Bitcoin breaks through 150000 RMB per piece, do you want to buy it?

We can see that bitcoin has been soaring in recent years. Now the price is approaching 150000 RMB. Do you dare to buy it? The author belongs to an industrial automation practitioner and has worked in the automation industry for many years. To be honest, bitcoin is a virtual currency, but we all recognize it. Although the price is very high now, the price may exceed RMB million in the future. But you can’t touch what you don’t understand, and you can’t invest in anything that you don’t know. A colleague once bought 1000 bitcoin when it was 100 yuan (RMB). At that time, bitcoin was very easy to buy. Later, when the price rose to about 200 yuan, all colleagues sold them and made some money. He was very happy at that time. But now it looks like he’s not that happy. So sometimes, contentment makes you happy.

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