Because help bitcoin retail giant’s success in Taiwan to attract many users

Because help bitcoin retail giant’s success in Taiwan to attract many users


Convenience stores (FamilyMart family) in October this year with the local BitoEX wallet vendor agreement, has allowed Taiwan to customers in the region close to the use of bitcoin 3000 family chain store.

After the news, the family has allowed the customer to use bitcoin wallet to buy through the BitoEX, can be used in store coupons. This coupon is called FamiPort by the end of the distribution, is a common payment channel, which can be used to pay any fees, ranging from parking fines to buy train tickets, movie tickets.

The family’s public relations manager Chen Jiaqi told the Taiwan news agency, United Daily News, the purpose is for the convenience of tourists in Taiwan and the residents of the area.

More and more users

According to BitoEX, since the service began formal operation in October 24th, the family supermarket has completed more than 500 transactions. The company also said it now has 40000 network wallet users, and this number is still growing at an annual rate of 30%.

“We now bitcoin wallet customers have more and more, but the market in Taiwan is still small, is still increasing.” BitoEX vice president RicaChiang said.

This is not for the cooperation of the start-up and the first family. Last October it had reached agreement with the family to buy bitcoin, allowing customers to purchase directly through the OTC digital currency.

This start-up company said bitcoin purchase service success caused family chain’s attention, to consider accepting bitcoin to buy goods. According to BitoEX, the whole family supermarket to buy bitcoin amount higher than the same period last year more than doubled.

Chiang said: “since last year the whole family to see the risen bitcoin sales. This is why they started to accept bitcoin careful consideration, to see whether bitcoin contains a larger market.”

In Taiwan, a convenience store chain store has been in the frontier of e-commerce experiment. For example, they are the first Asian commodity collection points become online shopping retail stores.

According to the number of stores, the whole family is Taiwan’s second largest convenience store chain, second only to 7-Eleven (the number of chain stores is two times of the family). The family’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Taiwan is one of the services provided by the six international markets.

Game player into bitcoin

Chiang said the game player is one of the key BitoEX user base, accounted for 40% of all users. They are similar to Steam, BigFish and PokerStart and other international platform to purchase the game or game to pay.

For some can’t get a credit card or simply found throughout the Taiwan convenience store payment terminal will be the game player, they get an easier way to credit. In fact, the game is often paid Taiwan Game Forum topic.

Game player who often appear in the middle of the night in Taiwan family chain stores, because before they enter the next phase of the journey will be long game to hurry to buy some drinks and snacks. Sometimes in order to make them in a leading position in the game, will also use the counter outside the trading way to get bitcoins.

Chiang said: “we have noticed that many transactions occurred in the middle of the night, we are very curious. Later we found that these transactions are almost all game player. Sometimes they would say, “please give me a bitcoin. Now I’m very worried about, I was still playing the game!””

BitoEX said, the next largest group of customers who use bitcoin remittance, followed by investors and speculators.

Bitcoin trading platform OKCoin the startup using China, to control the price of bitcoin and flow.

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