Bitcoin blockchain American artist Block Bills.

Bitcoin blockchain American artist Block Bills.

Bitcoin does not exist in the material form, this is the key. But an artist has created a series of bitcoin works, digital currency conversion into a more recognizable form.

The name “BlockBills” in the works of artists in Losangeles, MatthiasD? Rfelt through a separate hash using each block – its unique identification numbers, in the bitcoin block chain 64 blocks were randomly selected as visual representation.

When the D? Rfelt written procedures, the technology to create eye-catching visual effects similar to the currency bill, but fundamentally different from conventional works. BlockBills represents a digital representation in the upper right corner of the number of bills, there is a digital representation of the number of transaction specific time interval transmission – stored in the block.

At the same time, Dorfelt did not sign the written works, but the name “Satoshi”. It represents an anonymous person or a group of people, they invented bitcoin. The serial number of the position, Dorfelt created a series of visual symbols, these symbols represent sixteen hexadecimal numbers, which is used for numbering system: bitcoin represents a single hash hash symbol in each work at the bottom of the base sixteen. Dorfelt said the lower right corner of the figure represents a bitcoin mining by time. Each works entirely by code generation (except Satoshi signature).

But the most shocking is that each work center is abstract, is like the dark figures. Although each work patterns are different, but the graphics is continue. D? Rfelt said, this can be seen as a celebration of the amount of money – or it can be interpreted as more dark things. Hidden in the face of the hooded figure pointing to the privacy features of bitcoin anonymity, just like it, causing it to be used to buy drugs and other contraband in the dark on the page.

Why BlockBills? D? Rfelt said: “from a technical point of view, through the invention bitcoin blockchain is one of the most prominent in the past few years.” Bitcoin itself is worth so much money, now this is very important, this is the one thing in my heart.”

Although D? Rfelt claims that the works have completely art, but BlockBills also helps to make bitcoin blockchain and easier to understand the effect of.

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