Barbaric growth driven by chain block to Quweicunzhen

Barbaric growth driven by chain block to Quweicunzhen

 Barbaric growth driven by the blockchain how Quweicunzhen (1)

 Barbaric growth driven by the blockchain how Quweicunzhen (2)

In recent years, the blockchain gradually become a hot topic, especially in just entering in 2018, the concept of “block chain” is more frequent in business. that Block What is the chain? Why are entrepreneurs, capitalists concern?

Previously, many people think that the block chain and Bitcoin Is peer relationship, but they found in understanding, this is a wrong idea. Blockchain white is a distributed books, and bitcoin is used blockchain this technology to improve their own. Block chain is a decentralized technology, as a country, in this country, between people whether it is allocated in the data or on the right are the same, no false data may not be lost, sharing and exchange of value two advantages, is strong the blockchain.

Block chain into a new outlet after bitcoin after?

In early 2008, Nakamoto in the forum published an article, “bitcoin: electronic cash system” a point of the article, the article firstly put forward the concept of chain block.

However, since bitcoin appeared controversial. One of the loudest opposition to Warren Buffett and Robert Schiller. Known as “Warren” Buffett made it clear that the final bitcoin “certainly will not have good results”. Of course, there are voices of support, Wall Street mogul Jamie Dimon a year ago that bitcoin is a hoax, but now it is overturned before the view that the blockchain is real. Regardless of the final result How In recent years, the development of bitcoin, more and more people’s attention.

In 2013, bitcoin from the beginning not worth a penny soared 100 times, but then in the next two years, bitcoin show burst down the situation, in 2014 fell less than 70%, again in 2015 fell more than 20%, to 2016 bitcoin rise into the stage, at the age of 2017 to health…… The roller coaster type development in losses to people at the same time, also let the blockchain get more attention.

Bitcoin is love and hate, in bitcoin blaze, as the core and foundation of the underlying architecture of bitcoin blockchain, has gradually been concerned. Block chain is the key to support bitcoin molding, bitcoin can have such effects and blockchain couldn’t escape. Because every transaction bitcoin are recorded in a piece of the books, the books are to the center, and the block chain act as the role of bitcoin account”. Bitcoin can be said to be the best application block chain, no one.

Some time ago, Xue Manzi bought this domain name, and the barbarians in the transaction Xue is using bitcoin to complete the transaction, this event caused no small movement in the circle. Recently, in the name of the transaction, increasing the frequency of use of bitcoin, the cause of this phenomenon is the capitalists of value chain block.

Previously, the blockchain is only used by bitcoin, but in recent years, with bitcoin gradually in the world after the start, the block chain has been used in various projects, like ants gold clothing, Jingdong, Baidu and other Tencent have gradually began to use block chain technology. Based on the block chain has the property of authenticity, can not be tampered with, so its application in public and so on other projects is handy. Like in the “deaf children reborn” in block chain technology application service ant gold, Tencent launched a “public tracing chain” etc.. By 2017, the block chain has begun to be widely used, and gradually formed a new outlet.

barbarism grow The age comes, is an opportunity and challenge to the blockchain

There is a saying in Dickens’s “Shuangcheng mind”: “this is the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…… We had everything before us, we had nothing before us; we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct.” Just as the block chain, do good, you are involved in the pioneer era of change, do not you have perished. Today, the blockchain is facing such a situation: the rapid development of the society, the emerging enterprises have brought many possible to block the chain, let the chain block has received more attention, speeding up the enterprise application block chain, which will open a new era or.

Block chain can be divided into private and public chain chain chain, alliance of three types, each block chain corresponds to different application scenarios, the block chain is the key difference is that of the limits to the center of. Block chain also by virtue of its distributed data record, data can not be tampered with, open and transparent properties are widely used. Unlike the transmission of Internet information is the blockchain is the value of the transfer, can be said to be an upgrade of the internet. Based on this, the blockchain was considered after the steam engine, electricity, Internet is a very likely caused by disruptive technology revolution center.

But the blockchain is not a panacea, as a result, the existence of delay block chain, take in the bitcoin transaction, its effectiveness is affected by network communication, to ten minutes to be informed and recognized; secondly, the blockchain itself does not modify and delete the two functions. If this makes the record data errors occur when the word processing will be very troublesome. In addition to its own existence of these restrictions, facing complex enterprise market, has gradually become the new darling of the market chain block also leads to a “currency speculation” and “pseudo block chain” and a series of accidents”.

Last September, China has banned bitcoin transactions, ICO virtual currency, but the effect of making money currency speculation boom back to people’s attention. The first is the thunder in October launched the play off the coin (now called chain g), then released the blockchain project “everyone Fang and RRcoin, Kodak launched Kodak coin tokens…… A number of enterprises into the block chain send tokens, which makes currency speculation this phenomenon once again swept again.

At present, many money market projects, enterprises in the application market of dragons and fishes jumbled together the blockchain, difficult for investors to distinguish the project quality, and even bad money drives out good money situation. And in the market, “public data processing” is the social norm, as is the enterprise in order to attract more consumers and capitalists attention, will make appropriate revisions to the published data, in order to attract users and enterprise investment.

In addition, some enterprises under the banner of the blockchain “name” four misappropriating. After seeing the blockchain benefits of some enterprises as the first to enter the air inlet, to obtain high interest, in still do not know the block chain operation to rush into the Bureau; what is more to money by wanton blockchain gimmick, rapid retreat after they get high returns. The blind application of block chain behavior leads to some really want to block the application and development of chain enterprises gradually withdraw from the market, and some money to enterprises is still active in the market, greatly affected the normal development of the blockchain.

Although the blockchain have the core technology innovation outlet, but because it is still in the initial stage, all aspects are not mature enough, still can bring currency speculation and other issues, and these have become a stumbling block to the development of chain block block.

Incoming increase accelerate the block chain bubble burst?

Relevant data show that from November 2015 to December 2017, block chain related occupation growth rate reached 631%. However, in this huge data, there are some enterprises under the banner of “fishing for a walk” mentality to join the ranks of the blockchain, disturbed the normal block chain in market development, further promote The blockchain bubble burst.

Unlike previous years, in recent years, the block chain has been well developed, its scope of application is extended to all areas of finance, education, government, cloud computing, healthcare and insurance. But with the gradual increase of incoming, block chain applications appear unreasonable many, led to another batch of contestants.

Recently, a “three o’clock sleepless blockchain” WeChat group has aroused heated debate, in this group brings together some of the circle from the famous people of the depth of the block chain, bitcoin day and night of. In this group, the basic block chain has become their “faith”, as if do not understand the block chain, will be eliminated by the times. This reflects the behavior of blindly follow the trend in addition to anxiety about the development of the times, there is a strong market demand for the blockchain. In addition, the recent block chain stocks booming, attracting more and more investors into the office block chain, the chain block market rapid expansion, foam packing.

And, because of the block chain is still in the primary stage, there are many aspects need to be improved, while the enterprises and investors into the office block chain has a tentative. The blockchain this innovative significance technology should be slowly progressive for the venture will only be further originally running in the track block chain pull.

For understanding the block chain development, Gartner consulting company had earlier analysis of the relevant aspects of a new technology will experience five stages, namely the initial stage, expansion stage, popular bubble period, upward recovery period and mature period. According to the analysis of Gartner in 2016, has been in the expected expansion block chain, this is a highly sought after entering the bubble burst during this period, it will take 5 to 10 years of time and distance blockchain reached maturity.

Block chain will become the key in the reform era?

2017 is the year of the outbreak of the blockchain, all capital have been involved in the chain block. Although the market has brought many problems, but the role of the block chain of the development of the market can not be ignored. Recently, “people’s Daily” published on the “three Q block chain (economic hotspots)”, “seize the opportunity”, “blockchain digital leading economy have made it clear that a” block chain to the market in various areas of importance.

About the delay, “pseudo block chain” and “currency speculation” and other issues, will be in the blockchain after the bubble burst further arouse people’s attention, more standardized market development. Now, the block chain is still in the initial stage, with more and more into the future, the blockchain foam can hardly be avoided. But after the bubble, the blockchain will bring a subversive experience to the market, will bring a new era.

The blockchain itself emphasizes “to the center”, in order to meet the practical needs are changing, the blockchain “multi center” is to upgrade, it will completely break the data “island” so as to realize the comprehensive information interoperability situation. To strengthen the trust security system, improve the efficiency of the transaction, to meet the growing demand of the era of application.

In a word, the outbreak blockchain is imperative. The decentralized nature of the Internet giant to avoid monopoly, opportunities for many entrepreneurs and investors. But at the same time, based on the block chain can reduce the cost of transportation, with open and transparent, can not be tampered with, strong permeability and other properties, and is more convenient for the management of the market, there will be a future in the business world” Discard the false and retain the true “The blockchain era.

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