Bitcoin bitcoin Trading: how to avoid fraud

Bitcoin bitcoin Trading: how to avoid fraud

Bitcoin priceincreasingover years and reached billions of dollars in market capitalization, all kinds of people to see itsvalue and attractive. This brings the human nature is good or bad. Unfortunately, bad is a liar. The bottom line is a liar also want to profit from bitcoin, but by means of evil. This usually involves the unpreparedvictims, they finally uplosing bitcoin.

In this tutorial, we will introduce the most common bitcoin fraud. We will show you how to find them, and make sure you don’t become a victim. The development of micro sgw2771055912 bit currency trading system.

Fake bitcoin transactions

Often in social media, you will see a link that says something like “bitcoin to buy 5% of the market value. Save big! “This is a marketing skills allow you to access and use their false exchange.

The first thing i f you to visit the anyexchange site you want to do is to make sure that this is the HTTPS protection, rather than HTTP. This means that the network traffic encryption and security; if only HTTP no “S” this is left a huge red flag and means.


Looking for another red flag is fake PayPal to sell bitcoin exchange. In these sites you will see a web form to enter your email and PayPal sales volume. After submission, you will see a two-dimensional code you send bitcoin. But the money never arrived.

Most of these fake exchanges here one day to the next. You will see a pop-up but will soon disappear, then appear different domain name after buying.

Fake bitcoin Wallet

Found bitcoin wallet is difficult, because the wallet is mainly stored bitcoin, rather than buy or sell. It can be used instead of software and money. Usually, a fake bitcoin wallet just fraud malware infected your computer to steal your password or private key. In order to ensure the safety of our official recommended bitcoin wallet for desktop and mobile users. Browse all provide wallet through, look at our wallet page.

Like a fake bitcoin trading site, you should trust your intuition, looking for the red flag. Use the HTTPS wallet website? Wallet name similar to the site trying to impersonate another famous bitcoin wallet? The obvious, it can be difficult to tell if a wallet is fake. A good practice is to ask your co-worker if someone used a wallet. You can do this bitcoin bitcoin forum or Reddit.

If the purse is a downloadable client, another is to check the goodpractice malware site. Website VirusTotal is a great resource to check executable file contains a virus.

Phishing scams

This is a very common scam. Fishing is when someone is trying to lure you think they are trustedcompany or visit your website with a fake website.


Usually, phisherscontactviaemail or by false advertising. The final result is their website you go by mistake, let the malicious software, or lose your bitcoin through false sales.

You must be careful not to email. You will receive an email from a wallet or exchange you have used, or by coincidence the past database. Perhaps the hackers access to your addresson mail from the black market; such as YAHOO hacking or other services.

The best practice is not click any of the hyperlinks in the email or open attachments. Go directly to the site, if you have to do business. A common strategy is to make links look real, but if you keep the cursor on it, you will see a fake website URL. Always check the sender email to see from (although this is not 100% reliable e-mail spoofing).

Using false advertising network, you must be careful on the site. This usually happens to find such as “block chain on the network. The above results can be obtained by Google advertising as an example, butmay finally a fake bitcoin wallet. The best practice is not to sponsor advertising content in the search results, directly manually enter the real site address into your browser.

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