansion, if we have an automatic sensor that can collect information independently to predict the market, then we can really create the future, predict the future, and get economic benefits. The future of the day, once we automatically predict and AI, machine learning and networking, we will have to really change everything, Delphy will provide you with such a platform to change the world.n
nWelcome to the Delpy Forecast Market Project, which will begin ICO in mid-Augustn
nWe can add Delphy Group (micro signal: delphy_org), apply to join the official group of Delphy, received the latest project information.n

Based on the global community Credo will push the new standard of mail


Reporter: pencil leadn
nThe California team’s Credo project is designed to apply the Ethernet contract technology to the e-mail industry. Credo’s design goals are clear and clear, that is to improve the current status of e-mail at the same time, do not destroy the existing user experience. Users in the traditional e-mail service has developed a habit of perennial change, so Credo team wants users to continue to use their familiar e-mail settings, will not subvert the product transformation.n

n(BitBounce integrated into the existing mail system)n
nIn pursuit of this goal, Credo team will BitBounce seamlessly integrated into the existing mail account. Simple to understand, Bitbounce is a plug-in, as long as the user to add an account, BitBounce will be able to synchronize contacts and put them in the white list, and then you can filter mail. At present, the plugin is in the final stages of development, Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook will be accessed at that time. Once the plug-in is mature, the user does not need to access the BitBounce control panel.n
nThe use of block chain tokens is no borders. Similarly, Credo’s products will be for the global user. In the early product promotion, the team will use a certain percentage of Credo tokens to set up a user growth pool, with the integration of the Coinbase account system, to stimulate the growth in the number of users. The team will reward the use of BitBounce:n
nnActivate BitBounce with your existing account and continue to use the specified time;n
nUse BitBounce to receive and post messages;n
nSend a reply to the message;n
nReply to a reply to the message;n
nAdd BitBounce to more messages;n
nPromote the use of BitBounce to friends and colleagues.n
nnThe user who performs the above behavior will receive a Credo token. However, if there is no appropriate fraud prevention mechanism, there will be malicious users to use the algorithm to brush, cheat the system tokens. The team will technically eliminate such phenomena. Credo team will use data science to detect potential fraud, and integration of identity authentication methods (commonly known as KYC), to achieve the weight of reward behavior diversification.n

n(Silicon Valley investment master Tim Draper)n
nSome time ago, Tim Draper, a well-known investment giant in Silicon Valley, expressed optimism about Credo’s application in public and subscribed for a 10% share of the token. Tim Draper is the founder of PayPal, has successfully invested in Silicon Valley companies, including Skype, Baidu, Overture, Parametric Technology and Hotmail. Which investment Hotmail is its fame, he used the “viral marketing” concept of the success of e-mail to promote the success of Hotmail played a great help. Now, he invested Credo is a mail field, his favor for Credo Credo brought a lot of users.n

nAccording to Credo team in the July 14 disclosure of data, Credo active users have 7832, the registration volume of 33,257, weekly growth rate of 41%, the monthly growth rate of 293%. BitBounce handles 42,000 messages per day, and the user has added 65.4950 whitelists. Credo’s block-chain data shows an average of 100 transactions per day.n
nWith the advent of Credo, the number of Credo users will continue to grow at a considerable rate, Credo’s introduction of the tokens model is expected to become the new standard in the mail field.n
nCredo official website is https://bitbounce.io/credo_ch, the date of the sale is July 26. Chinese community manager micro signal is Crypto_community.n