Bitcoin bifurcation alarm temporarily lifted, the price or the next breakthrough

Bitcoin bifurcation alarm temporarily lifted, the price or the next breakthrough

Bitcoin expansion for BIP91 to complete the activation, which indicates that the initial results affect all bitcoin enthusiasts, investors bitcoin expansion events, bitcoin bifurcation risk temporarily lifted, the bitcoin network will usher in a period of relatively stable development. Since July 17th, bitcoin ushered in the 6 rose, 21, is the highest reached 19800 yuan high. According to the bitcoin trading network btctrade display market today, bitcoin prices the highest price of 18850 yuan, a few days ago fell.

Bitcoin trading network market

Overall, currency price down after adjustment after the short-term bull reproduction pattern, because the rate of decline is small, indicating that long power strong. If the next price breakthrough volume triangle above the resistance line, is above the resistance level is 19800, if the price is down below 17500, then stop playing.

The market, bitcoin trading options first approved by the CFTC, the fall will be officially unveiled this year

Beijing on July 25th news, crypto currency trading platform operator LedgerXLLC has obtained the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) approved, officially became a legitimate digital currency exchange by the United States federal regulation and derivatives clearing.

CEO LedgerX PaulChou said in an interview with reporters, the New York company plans from late September to early October, offers a 6 month bitcoin dollar option contracts. It is reported that other digital currencies (including Ethernet currency) the agreement is expected to be followed by the launch.

“We hope to expand the platform before the next few months, reaching a certain scale in the early stages,” Chou said, “we are looking for people who want to hedge and want to contact new asset classes, they can increase their investment portfolio, help the investment diversification, and obtain the potential benefits of digital currency.”


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said in a statement on Monday, LedgerX will be authorized to fully guarantee the digital currency exchange to provide clearing services. Earlier this month, the CFTC approved the company’s digital currency trading. This company has been Google parent company Alphabet’s venture capital sector support, aims to provide a digital currency to prevent price volatility hedging ability for institutional investors (and other assets).

According to the company’s website, LedgerX is the first federal regulatory bitcoin options exchange and clearing house.

Other bitcoin Trading Options Exchange, including BitcoinMercantileExchange, which is registered in the Seychelles HDR Global Trading Limited’s exchange, and Deribit in Amsterdam. In early 2015, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission had ordered Derivabit to stop operations (at its headquarters in California), because it did not follow the supervision procedure.

This is the encryption currency community become mature, and attract users and investors more widely and step. Bitcoin has been under pressure, leading to the factions of digital assets has not extended until BIP91 last week after locking, its price to rebound.

Bitcoin trading options first approved by the CFTC, how do you see?

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