Based on the securities trading platform bitcoin blockchain will start at the end of the year

Based on the securities trading platform bitcoin blockchain will start at the end of the year

Overstock chief communications officer JuddBagley t0 is called “small objects” trading platform, will first try equity transactions. It is known as the world’s first block chain based on equity issuance platform, a new era will lead the global financial system, the running platform is expected in December 2016.

T0 securities issuance and trading platform is Overstock financial holding subsidiary t0 technology development.

The Las Vegas Money20/20 conference, Bagley believes that t0 is superior to the traditional equity trading platform, pointed out that the company will soon start selling on the platform. After Overstock announced that the company’s board of directors has approved the issuance of non transferable shares, Overstock shareholders can buy preferred shares in the t0 platform.

The company announced in November 15, 2016 at the beginning of the subscription, December 6, 2016. In November 7, 2016 for shareholders to confirm the registration date, will determine the Overstock price of the common shares.

The difference

The difference is that the t0 platform for real-time transaction settlement with synchronous block chain technology. But the traditional equity trading settlement, the need for additional three days.

The success of this project will promote the project of the same type, even better project.

The t0 platform uses a coin color technology, tracking various asset ownership with bitcoin.

In 2014 Overstock started to accept bitcoin payments in December last year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the sale of shares in the t0 platform, and the settlement bitcoin.

Overstock allows registered shareholders to buy 1 million shares of preferred stock, you can also buy the blockchain series A preferred shares (BlockchainSeriesAPreferred), and can only be traded in the offbeat trading system.

T0 was founded in April 2015, four months after the price of $30 million 300 thousand acquisition of Wall Street brokerage company SpeedRoute, as a middleman America 11 exchanges and 25 blackpool.

The list of 100 companies in 2014 Overstock to enter the Forbes most trusted.

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