Bitcoin blockchain ensures the quality of hemp

Bitcoin blockchain ensures the quality of hemp

Bitcoin is currently the encryption technology and digital currency field the safest and most experienced test of distributed network; mainly because it is the safety of more than flexibility and function. Therefore, marijuana growers began to create cannabis genome database, the use of security measures bitcoin blockchain, guarantee the authenticity of the data.

Over the past few years, more and more American States and countries began to recognize the legitimacy of entertainment and medical marijuana, marijuana scale lead to soaring. Therefore, in order to meet the market demand, marijuana dealer, middleman and laboratory has gradually increased.


So every day in the laboratory and the researcher tested and cultivate new varieties of marijuana; let the consumer is difficult to distinguish the hemp and manufactured goods category. Supervision of marijuana market continues to increase, consumers and brokers began to question the quality and origin of hemp varieties. The quality of manufactured goods has become an important indicator of marijuana marijuana growers and dealers reputation and product pricing.

At present, ordinary users or consumers can not verify the basic hemp varieties and its origin, unless a cumbersome test. For inexperienced users, it is difficult to distinguish between the.

Bitcoin blockchain cannabis based on Database

The middleman and the credibility of unregistered bad farmers can take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge of the genome and the origin of hemp varieties. Registered laboratories and reliable distributors due to the high quality of their pride.

Therefore, MedicinalGenomics developed a bitcoin blockchain database based on marijuana growers; registration varieties and their genomes, category information users, distributors and consumers can refer to bitcoin account.

MedicinalGenomics chief scientific officer KevinMcKernan stressed the importance of bitcoin blockchain database, because the level of security and innovation is incomparable.

“Bitcoin blockchain since 2009, safety through the test of time. The customer of the heavy responsibility of intellectual property management to you, and you choose to believe in a side chain, but your network crashes, you can not solve this problem, then your customers will be disappointed”.

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