Bitcoin as a radical thinker Adam Greenfield technology — Interview with science and technology

Bitcoin as a radical thinker Adam Greenfield technology — Interview with science and technology

Shopping with intelligent mobile phone orders, such as unmanned vehicles will be wrapped to home, playing music with voice control of the speaker in the house, with AR glasses to play a game personally on the scene…… Is integrated with our lives more and more technology, create a hitherto unknown convenience for us, but few people think, we pay a price for what?

A smart mobile phone behind, may be Congo child labor cheap labor; the development of unmanned vehicle, the driver sounded the alarm a large number of unemployed; intelligent Home Furnishing invade our homes, our most private information collection; AR let’s get lost in the real and virtual……

The technology is how to operate? They constitute what challenges to us? Who benefits from this technique, who suffer from? Verso, publisher of the book “radical technology: Design of daily life” (Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life) the technical analysis one by one. Author Adam Greenfield is an outstanding thinker in science and technology, ten years ago, vice president of NOKIA, in recent years, specializing in science and technology and city space, sharing of economic and social development issues.

The soil with commune had an interview with Adam Greenfield, discussed in recent years touted, but ordinary people difficult to understand bitcoin (Bitcoin). Bitcoin is a block chain encryption password control technology based on currency, currency production and transfer, without going through the center of the bank and other institutions. Get new bitcoin need to use the computer to solve mathematical problems, a process called “mining”, the operator is called “miners”. At present, various countries accept bitcoin is not a.

In the interview, the author also authorized for excerpt translation of soil with commune chapters on intelligent mobile phone book, see today Second push .

Q: can you talk about your new book? The title is called “radical”, “radical” refers to what is here? “Radical” and “non aggressive” technology?

Answer: because this is a radical left-wing political press published by the book, and I am in a way that is left, so people may think, here said the “radical technology” refers to technology that display the political left, but in fact not the case.

When I say “radical technology”, I refer to those that fundamentally affect who we are, “we think who you are”, “how can we present themselves to the world”, “how we organized themselves to collective” technology. I discuss in this book technology have produced these effects in some aspects. They create new conditions for our daily life, these conditions will create new economic and political action, and ultimately will shape our own.

I am most interested in is how we become our own, we are to technology conditions of self cognition. On my generation communication technology, so that they have a unique romantic experience about the world. Then you can take the cheapest cargo ship through the sea, when you reach the destination, you will receive the American Express Company to give you the mail. This is the way they live in the world, one is the migration way, is a way of communication, they are in the political economy, after all is based on the technology of the time.

But when I was young, the technology has been developed to allow these two ways are no longer desirable point in ship reservation becomes very difficult to travel by plane is much easier, even though it is not romantic; in the age of email, trust is meaningless from where the American Express company. We face the possibility, we present self to the world, in our times available technology conditions. This is what I want to write this book: Despite all the changes in quickly, but this change is in a special way and it is described, explained and discussed.

Q: the book with two chapters to introduce bitcoin and its technology, this appears to be an important topic, but it is quite difficult to understand ordinary people. Can you briefly explain the bitcoin, how is it there? Where the value of it from?

Answer: first of all, I must admit, I do not know whether there is any value of bitcoin. The encrypted bitcoin currency and publicity but not too many to count, what interesting things. In the end it may not be what it is. But when you evaluate unexpected situations that may arise in the future, examine a possibility is not high, but the impact of the event, is still important. If the block chain technology is really in twenty-first Century the organization of the social economic system, it will have a huge impact, will understand how it is important. More importantly, it is not unusual to study complex, one or two will be able to understand things. It is so counter intuitive, so strange, so that I can’t imagine it is created by human beings.

From the Wikipedia block chain (blockchain / block chain) is a distributed database to identify, spread and record information intelligent network, also known as the value of the internet. Nakamoto So in 2008, in the “white paper” in put forward “bitcoin blockchain” concept, and the creation of the bitcoin social network in 2009, developed the first block, namely “block creation”. Source: Internet

Another point to keep in mind when we discuss the block chain, is the design of encryption currency is motivated by a specific political ambition. Block chain technology arises because it is involved in the design of the people fundamentally lost the trust mechanism of the center, whether these mechanisms are national or private. They (the blockchain creators) fundamentally want to take things to the center, the world consists of independent individuals, these individuals with each other to establish a personal relationship contract, that the whole world is very few links to the individual voluntary organization.

This is the anarchist ideas, but this is the right-wing anarchist ideas. This is the anarchy of the world capitalist ideas, they rarely talk about equality, rarely talk about current power relations under the oppression of the human liberation. In fact, for now, it tends to make people have the power to become more powerful, so to understand the financial people richer. It intends to give some people and institutions more power, but some other powers drained, the latter is the first country.

Every bitcoin transactions are not by central books (ledger) to confirm the effect, but to the center of the books to confirm. Each computer bitcoin network will hold a copy of this book. This implies that there is no one authority to tell you that the money. If you fundamentally believe the country is powerless, guardians of the oppressors, so no harm national thing will hurt these people. But if you think it is the state that the oppressor, then you can understand why these people want to collapse the country.

Q: as a virtual currency bitcoin, how to solve the problem of “trust”? When most of the goods are not used bitcoin transactions, most of the government failed to allow bitcoin and real currency exchange, why people have confidence in the currency?

A: I don’t think it really “solve” the problem of trust, it is only “delayed” of the problem. It makes you no longer trust in an organization, but you need to trust and transfer to the operation of this algorithm, algorithm, run code machine on the network. If you don’t trust the code, do not trust bitcoin.

The Cong (Satoshi Nakamoto) when the initial design of bitcoin agreement, he pointed out that I remember in the original article, if someone has 51% in the bitcoin network computing capacity (computing power), they can be rewritten block chain, write anything they want to write. But Nakamoto believes that considering the computing capability of the whole world, almost 51% of the computing power control is not possible. But around 2014, when he wrote the article, after six years, it has become very likely. When we sit here, computing ability between the two Chinese bitcoin mine may have more than 50%, if they decided to join forces, a 51% attack is possible.

Q: you mentioned Chinese bitcoin mine. The mine is China held by the company or foreign capital holdings?

Answer: it is hard to say who is held, their ownership may be scattered in nested company. It is interesting to note that whenever I see bitcoin transactions, see the RMB exchange into bitcoin. It is obviously rich Chinese by investing in bitcoins will transfer their money out, as their investment in London real estate. If there is what people benefit from bitcoin and block chain, I guess when the number of Chinese billionaires.

Source: Internet

Q: China in addition to the use of bitcoin is rich, mining miners. Some bitcoin mining is also the location of Sichuan, where electricity cheap, low temperature and low labor cost. In this sense, whether China became production bitcoin’s “world factory”?

Answer: China does exist some existing conditions, including material, climate, human and technical conditions, these add up to Chinese at the corresponding position in the bitcoin pattern. The results show that the bitcoin world is not flat. Bitcoin is not as its inventor may imagine, can eliminate the differences between regions. This is even very smart people sometimes mistake, that is independent of the technology. In fact, when you take a technology to the world, it tends to become a part of the existing social structure. This structure is very difficult ingrained, through the creation of a new technology to change what.

Q: the price of bitcoin recently continued to break the record, some analysts believe that the growth momentum mainly from asia. How to understand this phenomenon?

Answer: the soaring price of bitcoin, because there is a fundamental between two kinds of functions which take the tension. Any money has three basic functions: as a medium of exchange, I give you a pork bun, you give me a dollar, we think these two things are equivalent; as a unit of account, use it to the price of assets and liabilities; as a store of value — I saved $five. Expect it to rise, this is more like an investment. Bitcoin problems or the design of the flaw is that it must have these two functions at the same time play a role. On the one hand, it is a medium of exchange, for example, I ask you to buy things, pay you bitcoin; on the other hand, it is also a kind of speculative commodity, in this case it is more like gold.

The price of bitcoin website, source:

Currently bitcoin interest mainly from Asia, but bitcoin market positioning deep in the west. Offbeat right-wing (alt-right) who was interested in bitcoin. This is like that of your own political attitude, through the expression of bitcoin interest, through the use of the word bitcoin.

Q: the bitcoin community is mainly composed of offbeat right-wing?

Answer: in 2017, in the west, I think we can say. If this is not the fact, at least I feel this way.

Q: so bitcoin interest and ideology behind it?

Answer: I think it is right in some way. A group of people to understand the core encryption ideology and its currency’s initial investment. Due to the continuous initial user group in ideology, an anarchist capitalist invention of technology, for some reason, anarchists attract other anarchist capitalists, libertarian, radical individualist, self-centered.

But I think there are some people who do not understand bitcoin’s political background, it does not know from what kind of community, but only aware of this system between the currency and their political ideas have a self consistent. These people constitute a bitcoin second wave of fans, not very deep connection with their bitcoin inventors, their younger and more proficient in the network, so I used the word “offbeat right”. I think these people find a sense of intimacy in the bitcoin body, but they may not fully understand what is bitcoin.

Q: is the news that many Japanese and Korean housewives in bitcoin speculation, their identity like the bitcoin community far. But often think they are more conservative investors, why are they interested in such high-risk products?

Answer: just as a guess, I think the social contagion effect is very strong, especially when I called “post Confucian society” (post-Confucian societies). In Japan and South Korea, the multi-level Direct Selling Company like Amway success for a reason, even in Korea, once these marketing is illegal, because it is so effective, people will use their own family, the school network to convince people to buy what they don’t need the East West, and become a Amway dealer. I think for bitcoin, may also have the same principle in action. This is like Amway as a Ponzi scheme, although people may not be aware of this point.

Bitcoin is designed for permanent deflation (permanently deflationary), the total number of bitcoins can be dug there is an upper limit for computational reasons, it has become more and more difficult to dig. In theory, every bitcoin value will only have increased, which makes it look like a worthwhile investment. Perhaps this is why some conservative investors are attracted to bitcoin. But in South Korea and Japan, women are often responsible for family finances, I guess they want (through investment bitcoin) to protect the future of the family. But the problem is that the money into bitcoin speculation, may cause sudden loss. If most of the countries in the world decided that people can’t buy anything with bitcoin, then your investment will soon become zero.

Q: in the morning of the book launch, you mentioned in the early stage of the development of science and technology, science and technology circle has a “free culture” (a culture of liberation), why this culture disappeared?

Answer: there are at least two aspects of reason. First of all, I was telling the truth, but not the whole truth. The complete truth is, who was full of hope and open-minded I talk about technology and culture, is a kind of military industry culture, so this kind of “liberation” cultural interests is established in the military industry to invest in science and technology development foundation. It is a complex reality. You will see these people (technology inventor) is the final work in the army or the enterprises under the contract. It is not fully and purely a “liberation” — which may have to “liberate” genuine interest, but it is on the deeper things and the culture of “liberation” interest.

Secondly, the personal liberation “(liberation)” and “collective Liberation (emancipation)” between the inevitable tension. These techniques are very good at empowering individuals, it can make a queue at the subway entirely different things. Even if they are using Facebook, they see the world is different, while others are unable to perceive. So my feeling is that the technology of individualism oriented to transcend and eventually overwhelm the liberation of collective desire. If these networks, technology and interactive function can be designed to be different — I will not say it’s too late, we will arrive here in a completely different way to design the Internet protocol. If we want to empower people and collective, we must have a thorough understanding of these layers of technology, and make different decisions.

I was also a technological empowerment of the individual, and benefit from. But I really think that too much emphasis on individuals that we missed something. However, if we are completely opposite, so that technology can only empower collective and personal sacrifice, I will give the same grievances. Frankly, I was not suitable for one who only speak “collective” in the world, I am not a good team player, I as an individual in the group to be better than. We are in the world I created, though it also makes me see its profound limitations.

Q: you also mentioned at the press conference, the new liberalism became the dominant ideology of contemporary science and technology development, how to understand the new liberalism and “liberation”?

Answer: I think the new liberalism is a very dangerous place, it can liberate people. It is very good at using personal empowerment discourse, let us feel their own initiative, feel able to make a choice. But on the other hand, we have to assume the responsibility of choice. We live in such a complex world, it will make people exhausted, we need to deal with this “burden of choice”. We were asked to choose between different education, different medical insurance, we are required to understand education is not only education, but one of our future career “investment”. If we want to own performance in the economic optimization, make us competitive in the market, we have to make these long-term decisions early. I don’t think this is the best use of our effort.

I’m not as an excuse for deliberately limiting the choice, but I hope we don’t always be expected to become a smart individual, acting in complex field beyond the personal understanding; I hope as ordinary men and women, we not be compelled to understand the cause and effect relationship in complex decision-making. Basically, I of the Neo liberal world feel uncomfortable, it is to let a person tired and depressed mood, difficult world, one does not attract people in the world, although it is not the worst in the world.

Interview: Ai Ruisi

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