Bitcoin bitcoin is still hard to hold the bifurcation when security

Bitcoin bitcoin is still hard to hold the bifurcation when security

In the past two weeks, the bitcoin community has been discussing the possibility of bitcoin hard bifurcation. Because nearly 20 famous bitcoin Exchange issued a joint statement, which makes the market think bitcoin hard bifurcation or in the near future will happen.

In the face of bitcoin hard fork, many bitcoin users have been asking two questions:

1, after their hard bifurcation bitcoin is safe;

2, they in the bitcoin block chain split should do what.

Bitcoin is still safe bitcoin hard after the bifurcation

Professionals said, all bitcoin users should be aware of, if bitcoin hard bifurcation comes, he has bitcoin is still completely safe.

Because for more than two years of bitcoin expansion argue that bitcoin hard bifurcation branded the bad reputation, it is always because both sides want to avoid controversy, it now seems full of political factors.

But in fact, only the bifurcation of most types of protocol software upgrade. As the etheric Fang (ETH) and classical Ethernet (ETC).

Users do not need to do anything bitcoin hard bifurcation

Professionals believe that when bitcoin hard bifurcation occurs, bitcoin users do not need to do other things, only need to wait for a good hard unfolding bifurcation.

The famous bitcoin development and security expert Andreas antonopoulos? Tell bitcoin users in March 13th:

“If you hold bitcoin, and you have a bitcoin hard fork, then you will have in the bitcoin two bifurcation, and don’t need to do anything.”

When the bitcoin block chain branched into two, bitcoin data immediately will produce two digital assets. Bitcoin holders in hard after the occurrence of bifurcation with the private key visit two different bitcoin block chain assets.

So, if the user is holding coins in his bitcoin wallet, so users only need to wait for the bifurcation of fully expanded.

But if it is to hold bitcoins in bitcoin exchanges, so will the bitcoin exchange according to a certain standard of dispersion to the customer. At present nearly 20 bitcoin exchange will support the joint statement after bifurcation bitcoin.

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