Bitcoin anonymity is a compromise

Bitcoin anonymity is a compromise


Bitcoin is not a very strong anonymous digital currency, its anonymity is a compromise. Because bitcoin does not provide anonymity is very strong, with a vacancy to the market, leading to a number of anonymous digital currency that appears. Including dark coins, Monroe coins, as the world currency…… Recently, there is a coin coin called, Zcash, attracted the attention of many people in the community Chinese. Many people think this coin will have great demand, the price will rise a certain. But I think the anonymous payment market demand is not large, but the anonymous payment function as the main market demand for smaller, but in order to cater to the hype.

The first chapter we to protect the privacy of the demand will be less

Any one into a modern city life of the people should be aware that privacy is a sale, you can use your own privacy for money. Fill in the questionnaire such as gifts, credit cards, free registered account…… These are we sell part of their own privacy, such as exposure to your mobile phone number ah, reveal your address and the like, then the business will give you benefits. This is a very big market exchange. The more you expose privacy, you can get more profit. For example, if you want to get a credit card, you have to put their own income, address, social relations, purchase habits and so on all sell to the bank, and the bank to you is just a period of use only more than 50 days of short-term interest free loans.

Most of us in order to obtain the amount of credit card promotion and that only more than 50 days of interest free period, it would all buy all pay by credit card. So the mainstream payment habits do not need anonymous.

Now the Chinese first-tier cities that the camera is almost no dead ah, but you get out of the house, which will have the camera to take with you. Not to mention now everyone has a mobile phone with a camera or even how many smart, these are likely to put the mobile phone whenever and wherever possible an action you take down, and then spread on the internet. Iphone7 has just released three cameras Oh, can shoot photos to 3D. This is really no privacy. Can we care? Or that you have the ability to oppose? Not really, most people are still willing to live in such a highly monitoring situation, because of security. China big city security good ah. As long as you are not evil, few people are afraid of being shot. But we are willing to self, and all show. Taking pictures is not fun, but also shoot video, then it is not fun to live.

What we are not afraid of being photographed, don’t buy things on this matter and how strong the anonymity requirement? On the contrary, the mainstream values are love shopping life. Most of the things we buy will be drying out, you think, now what stuff bought after hiding for fear of others? Rarely, in addition to doing bad but really not much. Why? Because we love our social, human is a social animal, from the attention of others can not stand. So we have to keep the brush sense of presence.

So privacy is just a transaction, we have anonymous needs, but we will be exposed to privacy gains attracted, so as to take the initiative to give up the anonymity.

The second chapter of life on the Internet under the protection of privacy will become too difficult

We are now more and more life in the network, which can tell the privacy in the network. Big data mining technology, so we couldn’t protect privacy. The Internet and big data technology, then everywhere internet terminal camera plus privacy you really not very good ah.

Big data technology using cross retrieval method on the Internet, as long as you leave traces, you can find what you’ve done. As long as you use the taxi drops, you need to expose your position; if you use a credit card, the bank will know what you buy; you use WeChat chat, Tencent Inc all know what you are saying……. If you want to complete the protection of privacy on the Internet, you almost can not be normal life.

In addition to the Internet and big data through the cross retrieval method can find out about your number, the more terrible is that they are a whole perspective to observe you, they like God, the aspects of you see crystal clear. You want to communicate with WeChat, now Chinese communication is almost a Tencent Inc that you use to buy assorted; electricity supplier, Taobao can know what you bought, can even guess what you will buy; you travel, you know the location of high moral map, they will track and record your tracks…… Then you said, fuck, I do not believe, I will hide, you lose your credit to intelligent mobile phone, Kazhe, hey, you can’t hide, street and camera you, there are people with a mobile phone to shoot you. You really can’t hide. You know the Internet and big data aspects, this is a full view visible, what privacy.

We installed a variety of APP, most of them will require read your message ah, ah, ah communication record location…… We all agree……. No way, not to let you use.

There is a privacy only exists in the fixed social relationship, such as you can in the circle of friends shielding parents, don’t let them know you in the middle of the night on the line; you certainly do not want to let your wife know you hide case-dough, but you can talk in front of friends about how much of your private room. But the social structure on the Internet completely broken up, all is the weak link, we don’t have any intention to expose their privacy in strangers.

So, in the face of the Internet and big data, anonymity becomes almost impossible, since it is not possible, then enjoy it.

The third chapter is more and more bad not to make money

We also want to bet more or less, there is always demand pornography, anonymous payment in these areas will definitely not. In fact, the development of the times, so that these areas have become more and more small demand.

In “Freakonomics” in a case that drug traffickers still live with my mother a. The book is selling drugs of a business does not make money. The development of the times to do serious work, people can earn money more than bad. You will go to delivery, open the taxi drops all earn five or six thousand a month, there is no danger, but you’re going to steal not only threatened the lives and safety, but also to earn money. Time is like this, make good money, let the bad guys have died. Not our higher moral, but the accumulation of wealth need more knowledge and wisdom, do people have more knowledge and wisdom.

The progress of the times, either to the pornography gambling market demand is more and more small, or is formal, we found that since the human nature underlying such needs, allowing the well, introducing appropriate supervision, do not hurt others as well. The result, the porn industry has also been a lot of countries and the government as legitimate, gambling is the progress of the legalization of drugs is very fast. Even if it is in Chinese, free market, also let the three industries are increasingly inclined to decriminalize. In the China bet that is almost universal entertainment, the voice of decriminalization of industry is overwhelming in micro-blog, we see the star drug mass is also very happy, do not feel that they are doing wicked things.

The development of the times, to let these anonymous payment require very high economic activity gradually became less demand for anonymous sex.

A little trick fourth chapter only to protect the privacy of anonymous payment

When we found that privacy can be exchanged for interest, we abandoned it. We found in the Internet and big data attacks, we can not afford to protect privacy, we had to surrender their arms. We found that doing bad more worthwhile, anonymous activities will become more and more less.

We desire for anonymous payment only wanted to protect privacy, is to buy things in order not to let others know, but we are not even more concerned about privacy, anonymous payment of this trick will be a big market? No matter how much demand now, the future will only be more and more small.

So the main anonymous digital currency payment is facing a very embarrassing situation, the long term, they cater to the market demand will be more and more small, supporting their market value is in a downward channel. And the anonymous digital currency hit by speculation in the space will become smaller and smaller. Anonymous payment is a false demand for the stream society.

On the market there are always some geeks every day of anonymity, emerge in an endless stream. Including the same bitcoin, many developers are thinking about perfecting the anonymity of it here, including the famous leader of bitcoincoredev, against the expansion of the Lord Gmaxwell, Gmaxwell proposed CoinJoin mixed currency technology to improve anonymity of bitcoin. In fact, do is futile, the market demand is really not as anonymous bitcoin enough strength now, every time you pay for an address just.

Some people in the Coredev special love do the trick, they limit the block size to one for anonymity, they want to block the total amount of data got smaller so as to run in the dark net. This is really serious things without doing some things always have no future. The expansion is the world serious economic activities into the bitcoin business, anonymous just cater to those dark bad.

The fifth chapter is conclusion

When we found that privacy can be exchanged for interest, we abandoned it. We found in the Internet and big data attacks, we can not afford to protect privacy, we are very happy to disarm. We found that doing bad more worthwhile, anonymous activities will become more and more less. Anonymous digital currency is a false demand for mainstream society.

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