Bitcoin block technology can solve the bitcoin network congestion explosive

Bitcoin block technology can solve the bitcoin network congestion explosive

Bitcoin prices continue to rise today, bitcoin users in the dance for joy at the same time, still did not forget the bitcoin network congestion caused concern.

The current bitcoin expansion problem is a matter of debate, whether it is the isolation of witness Technology (Segwit) or bitcoin block technology (BitcoinUnlimited, referred to as BU) are not yet achieved enough support. But some users can’t wait to carry out a plan. Because with the rising price of bitcoin, bitcoin network congestion losses have been unacceptable.

Gavin Anderson supports bitcoin block technology (BU)

Bitcoin users Gavin abroad? Anderson on twitter yesterday said the bitcoin block technology (BU) support.

Bitcoin users Gavin abroad? Anderson said earlier this month, he in the maintenance of a bitcoin block node, because a mistake and loss of 13.2 bitcoins. The error is due to network congestion caused by bitcoin. Anderson on twitter BitcoinCore complaints reflect on this matter is relatively cold, he criticized BitcoinCore for not the first time pay attention to the needs of users.

March 2nd tweets, Anderson said bitcoin block technology (BU) support. Because in March 1st, before the BitcoinCore developers and the Bitcoin foundation founder of bitcoin block technology (BU) is a feasible and practical solution to solve the congestion problem, explosive bitcoin network.

Gavin? Anderson is bitcoin block technology (BU) advocates that before this technology promotion, perhaps BitcoinCore should consider how to reduce the transaction losses caused by congestion.

Isolation of witness vulnerable to interception attack

Anderson believes that the isolation of witness technology “is too simple, and the capacity is too small, it provides 2MB block size and can not meet the needs of users, and it is easy in the bitcoin wallet and users have received the information before the attack. Therefore, comprehensive consideration, the bitcoin original technology, will expand the original block is relatively safe, technically more easily compatible.

From the industry comments made bitcoin technical dispute more confusion, Anderson’s support is just one of a microcosm, but although the bitcoin network still has problems and can bitcoin prices are still rising. Many people are optimistic about the bitcoin price today can hit a new record high.

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