Bitcoin boarded the annual Google hot search list, ranked second in the standings news

Bitcoin boarded the annual Google hot search list, ranked second in the standings news

Bitcoin in 2017 influence greatly ranked second in Google’s annual list of global news hot search list.

No matter how you divide, 2017 is destined to belong to the bitcoin currency and encryption. This year, the founder of the crypto currency value is growing, began to attract people’s attention. With bitcoin prices again and again to create a new high, it will continue to hit the headlines. Then, the virtual currency in the end how the fire in this year? Google announced in 2017 the hot search list, the list of global news, bitcoin ranked second.

Bitcoin interest

It seems from the beginning of this year, the public and the media are talking about bitcoin. From the economic perspective, while financial institutions have potential and application of block chain technology is very interested, but most of them are not optimistic about the encryption currency. However, as time goes on, more and more banks, investment companies and enterprises have started to become Wall Street encryption active currency in the world.

Inflation seems to bitcoin interest in large part from the price. From the Google trend analysis of this encryption currency can be seen, the search volume throughout the year is almost constant, but increased significantly in August, when currency prices started to rise. Then at the end of November, bitcoin rose from $8000 to $10000 when the search volume began to surge.

With the 2017 end, bitcoin still continues to be active in the news media. The latest topic is the encryption currency due to the recent price decline has been in trouble, this argument is untenable, because bitcoin fell after the market price can be revived as long as through the callback.

There are a lot of people forget your wallet’s private key, causing them to take extreme measures, such as hypnosis to recover funds.

In addition, it seems every week exchange is attacked, or some government departments or enterprises encounter extortion software, ask for bitcoin.

As for how to develop next year bitcoin, seems to be a very interesting thing.

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