Bali Island netizen claimed to be Nakamoto himself before Nakamoto So is false

Bali Island netizen claimed to be Nakamoto himself before Nakamoto So is false

About who is the father of bitcoin, Nakamoto (SatoshiNakamoto) problem has no answer, so there is a frenzy of individual bitcoin enthusiasts claim to be the creator of the epic Mami – Nakamoto So, but there is no one can really prove that he is a legendary figure.

An American in Bali Island recently claimed to be Satoshinakamoto on the Internet, and has been in the name of the Cong on the Quora website users to answer the question, as he is the inventor of bitcoin. He welcomed the visitors to Bali Island to meet with him.

To the Bali Island meeting with people in Cong

Since April 3rd, an Quora user started in the name of SatoshiNakamoto answered all the questions on the site, he is the seventeenth person to use the name of the network users and answer questions actively. As of the release, he has to answer 19 questions of users browsing, the rapid growth of the volume of 32 thousand and 400 times, a total of 161 fans watching him.

This Nakamoto unequivocally shows that he is the founder of bitcoin, and added:

“I live in Indonesia and Bali Island, I was born in 1977, not 1975. I am an american.”

Specifically, a small luxury hotel, he is living in Paris called Biz, the southwest side of Bali Island is located in the capital of Denpasar. He said to the bitcoin user interpretation,

“I was living in Bali Island Biz, you can use Google to find this place, and asked the front desk to call the Cong. I will come down to see you.”

The Cong defend in

He wrote in a recent article, “I was very real, but every once claimed to be my people are false. I am not in the so-called “eligibility list” (qualify as Nakamoto man), by listing it is impossible to guess who I am.”

In this paper the Bali Island Americans provides his email address, and said he has a Facebook profile.

Bitcoin users from the Facebook to see a personal information page, it is about the power of the information in Bali Island, said he originally from Texas. Page description with he released information on the Quora. The page also contains information in the Nakamoto in Virginia state license photos. The page owner claimed that this is taken in 2001, he is young photo.

The proof of Bali Island Cong encryption by e-mail contact the Bali Island Nakamoto, asked whether he can pass some of the earliest bitcoin send Satoshi to provide any type of encryption or signature certificate; PGP from 2010 and Satoshi. Bali Island Nakamoto told

“Because my old email was stolen a few years ago, I cannot open any mail inside. The stolen mail contains only backup all my private key.”

All of my bitcoin private key has been saved in an encrypted Notepad document. A copy is stored in my notebook computer, another store in my original GMX email account; however, now two documents were stolen.” Who claimed to be the founder of bitcoin American friends said, “a series of incidents in 2010 so I lost all bitcoin private key.” believes that this interpretation also suggests that the development of why he decided to leave the bitcoin.

“After I lose the power to use bitcoin, I announced to the world the Nakamoto are turning to other industries.” Bali Island Nakamoto added.

Nakamoto So is not Craig Wright, but he has a patent

Bali Island Satoshi Nakamoto is then described, the Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright (CraigWright). The Australian has claimed that he is the real Nakamoto So (SatoshiNakamoto).

“Craig Wright is just a mathematician and computer scientist, he helped to correct a typo in the calculation of bitcoin in the original white paper group. He has authored or co authored “bitcoin: any part of the P2P electronic cash system.”

Craig Wright has been trying to many bitcoin and block chain related patents. Recently Wright and his patent, and the company he worked has been acquired.

Bali Island Nakamoto in Quora answer also repeatedly said, support the use of patent protection to promote technological innovation bitcoin. Many liberal bitcoin users too highly to the center of the characteristics of bitcoin, and rose to the level of anti government monopoly, this position is not welcome.

In a reply, Bali Island Nakamoto introduced in 6 months he will earn $100 thousand. His approach is to submit an application to the national patent office, and then spread to large companies.

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