Bill Gates: I don’t own bitcoin

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said on Thursday that he does not own bitcoin now and that he is neutral to bitcoin. He expressed his views on cryptocurrency in an interview with CNBC. While predicting that the future of payment lies in digital currency, he expressed his “neutral view” on bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market value. Previously, in 2018, Gates said he would short bitcoin if “there was a simple way.”. He also said at the time that he had been given a bitcoin as a birthday present, but soon sold it. In an interview on Thursday, he said, “I don’t own bitcoin, and I don’t look short on bitcoin. I’ve been neutral with the special currency. “ Nevertheless, he believes that currency in digital form needs to be reversible and fully transparent. He pointed out that the Gates Foundation is actively exploring new payment methods in developing countries, which can also reduce transaction costs, “and not for tax avoidance or any illegal activities.” In December 2018, Gates said that cryptocurrency could empower the poor, especially in the developing regions of the world, and help them obtain the necessary financial instruments to use the resources at their disposal. At the time, he said, “numbers can reduce the cost of a series of transactions by as much as 90%, providing people with almost universal innovative financial products and services.” As for the price of bitcoin, Gates said that according to the current level of fanaticism, the price of bitcoin could rise or fall, and he could not predict whether bitcoin would continue to soar. In March 2020, Microsoft also applied for a patent for a new cryptocurrency system, which will use human activities for mining. The patent describes the proposed encryption system as an alternative to bitcoin, which uses monitoring physical activity as a consensus mechanism for validating transactions and coining new coins. If you want to learn blockchain systematically, it is recommended to start with some good introductory books, and learn to improve what you can’t save [many friends are anxious every day, asking questions and jumping randomly, that is, they don’t read, they don’t study – they suffer from not reading, they suffer from not learning! It’s not expensive to buy a book! 】Photo source: Liang Che, twitter, deadline

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