Bitcoin blockchain online advertising based on the release and the latest progress of beta

Bitcoin blockchain online advertising based on the release and the latest progress of beta

According to the Mass project blog, this bitcoin block chain is the most secure online advertising scheme based on published development progress and commercial operation of new Mass.Network project has been CEOAlexanderKuzmin’s famous bitcoin wallet Mycelium acquired, and served as its CEO, and also released a test version of the browser plug-in.

Advertising, especially a subsidiary function of online advertising has been the development of the Internet is the browser, and with the development of Internet and web technology, advertising forms and styles are becoming more and more diverse, from text, pictures, video ads, everything.

Online advertising has its unique role and value, such as increased revenue, webmasters promote commodity information in the advertisement dissemination. But a lot of online advertising in order to get more revenue, its behavior is becoming more and more aggressive and aggressive. This user has to use advertising – which also led to a variety of tools to intercept intercept tools compete to attract users, such as AdBlock and other tools.

At present, the problem of online advertising: advertising, privacy data leakage aggression

The purpose of online advertising is to do everything possible to make accurate advertising to cover as many user groups, which makes advertisers will find a way to get the user’s personal data and put the highly targeted advertising. In this case, between the user and the website actually formed a default partnership, users can enjoy free access to the content of the website, the price is paid personal data, which means that the vast majority of users are faced with issues of privacy.

The existing advertising models are basically advertisers according to click a quantity of end users to the main site to pay, benefits will make the data in privacy leak edge.

It has experience in our lives, many people feel unable to stop their personal information was leaked situation.

MassNetwork solutions

According to the white paper description and summary:

“Mass’s goal is to become a network connecting users, advertisers and site data management platform, to create a convenient trading market for all participants. The platform integrates a bitcoin payment system based on block chain seamless and secure and verifiable. Mass makes every Internet user is related to participants, improve the user posted on advertising and content attitude. The advertisement is more accurate and effective, and that all participants benefit.”

According to the test version of Mass is released, there are 4 main functions:

Stop advertising module: including advertising intercept requests, HTML jamming filter etc.;

Black and white list site;

Advertising display range setting: users can have 6 levels of advertising (A-F) choose to set their browsing the site advertising display range;

Mass wallet integration for receiving the user browsing the advertisement bitcoin income.

From the test results, the use of the product is very intuitive and easy to use. The user can according to their own needs to choose and display advertising site type, selecting and setting display type advertising. Mass users according to their own set on surfing the web and watch ads will be able to obtain the MassCoin award, MassCoin is issued the most safe and powerful bitcoin block chain based on assets. Of course, users can also choose to stop and hide all advertising, purify the reading environment.

Currently the team is to raise the public activities, of which 70% of the MassCoin for the congregation (total: 1000000000000MassCoin), but also in the bonus before November 1st and 10%.

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