Bitcoin blockchain defense is more reliable than the central institutions

Bitcoin blockchain defense is more reliable than the central institutions

Network security has become one of the biggest security threat in many countries such as the United States, European Union, Russia, Chinese etc.. The massive effective attack can also destroy communications, military aircraft or ground attack, civil infrastructure, such as hospitals, communications and power plant’s main city.

Nigeria encryption development plan (CDIN) president and founder of AdeoluFadele said:

“Now it is widely believed that the next war will be done online. Because in the digital age, the state is still the main form of power in the world, these countries must have excellent network defense and attack.”

Perimeter security is not reliable

The existing network security system is Its loopholes appeared one after another. In October 2016, with a massive distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) attacks that hit some of the famous sites, such as twitter, Amazon, New York Times, leading to the site can not be accessed. The attack is not directly to any one of these companies, but these companies for the DNS service provider Dyn.

Fadele tells Cointelegraph that the inherent vulnerabilities exist in the current system is the main reason for the perimeter defense become standard practice. Since the traditional perimeter defense has been unable to resist the advanced persistent threat (APT) attack, then an attack resistant distributed technology books (such as bitcoin blockchain) to become inevitable.

A better chance of survival

From the Coinfirm block chain GrantBlaisdell in the lab that block chain technology can greatly reduce the potential losses, because the attacker wants to succeed to attack the block chain network, then we must attack the whole network, not only for a certain center. In addition, if attacked, most of the infrastructure is also a great opportunity is not affected.

“IT” peripheral security “is not the best strategy, because this will target in a vulnerable position, in the attack in the isolated state. The block chain distributed network can provide better communication and the ability to resist the threat.

The government is afraid of losing control

Considering why the government may be reluctant to accept the blockchain this technology, Blaisdell said this may be due to fear of losing control of the irrational fear.

For decades (or even centuries), all of the government and public administration is the implementation of a centralized policy of decision-making and critical infrastructure, this model is proved to be inefficient and unsafe, there have been tens of thousands of accidents, such as leakage or theft of data messages. For a unified system will greatly reduce the blockchain attack risks and potential damage based on safety management, and even the military.

The reliability of bitcoin

Fadele lists the bitcoin block chain as a distributed ledger system for example, the block chain has been running on the public network for 8 years, and in the absence of the protection of traditional perimeter security under the. Bitcoin is now worth more than $14 billion, but no one can break this chain block.”

He also pointed out that some properties of bitcoin blockchain, these properties make bitcoin blockchain than traditional security defense perimeter defense better:

Open to the centre and distributed transactions

Tamper proof and unchangeable transaction records

Real time audit results

Anti attack

Review of anti

However, Fadele believes that some of the challenges the current mainstream bitcoin is slowing down and may block the use of chain:

Something new and evolving

The complexity of Technology

Bitcoin regulatory uncertainty

Criminal activities in bitcoin abuse, such as rogue software


KYC/AML obstacle

The second generation of the digital revolution

Starting from the digital revolution decades ago still is to subvert the existing structure of the system and. The first generation of the digital revolution to the Internet as the representative of the information has upended many institutions, such as printing, post office, library and communication. Now the next round of the digital revolution has arrived, bringing value for our Internet (Internetofvalue), this time will change the global financial and economic situation.

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