Bitcoin and block chain by the U.S. scholars have accused him of right-wing extremism

Bitcoin and block chain by the U.S. scholars have accused him of right-wing extremism


An American scholar writing a book, accusing the bitcoin deception to encourage us to right-wing extremist political thought. Distributed control technology center in an attempt to get rid of the books is a right-wing extremist ideology.

DavidGolumbia is the United States Federal University (VirginiaCommonwealthUniversity) Virginia, an assistant professor in the Department of English language, he released called Trump, Clinton and post responsibility bitcoin bitcoin election politics “, recently published a new book” bitcoin software and Politics: right-wing extremism “(ThePoliticsofBitcoin:SoftwareasRight-WingExtremism).

The forces of evil

Golumbia said bitcoin seemingly has nothing to do with the mind, but quietly contributing to economic and political right thought. Democratic freedom against the intervention of distributed technology books, extreme right-wing ideology.

The book publisher called Golumbia book is new knowledge.


Golumbia said the bitcoin block chain and the U.S. presidential election intertwined. The Republican candidate Trump many supporters are bitcoin enthusiasts, Trump associated with bitcoin.

The application of distributed technology of the Internet community publicity books and emerging technologies have shown the connection.

Trump – bitcoin axis

Golumbia Bowen pointed out that the Internet community has supported the phenomenon of Trump mistakes violent speech, even right-wing political activities are afraid. He warned people to beware of Trump and the bitcoin network topics campaign advantage with ignorance and hatred.

Golumbia said in a blog of her new book and is not directly related to electoral politics, but related to bitcoin blockchain and political and economic theory; it does not mean that it must be directly linked to bitcoin and a political party or candidate.

Golumbia book is not directly mentioned Trump, however, did accuse liberalism from the central government’s worship and individualism, freedom and autonomy association.

Extremism continues to expand in the form of bitcoin, beyond the boundaries of the original extremist literature. These thoughts is not only the paradox of heresy, and is derived from the right-wing ideology out of view of the world.

The bitcoin enthusiasts

Golumbia admitted that not all bitcoin enthusiasts are right-wing extremists. Golumbia about the left-wing of the bitcoin craze, pointed out that it’s hard to understand how a few non right-wing bitcoin enthusiasts can resist the political value in the bitcoin software code view.

Golumbia said the left-wing mainstream forces in the bitcoin craze growth worrying.

Bowen pointed out that the Clinton Foundation (ClintonFoundation) of the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative (ClintonGlobalInitiative2016) participants with President Obama’s former special assistant, the incumbent chief communications officer JamieSmith BitfuryGroup global economist and Peru HernandodeSoto, they will discuss the blockchain bright future.

Soto praised President Bush (GeorgeH.W.Bush), Reagan (RonaldReagan) and Clinton (BillClinton), while Golumbia said the candidate Hilary; Clinton and Hilary as the new liberal.

The chief architect Golumbia Soto is called the new liberalism, FriedrichHayek, MiltonFriedman and MonPelerin are the new liberalism “the most influential, the most dangerous people and institutions”; they support the right economics and world domination.

Golumbia said many times to see bitcoin stately into right-wing ideology.

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