Bitcoin blockchain technology development company was acquired by Nchain

Bitcoin blockchain technology development company was acquired by Nchain

Last week, based on bitcoin blockchain technology research and development program “Nchain company has been engaging in private equity fund SICAVplc acquisition. Nchain said, this acquisition is by far the largest transaction in the currency and the encryption block chain in the industry, but the company did not provide any evidence regarding this transaction. In addition, the company has its own patent, and claimed that the man claiming to have relationship with Dr. Grey Wright of Australia nakamoto.

Nchain bitcoin blockchain technology development company and the Affiliated Companies has announced that the company has been acquired by high-tech private equity fund SICAV. The company is managed by AccuroFundSolutions EU investment fund supervision. But the fund owner or investors are not published in the media.

Bitcoin blockchain technology research firm Nchain claims to be a group of companies, has more than 60 scientific research personnel, including engineers and other professionals in Europe and increase.

According to the news that the recent purchase of bitcoin blockchain technology research and development company, the amount of Nchain is not open to the public. However, understanding the deal insiders said it is more than 21 of the company’s capital injection, which claims to be the biggest acquisition of bitcoin and block chain development.

But according to CNBC, another person familiar with the acquisition of the sources, Nchain has received $300 million investment, but this has not been confirmed, the investment form is also unknown.

The media asked Nchain, but did not get a response. The news media and subsequent updates, Nchain claims that the deal with “old money” cash form, can not show the specific amount of the transaction.

Nchain said the project will provide the ability to research and develop the distributed books technology bitcoin blockchain technology research company Nchain, and for the global large-scale use of technology to prepare the blockchain.

Arthur Davis Nchain Holdings Limited (ArthurDavis) said,

“To understand the ability of Nchain through the acquisition of us, it made me realize that we are entering a new era of digital. This changes everything, so we enter Nchain refers to “trading network.”.”

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