Bitcoin after half a month once again stand on the $4000 mark, rose more than 5%

The 19 day hearing, according to Bitfinex, bitcoin after half a month once again stand on the $4000 mark, rose more than 5%.

Since the birth of bitcoin, bitcoin investment is like a long roller coaster experience, for those who can hold this by Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) design of the earliest encryption currency long enough people, bitcoin investment will usually bring significant benefits.

Ever since the world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox was hacked and subsequent bankruptcy, bitcoin fell into a bear market after two years of hard, which makes many investors and traders bitcoin sniff at. What is worse, many people believe that bitcoin is destined to disappear forever, it is only a failure of technology experiment, never really play its potential.

However, in early 2017, the situation began to change. In February 2017, bitcoin prices exceeded the previous all-time high of $1149 (according to CoinMarketCap), and began a steady climb, and shows no signs of slowing down.

In 2017, bitcoin from multiple price adjustment in a strong rebound, continue to steadily rise. For the first time until October last year bitcoin exceeded $5000, the mainstream media began on the financial technology never heard of before There were many discussions. Investors at a much lower price to buy new assets, it flourishes story began to spread around the world, sparked a wave of greed.

Less than a month, bitcoin has almost doubled in value, as many families during Thanksgiving dinner conversation. After the holidays, this encryption currency price completely in a parabolic trend, breaking the $10 thousand mark. Even after less than three weeks, with bitcoin futures speculation occupy the entire market, bitcoin value doubled again in December 17, 2017 (Beijing time December 18th) reached a record high of $20 thousand price.

December 17, 2018 (Beijing time December 18th): after a year high

Now, by market capitalisation, bitcoin is the leading encryption currency, as of press time trading price of $more than 3500. After 12 months of falling prices, bitcoin hit 3125 U.S. dollars a year low, investors began to celebrate bitcoin rose suddenly in this anniversary, it is part of a gratifying rebound.

Parabolic rise bitcoin is broken, in February this year, there has been a sharp pullback to $5800, but quickly rebounded to more than $10 thousand. But the rally failed, the three rally also ended in the peak decline gradually, forming a downward Triangle — a bearish structure, possibility of further price declines is very high.

When this huge downward triangle at the peak, the repeated trial encryption currency fell below $6000 support seems to be too strong to break, after its price has plummeted 40%. The value of bitcoin has been from record highs last year fell more than 80%.

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