Bitcoin anonymity actually tracked to find the “identity” can easily lock target

Bitcoin anonymity actually tracked to find the “identity” can easily lock target

Although bitcoin anonymity has strong support, but the current trading environment usually does not have enough anonymity.

Bitcoin anonymity is limited

Bitcoin Anonymity Privacy Protection to provide users with acceptable, send and receive funds to any other form of payment. However, bitcoin itself is not anonymous, can not provide the same level of privacy and cash. The use of bitcoin left wide open records. It has various mechanisms to protect the privacy of users, but also in the development of. Therefore, the use of bitcoin anonymity is limited, most bitcoin users use these functions to correct, there is still much work to be done.

Some people worry that the illegal use of anonymous bitcoin transaction may cause private bitcoin. However, it is worth noting that bitcoin will undoubtedly be restricted by similar provisions have been existing in the financial system. For example, bitcoin could not be more anonymous than cash, does not prevent the criminal investigation. In addition, bitcoin is also designed to prevent a wide range of financial crimes.

At present, the main problem is: each bitcoin transactions are recorded. Anyone can see the whereabouts of bitcoin. But only the whereabouts of the words can not be used to identify anyone, because the address is just a random number. The random number is bitcoin anonymity we usually say.

However, if the associated address can contain any exchange and an identity, there is a great possibility from the association of other to find the address of the owner. As a result of bitcoin anonymity is in jeopardy.

The identity information may be derived from the network statistics, traffic monitoring or Google search. The method recommended by the official is the transaction to replace an address, this will make the search more difficult.

Bitcoin is open in the direction.

A simple example: someone (the attacker) also operates a bitcoin exchange website and a phishing site, Mr. Liu for the bitcoin exchange site from there, and then use the bitcoin website to buy things in fishing. The attacker can confirm these two transactions from the same person. (it is possible for an attacker to use this method to solve bitcoin anonymity. You)

Find a “identity” can destroy the anonymity system easily. You can’t change your “address”, he must receive from Mr. Liu bitcoin address, send the address B. The attackers understand: address B is Mr. Liu, because he will be sent to the address of B bitcoin.

Another example: someone is fraud, his address posted on the forum. So you can see what they send to the address. When bitcoin issued from the fraudster’s address, the recipient address can be found easily and posted to the forum. As a result, these coins are labeled “dirty money” — they will participate in the transaction.

When those smart and honest people noticed their address is recorded, he found that he could get these bitcoins from whom. The bitcoin community can now show its mettle, for example, ask him: “you get these coins from where?” “He created this address is to what?”. Finally, fraudsters will be caught. Obviously, the more address involved, the more difficult for the criminal.

Therefore, the current bitcoin anonymity effect is actually limited, we still have more work to be done. In order to truly protect the full range of users’ privacy.

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