Belgian police arrested two unlicensed bitcoin exchange operator

Belgian police arrested two unlicensed bitcoin exchange operator


Belgian police have arrested two Belgian brothers, they are suspected of being involved in large-scale unlicensed bitcoin exchange operator. In 1982, the two brothers named ZhaoDong team has been in the local exchange bitcoin bitcoin trading charge very high commission.

According to reports, the police have seized 400 thousand euros, including nearly 100 thousand euros in cash, the cash was found behind a spare tire in the garage. Interestingly, one of the brothers is a police officer was arrested.

Belgium local bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin is a digital currency in the world’s leading local bitcoin exchange has become a famous bitcoin platform to connect buyers and sellers. However, because these institutions are those engaged in money laundering or illegal trading of personal use, so the exchange was closely monitored by many law enforcement agencies.

Due to their large amount of transactions and they charge high fees, so the two brothers attracted the attention of the police. In the market, especially when sales of more than a few thousand euros, use a large number of bitcoin transactions are usually disapproved.

In Belgium, their behavior is prohibited because trading is such a large sum of money without official permission is illegal. In addition, the brothers also may be involved in money laundering activities.

The other black net market operation

The two brothers were arrested and law enforcement agencies had concerns about the possible is to stop the black network in the global scope of operations as part of an effort to. In the past few weeks, AlphaBayandHansa also included in the closure of the market.

It is interesting in the coming days, the market pressure and other encryption currency bitcoin transactions will be vigorously promote the development of these, and what would be the impact of digital currency market.

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