Because bitcoin has gone from tens of millions of dollars to the destruction of one’s family

At noon yesterday, I saw a push financial news, bitcoin price exceeded $25000 / piece. In fact, I have seen several push recently, but the price is higher and higher every time. Let me think of a news more than 10 days ago. It is necessary to tell you about it. On December 16, according to the China court trial network, the defendant Zheng Xiaowei was suspected of intentionally killing his three-year-old daughter, and then attempted suicide by jumping into the sea. Dalian prosecutors charged him with “illegally depriving others of their lives, causing one person to die, and suspected of intentional homicide.”. The reason should start half a year ago. At 5:00 p.m. on June 18 this year, a family of three people fell into the sea at Xinghai Bay Bridge in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. After investigation, it was found that the couple killed their daughter due to investment failure and then committed suicide by jumping into the sea. The later husband was rescued. On June 18, Zheng killed his sleeping daughter with a knife. After discussing with his wife Wang, they left a letter. They took their daughter’s body and drove to Xinghai Bay Bridge. They threw their daughter’s body into the water, and they jumped into the sea one after another. Zheng was rescued by the rescue team and surrendered to the police, saying he killed people. Dalian prosecutors said that at about 11:50 on June 28, a witness named Fu found the body of a child while working at sea, which was identified by DNA as the body of Zheng’s daughter. Zheng said that his wife had no job and their income source depended on Zheng’s investment in bitcoin. The reason for his suicide was that his investment failed and he lost more than 20 million yuan. In the face of the prosecutor’s question, the defendant, Zheng Xiaowei, said that because of the idea of “wanting to have a family together”, the couple decided to kill their own daughter first and then commit suicide by jumping into the sea together. On June 17, after buying sleeping pills in the pharmacy, his wife fed them to his daughter. Zheng said that before killing his daughter, he had “no heart, had hesitation”, first stabbed the child’s plush toys with a knife. Zheng said that he has been engaged in self employment after graduation from University, “playing finance.”. The hot bitcoin is his main investment project. He has made a lot of money and is worth tens of millions. However, the huge fluctuation of bitcoin brought a disaster to Zheng. By the beginning of June this year, he had lost more than 20 million yuan due to the use of capital leverage to participate in speculation. “There are four million of my parents’ money, 500000 of my father-in-law’s mother-in-law’s, and the rest is the money I have saved over the years and borrowed from my relatives.” As soon as he lost all his hard-working property, he still owed a large amount of debt to his close relatives and friends. Zheng intends to commit suicide. He said that at first, he only intended to die by himself. Later, his wife tried to persuade him but failed. The couple decided to “go together”. As I said above, bitcoin has hit a new high recently. I’m just laughing at him. After watching this incident, I don’t know what you feel. Anyway, I feel sad and angry, heavy and sorry. What a stupid choice it is to start my own three-year-old daughter. It’s more stupid than to fry bitcoin. The person who can make such a decision is obviously an irrational person. Investment failure is only a matter of time. What’s heavy is that when I see this, I’m thinking about whether my investment system will go bankrupt in extreme cases. First of all, I declare that I don’t invest in bitcoin and other virtual currencies, but only invest in stock funds. After some thinking, I think that although my investment system is not perfect, there is a basic framework, that is, what can be touched, what can not be touched, what can be understood and what can not be understood. It’s a pity that he once had a fortune of ten million, but his family was ruined because of his investment failure. To say that investment is actually gambling, and the word investment is not suitable for him. So I decided to tell you a little bit about my own understanding of investment, hoping to give a little help to those who are destined to do so, so as to avoid people falling into the investment misunderstanding, leading to loss or even debt. From this tragedy, let’s see what we can learn from this tragedy. First, bitcoin (virtual currency) can’t be invested first. Bitcoin is not allowed and unprotected. Secondly, because bitcoin has no investment value, it is a game of beating drums and passing flowers. Bitcoin itself does not create wealth, but only distributes most people’s money to a small number of people. Everyone hopes to make money, but in fact, it follows the pyramid selling model. The first one may make money, but the last one is the lamb to be slaughtered, but the people who participate in it never think that they are One sheep, everyone thought he was smart enough to get out of the way. Mr. Buffett has a lot of criticism about the currency. “Even if you stare at it all day long, there won’t be a little bit of bitcoin or anything else coming out,” Buffett told CNBC in an earlier interview. It’s a fraud at all. No one knows what will happen in the future. ” You may think that he is too old to keep up with the times, but it does not affect him to become the richest person in the field of investment. Barrow made a metaphor for investment: if you want to buy a farm and you want to become a farmer, you will pay attention to how much food is produced each year. Then you can judge whether the farm is worth buying according to the annual grain yield and the price of the farm. Let me give you an example in our life. For example, if you want to open a hot pot shop, you just find a hot pot shop with a good business. You have to post a notice about the transfer of 300000 yuan. Do you really want to buy it? At this time, do you have to calculate whether it is worthwhile to buy 300000 yuan. If you can earn 10W a year, you can make a profit in three years. This is a simple investment idea. What’s smart is that I have to investigate whether the business is really booming or whether you have nurseries. I also need to investigate the taste, customer evaluation, geographical location and so on. To buy bitcoin is to buy 300000 hot pot shops, and then find a second fool to sell it to him for 40W; the second fool hopes to find a third fool to sell it for 50W, and sure enough, the three fool bought it and sold it for 60W. Then the big fool saw how much money he had made, so he wanted to find someone to sell it for 70W, but when he bought it, he couldn’t sell it. At this time, he could only reduce the price until it dropped to 35W The two idiots found that it was cheaper than when they bought it, so they bought it and wanted to fight for it. As a result, the other fools didn’t buy it, and they didn’t find any new one to buy it. Finally, the price was reduced to 200000 W. at first, the person knew it and bought it. Then he publicized it everywhere. Then he cheated a new fool who didn’t know about it and sold it to him for 30W Investment can make money because it creates value, but bitcoin does not create value. It is just a tool. Gambling and speculation can also make money, but most of the money made by luck will be lost sooner or later. Probability science has sentenced you to death. Those small number of people who make money by gambling and speculation have joined the game from the beginning, and know that it is enough to make money. However, when most people hear about it, it is time for a fool to appear on the stage. Moreover, most people can’t control their greed. They want to earn 500W even if they earn 100W, and they want to earn 10m if they earn 500W, until they fail and lose everything. Why are there many people who commit risks to make a fool of themselves? You should know that bitcoin is not the only one who can make a fortune, but also a variety of complex financial derivatives, such as futures. The reason lies in the simplicity. Other investment products are too complex for ordinary people to understand. Gamblers like simple and quick money. Second, investment should not be leveraged A man is not a saint, but a ghost will come to him after a long walk at night. No matter how much money you have made before, you will lose everything if you make one mistake. It’s even right but wrong. If you have 100W plus 400W leverage, 20% of your principal will be lost, even if the latter increases by thousands of times, it has nothing to do with you. Investment must be in the absence of 100% confidence. It doesn’t matter if you invest with spare money. If you don’t borrow money to invest or leverage, you should invest at least two or more targets. There was a very hot event before. Some people bought the bank’s crude oil treasure. As a result, the international crude oil futures fell into negative. Investors not only lost all the principal, but also owed the bank money. The main purpose of these complex financial derivatives is to hedge the cost of enterprises. It is a very dangerous thing to regard luck as strength, and the best thing to judge luck or strength is time. Luck is hard to care for you for a long time. For example, if you think it is your own strength, it is very dangerous. Finally, I’d like to say that if you don’t know enough, if you invest in anything high-risk, 99.99% of the probability will be a total loss sooner or later. The reason why I dare not say 100% is that maybe some ancestors may protect their luck to the extreme and make money with what they invest. You can try to be one of them. Practice value investment and spread investment idea! Interpretation of the public speech of the folk “stock god” Forest Garden (1) interpretation of the public speech of the folk “stock god” Forest Garden (Part 2) if you want to make money by speculating in stocks, this pit has to be prevented! Look forward to more dry goods!

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