[bitcoin] British media said China young people rely on bitcoin money: one million per month

[bitcoin] British media said China young people rely on bitcoin money: one million per month

British media said, in a sunny afternoon in the west of Beijing, in an appearance of ordinary high-rise 8 storey, Yang Huai (sound) sitting in the curtains of the apartment, devote themselves to create their own luck. In the past 6 months, 27 year old Yang Huai was sitting on my couch at home, he followed the bitcoin market and trade, seeing the money rolling in.

According to the British “Guardian” website in April 11 reported that the area is not itself of this apartment: Yang Huai before engaging in bitcoin transactions moved to live here, at that time he had been in a congregation to raise start-up company and a brand consultancy company, is also involved in the hedge fund management, all of these after all he called “innovation of financial work”. But now, his main concern is bitcoin, “it is much fresher, more interesting, and more money”. Yang Huai said, through this online transaction encryption currency, a month can earn up to 1 million yuan (about 116 thousand pounds).

Reported that bitcoin have no physical form, but the return is real: Yang Huai house filled with all kinds of electronic appliances expensive, the most prominent is a huge flat screen display of electronic whiteboard, the width of more than 1 meters, Yang Huai used for drawing bitcoin HD price trend chart.

In general, Yang Huai the graphics on the screen shows the price of bitcoin and his wealth in the rising wave of. In the reporter writing of this report, 1 bitcoin price is 6600 yuan, the price in recent months has reached far higher than 8000 yuan position. The total market value of the global currency of more than $14 trillion, more than 90% of them are being bought by the yuan, Yang Huaihe and his colleagues are to make a pen.

Reported that from bitcoin who could earn a lot of money, but the risk is also high. According to the design, bitcoin is a kind of person to person (P2P) currency. But since bitcoin was launched in 2009, the government has taken measures to control Chinese. In order to meet the requirements, several large Chinese bitcoin trading site announced the suspension of bitcoin withdrawals a month.

Yang Huai to such an event called “inconvenience, not the problem”. These events for Morningstar (he did not allow reporters to write the full name) pause to think about posterior. At the age of 35, he was a bit childish and shy, in the past 4 months has been engaged in bitcoin transactions, he is engaged in bitcoin trading resigned his government as geographic information Engineer “too comfortable” after work.

Reported that the morning star, the system itself is fragile. He explained: “technology is changing every day. Maybe tomorrow the hacker can find cracked bitcoin way…… This is achieved by mathematical security. If you can solve mathematics, bitcoin is not what.” This is why although Morningstar claiming bitcoin “believers”, but he did not intend to cause long-term participation in bitcoin transactions.

He said: “this is not really a stable.” He is not only refers to bitcoin price volatility, and the uncertainty of future technology encryption currency. Even so, he still earn more than the money in government. In a good month, Morningstar can get the value of the equivalent of about 5 bitcoin is close to 40 thousand yuan profit, he is more willing to put these profits into cash.

In a rapidly changing world seems to have no money encryption, what remains immutable and frozen for long time. Whether it is unpredictable government measures or within the bitcoin community about how the valuation of the industry to discuss, although support bitcoin the confidence, but so far the overall market value growth is unlikely to have any implications for the future of bitcoin.

Reported that, in Japan, bitcoin has recently approved legal tender status. But despite its popularity soared to more high, the same situation is unlikely to occur in China. Many bitcoin traders China is holding long-term objective to participate in the transaction. However, the morning star is more suspicious. He used a word out of the final views bitcoin: “I will never feel safe.”

Source: Reference News Network

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