BCC is more and more accepted

BCC is more and more accepted

For bitcoin fans, this is a crazy ten days, because the network had its first notable network One divides into two.. In the first week, BCC block chain has been launched, the money market is booming. Now, the two encryption currency payment processor, theLivingRoomofSatoshi and Rocketr have announced support for BCC in their platform.

The BCC network and the market rose

BitcoinCash (BCC) block chain already in the processing block, is currently booming into a network. So far, the BCC chain has been the emergence of 408 blocks, in exchange for currency trading volume is large. At present, each BCC transaction price of $300, becoming the fourth largest encryption currency in market capitalization. So far, there have been many exchanges and encryption of digital currency wallet decided to support the BCC network. In addition, other companies like Purse market, has also announced to hold customer funds on the platform of BCC distribution.

The digital product market Rocketr customers can now use BCC in the online store

This week, the digital product market Rocketr has announced that customers can use BCC in the online store. Rocketr is an e-commerce platform for sales and publication of digital goods, such as documents, procedures, activation code, software and other services. The company was founded in 2016 by RobDanielson, BTC, ETH, PayPal, Stripe (credit card) and now BCC. The company announced the addition of currency statement in August 9th in Twitter;

“We have just opened BCC as payment. Today you can use the online store.”

LivingRoomofSatoshi accept BCC payment payment platform

Another is called the LivingRoomofSatoshi start-up company revealed crypto currency users can pay bills on BCC platform. The company was founded in 2014, is the one that allows Australian residents to pay electricity, telephone charges and credit card bills, payment platform. LivingRoomofSatoshi announced in August 7th to support the currency. Since then, people have slowly started to use BCC in the Australian startups platform to pay the bills.

“Now you can use your BCC to pay the bills, or cash payment to the bank account of the LivingRoomofSatoshi!”

So far, considering BCC all obstacles and difficult start, this is quite good for a week. In addition, the integration of this website reported Overstock.com customers can use BCC in the market thanks to Shapeshift. For a new Internet only a week, encryption currency is still a long way to go, despite all the bad mouthing BCC only so.

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