Bcoin: a Javascript Library Based on bitcoin

Bcoin: a Javascript Library Based on bitcoin

We just want to make bitcoin become great again, “Purse in the latest announcement said,” Bcoin, this is a solution to help us manage the bitcoin wallet infrastructure, it will not pose a threat to the bitcoin network”.

Bcoin will help the bitcoin infrastructure construction

The first project launched by the Purse.io encryption currency, is used for bitcoin discount consumption of amazon. In order to do this, Purse established its own infrastructure.

The main problem is to find the wallet management infrastructure mode. Admit the startup, the work efficiency in the software of Core is low, the reason lies in the client code library.

In order to solve this problem, the company launched Bcoin, which aims to simplify the encoding of Javascript bitcoin bitcoin bank.

The company said its new JavaScript bitcoin library, and not for the idea, the Cong against on the contrary, Purse believes that Bcoin for the future of bitcoin is an important application, to provide the necessary infrastructure for the.

Allow new applications

About Bcoin wants to achieve Purse, so described: “it can accelerate the development of the agreement, to solve the scalability problem through the implementation of lightning network, and enable the cool features such as smart contracts.”

In order to achieve this goal, the company also attracted former BitPay employee Christopher Jeffrey (ChristopherJeffrey).

“Bcoin is the most easy to use bitcoin bank,” the company said, “it supports isolation verification (Segwit), lightning network and Schnorr signature, and other popular new BIP (bitcoin improvement proposal).”

The company said, Bcoin offers the following technical characteristics:

Block chain validation;

SPV mode;

In the browser and app in the operation of this machine;

A purse and wallet database system;

The memory pool (MEMPool) / miners;

The rest of the API;

Support the isolation network, Versionbits, authentication, lightning CSV, BIP70, BIP151, BIP152, BIP150 and MAST;

Open Source

It is reported that Bcoin is a MIT licensed open source project, in the next few weeks, Purse will be integrated into the Bcoin backend.

“This is the substitution of a BitcoinCore infrastructure, it has the BitcoinCore does not have the function,” Purse chief technology officer told reporters.

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