Bitcoin becomes a traffic star, GAC Weilai’s fancy style is hot!

Today is the last day of 2020. Looking back on this year’s capital market, bitcoin is undoubtedly the most dazzling star in the investment field. This year, bitcoin’s growth has tripled, while the lowest point of 3.12 has risen 8 times. Its yield has also killed various investment products such as stock market and gold, attracting various institutions to join the market. Bitcoin’s continued bull market has put on a layer of star aura, and has attracted more and more attention from investors. It has even been on the top of the hot search list for many times, which has a flow effect. If there is traffic, it will naturally attract the attention of some businesses, and promote through bitcoin traffic. Today, a slogan on GAC Weilai’s official microblog has caused heated discussion inside and outside the circle, “only unexpected, nothing can’t be done. China’s first auto enterprise to accept bitcoin payment for car purchase!” As soon as the microblog was launched, it attracted many netizens to watch, because given the sensitivity of bitcoin in China, GAC Weilai’s move was undoubtedly too bold. This is bound to attract the attention of the management. GAC will not be so uncomfortable in the future. As for bitcoin, although there are relevant laws that define bitcoin as legal digital asset, it is only digital asset, not currency. If you accept bitcoin to buy a car, it means using bitcoin as a means of payment, which is obviously out of line. For GAC Weilai’s move, the first thing many people think of is that they are rubbing against the heat. Sure enough, more than two hours later, GAC Weilai revised the content of its microblog to “China’s first auto enterprise to accept digital currency payment for car purchase”, but the picture still shows the bitcoin logo. Later, the official simply deleted the microblog. As of press release, they have issued an apology statement, saying that they have not obtained the permission of the financial regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, this wave of publicity effect of GAC Weilai has been achieved. Within two hours, this microblog of GAC Weilai has been forwarded many times, and with the help of many we media, it has quickly ascended the hot search list. Even after the deletion of Weibo, the incident is still being discussed by the major communities. For GAC Weilai, this wave of fancy rubbings, can frighten its brother companies, and quickly came out to micro blog to clarify that Weilai has never had a “bitcoin car purchase” scheme. Many people also found that Weilai and Weilai are two different companies. With the continuous rise in the price of bitcoin, as well as the entry of many institutions and investors, bitcoin’s star effect is certainly becoming stronger and stronger. In the future, bitcoin merchants will surely appear again. This time is just one of many.

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