Bitcoin blockchain technology research firm Nchain named Nakamoto as chief scientist

Bitcoin blockchain technology research firm Nchain named Nakamoto as chief scientist

Recently, rumors bitcoin blockchain technology research company Nchain, engaging in private equity fund company SICAV to $300 million. The deal is that Nchain is bitcoin and block chain industry so far the largest transaction.

Although Nchain did not publish them with 60 senior R & D team who have, but they have to tell the public through the Internet, the Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright (CraigWright) is their chief scientist dr..

Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has claimed that he is the legendary Nakamoto So, but in the face of netizens questioned, but suddenly give up is to verify their nakamoto. But this does not affect his Australian computer scientist and expert in network security.

The chief scientist of bitcoin blockchain technology research company Nchain invited Dr. Craig Wright as the company. According to sources were acquired in the Nchain group before they nearly ten years for Dr. Craig Wright’s enterprise bitcoin blockchain technology research and development work, and created a lot of intellectual property and new assets, some intellectual property even for a patent.

According to reports in an exclusive interview with the Reuters, then bitcoin blockchain technology company Nchain called EITC holdings, they applied for a patent related to Dr. Wright about bitcoin and blockchain. However, Nchain said, Dr. Wright for the research and development of patent does not have the rights and interests of the owners. The news, Dr. Wright’s patent rights is purchased in advance, but he did not disclose the specific number of shares.

“Dr. Wright is not Nchain’s directors or shareholders. Dr. Wright never invested Nchain, never have any ownership of Nchain. SICAV company is the acquisition of a 100% stake in all Nchain. Nchain service including British Nchain Co. Ltd and Nichain Holdings limited. While NchainLimited’s intellectual property rights owned by NchainHoldingsLimited. “

Nchain company believes that Nakamoto legend “will always be a myth.”

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