Bitcoin block chain can be used to show affection? Block chain can create a marriage agreement!

Bitcoin block chain can be used to show affection? Block chain can create a marriage agreement!

Bitcoin blockchain 448064th blocks to cryptography transactions in the form of a romantic love letter transfer.

Bitcoin blockchain because it can not change the transparency and the nature become the most perfect to the center of the value of the transfer agreement. Bitcoin block in the chain of transactions are permanent, can not be changed or removed. In addition, these transactions or completely open. These characteristics make bitcoin block chain has become the best way to record storage.

Although the bitcoin block chain has been used to verify some of the more formal content, such as financial records or identity information, but this has become the tool of love. There are 448064th people in the form of a transaction block to show their affection, the specific content as shown below:

These transactions can be put together into a complete sentence: DayahDover, your character There is nothing comparable to this. You are very clever, can do a lot of people cannot do. You are always very elegant. You are my whole world, brought infinite joy to my life. Daya, I love you forever.

Recently, Wikileaks founder Julian? A-Sun Qi (JulianAssange) conducted an online video broadcast, by reading the latest (447506th blocks) bitcoin block hash to show that the video is not recorded in advance, and then during the live broadcast and no response to his death.

Not for the first time

Yes, this is not the first to be used as the blockchain eternal and unchangeable proof of love. The first block chain wedding took place in Florida, Disney park. David? Mond Ruth (DavidMondrus) and Joyce? (JoyceBayo) about their wedding vows recorded in the block chain, omitting the religion and the role of government officials.

SingularDTV CEO Zach Lebeau? (ZachLeBeau) and his wife Kim? Jackson (KimJackson) also decided to allow their marriage in the etheric Fang block chain into eternity. Last November 2nd they held a wedding ceremony in New York ConsenSys Fort Williams headquarters, and created the engagement in the block chain, recording their vows.

However, this technology for some white seems not too realistic, but that is not the case! Thanks to the Hudson? James (HudsonJames), everyone can create a marriage agreement. James himself is subject to a tweet inspired.

In order to realize the true eternal, @ChrisLundkvist should be recorded in the wedding block chain.

“The chain of love”

In fact, the block chain is the guarantee of eternal, unchangeable and openness in the best way, therefore, here you can also own the other half left romance imprint. The mark is definitely better than directly in the tree lettering or lock more effective hanging on the bridge concentric.

Block chain can be used not only to marry, can guarantee the validity of more details. GaurangTorvekar and SayaleeKaluskar not only choose to record their marriage in the block chain, has entered into a prenuptial agreement, are stored in smart contracts.

Two of them in their own website wrote: everyone knows the blockchain unlimited potential, and we think it will be used to solve the problems of daily life. We got married in December this year, why not put a prenuptial agreement to upload block chain, intelligent (SMART) to solve the contradiction. We decide what to play next time, smart contracts can help us decide. It can effectively prevent the interference, is the only source of facts.

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