Bitcoin bitcoin investors share 2017 10 development trend

Bitcoin bitcoin investors share 2017 10 development trend

The famous bitcoin investor Barry? Hilbert (BarrySilbert) recently shared ten year bitcoin development trend. He said that in 2017, bitcoin prices will continue to rise.

The diversification of bitcoin blockchain and Application

Silbert is a digital currency group (DCG) and founder of CEO. He predicted the development trend of the digital currency in 2017 DCG annual bitcoin blockchain and summit.

In general, DCG bitcoin and its underlying technology blockchain is very confident for trade finance, supply chain, identity authentication, cross-border payments and investment fields.

Ten forecast Silbert

Value 10. bitcoin once again become the focus of

Bitcoin “digital gold” of the title is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Silbert is expected in 2017, there will be more traditional investors began to face bitcoin value, and will be included in your portfolio.

9. with ETF, retail and institutional investors get bitcoin more convenient

ETF can bring more institutional investors for the bitcoin market. Silbert bitcoin investment trust (GBTC) bitcoin trust fund and SolidX (XBTC) has been successfully to narrow the gap between traditional investors and bitcoin distance, and greater involvement of the ETF is expected to eliminate the gap between traditional financial and monetary encryption.

8. bitcoin cross-border payment or transfer amount up to $1 billion

Remittance is one of the most promising bitcoin case. Compared with the traditional service providers, bitcoin transfer fee is lower, faster. With the continuous improvement of declining cost of intelligent mobile phone technology and global bitcoin infrastructure, its application in the field of remittance is likely to endanger the Western Union (WesternUnion) and other traditional industry giants status.

The number of bitcoin trading 7. India, Japan and the Middle East rose rapidly

Since the birth of bitcoin, its global trading volume has increased steadily. India focus on high-tech countries, mobile commerce is developing fast, bitcoin recently in the use of these countries more and more.

The proof of concept project 6. block chain and supply chain management exploding

Block chain technology has already permeated all walks of life. Most areas from block chain technology can be said to be the supply chain and international trade. In fact, the industry began to test and deploy blockchain technology. For example, IBM and Tsinghua University announced a partnership for the supply chain management, improve the quality of food.

The competition in block 5. chain and identity management is becoming more and more fierce…… However, not to compete

Application of bitcoin block chain in the field of identity authentication has always been more sensitive. But the blockchain intervention can indeed solve many realistic problems. The world has at least millions of people have no legal identity documents, and block chain system can register their identity information. The transparency of the blockchain, the relevant departments can verify their identity. The United Nations (UN) also hope to develop similar systems.

To strengthen the supervision of ICO 4.SEC

Obviously, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has started to pay attention to bitcoin. Some people think that SEC’s next target is ICO. SEC may be issued ICO token as securities, and its regulation. Nevertheless, a lot of encryption currency ICO sponsors and participants all ignore this warning, willing to own risk.

3. the first break $50 million merger will have

Bitcoin field value of MampA broken a few million dollars. Therefore, the merger exceeded $50 million is not impossible – especially in the crypto currency development and maturity of the initial stage.

2. micro payment become a reality

Bitcoin micro payment solutions have been successfully deployed in the browser, data storage devices, social media platform system. Finally, micro payment will be directly sent through the Internet bitcoin transactions. By removing the micro payment intermediary, can completely change the advertising revenue model, directly to the content creators and consumers to pay.

1. bitcoin prices continued to rise

Since Silbert, bitcoin prices are very good. From bitcoin great performance in the past few years can be seen, if not its price soared to the moon (tothemoon), that is certainly rising trend.

Finally, DCG added that at present it to some cutting-edge technology do not buy it, such as ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) contract, DAO, ICO, smart, because the technology does not have a practical case. Therefore, DCG believes that the failure of DAO in its expected.

BarrySilbert and DCG

Silbert (EY) and the United States is Ernst Kelun communication company (Crain) selected the entrepreneur of the year, and is also a finalist in the “fortune” magazine’s “40 under the age of 40 most influential figures”. More importantly, he is an outstanding field of bitcoin investors. In his Coinbase, Rui Bo (Ripple) and BitPay etc. bitcoin startups into millions of dollars. His DCG’s investment also includes gray (GrayscaleInvestments), a century of Global trade (GenesisGlobalTrading), CoinDesk and other enterprises, a total investment of 20 national more than 80 projects.

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