Bitcoin began to fall sideways, but it does not go down to the embarrassment

Encryption industry nearly a month of a bear market, the overall market value continued to decline, but the two day bitcoin began sideways, cross into a straight line, but long cross will fall, so many people began to predict two times its price will go to the highest point of the last bull market, i.e. $2000 .

For the love of sideways, should be the media workers, once people sideways, on the industry’s attention will decline, so the consequences must flow down.

and But the foundation of the age of the Internet traffic So, the media is very eager to the market every day there will be fluctuations in news, the natural fear lively, rose to the sky fell to the ground has a promoting effect on the flow.

Sideways is really boring, bitcoin or Spike Significant。

However, for investors, obviously block chain industry more risk than other markets, but large Wall Street investment institutions are considered, crypto currency is a kind of trend, capital must be involved in the field, but need more people to participate in the market to mature encryption.

So to attract ordinary investors, many large investment institutions to suppress the fluctuations of the industry after all encryption, so as to give investors a false sense of security. When the price fluctuation is too large, investors will fear and begin to reduce investment.

Bitcoin in the early stage of the body is too small, then bitcoin does not carry Wall Street The maximum volume of funds, but with the last bull encryption industry has begun to arouse the attention of many people.

But bitcoin is also a feature, it is not like other assets that will be associated with the dollar, for example, when the dollar falls, gold prices typically rise.

Wall Street began to realize that the price of bitcoin and gold, stocks, bonds or commodity prices: Stocks do not affect bitcoin, bitcoin does not affect the crude oil index, the price index also will not affect bitcoin.

So suddenly, because this bitcoin special trend, the Wall Street has become enemies. Friends .

Even Asset Management Co, a recent study concluded that the portfolio allocation part to bitcoin, than stock and bond holdings can obtain better returns.

This is the Wall Street to things, a related assets under different market conditions and also has good performance. burst The potential.

We can see all kinds of funds to increase the other encryption currency bitcoin in its investment portfolio, in order to reduce the volatility of total assets.

In fact, the market has been thus beginning, those people don’t think it is a stable investment products, the total will not be accepted. Then at a certain point in time, a few institutions begin to use them, and make them accepted by the public.

After a period of time, everyone is using them for new things, we have been in this cycle, as ever The Internet bubble The same.

Then, from the abstract concept has become common, and with a variety of new innovation, new things are beginning to enter a huge growth period, while the block chain is in novel concept into ordinary stage.

According to Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) the latest “2018 World Wealth Report” data show that in 2017 the world’s total wealth or 280 trillion Dollars, and the 12 months ended in mid 2018, the global total wealth increased by $27 trillion, to $317 trillion, the growth rate of about 9.6%.

If the wealth of 1% of the investment in encryption currency, that is 3 trillion and 100 billion dollars This is all the money now, the market value of encryption 30 times .

To know that money itself is of no value, money can dominate the people and things, can get the service is of value.

Block chain is such a chain block consensus could be reached on the basis of consensus, in exchange for the others, or for someone else’s mental and physical, is of value.

The flow of money is the most valuable, it can be achieved to maximize the productivity of the whole world, and promote technological progress. Block chain technology is a means, can connect almost all people in the world, also can make a more efficient global division of labor and cooperation.

In the next few years, with the field of encryption currency to institutional investors more and more attractive, encryption assets is likely to become the best hedge asset substitution of gold.

Among the breeds of rose or fell sideways, but that is not an individual can decide things. So once the cross up, put bitcoin forget.

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