Bitcoin broke 50000 US dollars. If you miss the market, will you miss bitcoin concept stocks?

Xinhua news agency, New York, February 16 (Xinhua) the spot price of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, broke through $50000 for the first time on the 16th, against the background of continued buying by investors and support from Payment institutions. Bitcoin prices peaked at $50584.85 on the morning of the 16th, then fell back to within $50000, up more than 60% so far this year, according to coindesk, a market service agency. Looking back at the breakthrough nodes of bitcoin’s important integer level, in mid March 2020, bitcoin price once fell to $3850; on July 27, 2020, bitcoin stood at $10000; on December 16, 2020, bitcoin broke through $20000 for the first time. On January 2, 2021, bitcoin stood at $30000 for the first time in its history. On January 8, 2021, bitcoin reached a new high, breaking through the $40000 barrier. After breaking through the major barrier of RMB 50000, blockchain stocks related to Hong Kong stocks rose one after another. Source: bitcoin home for bitcoin’s rapid rise, investors have benchmarked it as China’s core asset of consumer goods Maotai, and the continuous price increase of physical Maotai has triggered a substantial rise in Maotai stock for three consecutive years. In this regard, the stocks behind bitcoin are also worthy of attention. Data source: before understanding the concept stock of bitcoin, we need to sort out its industrial chain. The bitcoin industry relies on multiple types of services from multiple industries, which together constitute a huge bitcoin industry chain. At present, bitcoin can be divided into upstream mining, midstream trading and downstream services. Bitcoin whole industry chain Data source: Gold finance upstream: Mining and sales the upstream of bitcoin industry chain is mainly the production link, which is divided into two parts: bitcoin production and sales and mining. The production and sales link includes chips, manufacturers of bitcoin mining machines, accessory manufacturers and dealers of mining machines. Mining involves many groups, such as ore pools, mines, miners and cloud computing power platform 。 Midstream: the midstream of bitcoin exchange is mainly composed of exchanges. The exchange is the main way for ordinary users to obtain bitcoin, which promotes the circulation of bitcoin. Bitcoin produced by the mine can be bought and sold to general users through bitcoin exchange, and bitcoin holders (miners and other holders) can also trade bitcoin through the exchange. Downstream: the downstream of bitcoin service industry chain mainly consists of enterprises providing bitcoin services, including wallets and payments, specifically including bitcoin wallets, ATM machines, asset custody companies, etc. Bitcoin wallet is used to store your bitcoin information, bitcoin quota, collection address, private secret key, etc.; bitcoin payment, first of all, is bitcoin “cash payment”. Some foreign enterprises support bitcoin as consumption “cash payment”, followed by bitcoin ATM, which is connected with the Internet and has the functions of receiving, storing and exchanging bitcoin. Bitcoin concept stocks in H city focus on the whole bitcoin industry chain. As the largest interface between domestic and overseas markets, Hong Kong shares have more blockchain and bitcoin concept related stocks, covering upstream, midstream and downstream. Some of them are highly correlated, and companies with large proportion of bitcoin related businesses in main business can pay attention to. Bitcoin concept stocks in H-share market Data source: Ifind auco cloud chain group (1499. HK) is one of the early blockchain enterprises in China. Its business covers blockchain big data, blockchain technology R & D and application, blockchain industry investment, blockchain incubator, etc. The company has layout in the middle and upper reaches of bitcoin industry chain, including building mining cloud computing platform upstream. Midstream mainly covers the digital asset trading module, including settlement, trading quotation and other related services. In addition, okcoin international holds regulatory licenses from the United States, the European Union, Japan, Singapore and other countries and regions, and can trade licensed digital assets such as US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and Singapore dollar. As a result, the company has benefited greatly from the bitcoin boom. Since the beginning of the year, the increase has exceeded 200%. Today’s closing price is up 0.75 yuan, up 25%. The stock price trend chart of Oko cloud chain from 1.1 to 2.17 in 2021 Source: wind auco cloud chain blockchain browser Huo coin Technology (1611. HK) was originally an electronic company mainly engaged in electronic parts OEM and electronic manufacturing services. In 2018, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosed that Li Lin, chairman and founder of Huo coin group, acquired Tongcheng holdings and will hold 73.73% of the shares and become the actual controller. Tongcheng holdings changed its name to fire coin technology, and its blockchain business has been greatly developed. Firecoin is a bitcoin trading platform. Its business covers almost the entire industry chain, including firecoin exchange, wallet, investment, HT ecological fund, incubator, mining pool, etc., of which the core asset is firecoin exchange. At the same time, due to the tightening of domestic regulatory policies, the company actively develops overseas business, including fire currency China, fire currency global dollar station, etc. Among them, the former is committed to the research and development of blockchain technology and application information, focusing on downstream services, while firecoin global dollar station will continue to provide local legal currency to digital currency digital asset trading services, focusing on midstream trading. Currently, it is building a new okex bitcoin trading platform to further stimulate the stock price. Since the beginning of the year, the company’s growth rate has been close to 300%. Today, the company closed up 24 yuan, or 27.12%. Stock price trend chart of firecoin technology from 1.1 to 2.17 in 2021 At present, the company has developed okex bitcoin trading platform Source: xiongan technology, the official website of the company (1647. HK) xiongan technology’s main business is to provide comprehensive building services, including maintenance and installation of mechanical and electrical (electromechanical) systems, decoration engineering, etc.; since May 2018, the company has expanded its business to the blockchain field, originally aiming to expand the group’s capabilities in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering to high-end dedicated services. The proportion of this business is increasing year by year. By 2020, the total revenue of blockchain products accounted for 32.59%. Its related business is in the midstream of bitcoin industry chain, including supporting digital asset transaction of blockchain, and providing maintenance and other related services. Main business structure of the company Source: according to the company’s interim report, in terms of the transaction income of blockchain digital assets, the year-on-year growth rate is large, and the future growth space is broad. Since the beginning of the year, the company has increased by more than 260% and closed up 0.770 yuan or 10.0% today. The company’s blockchain digital asset trading revenue increased significantly Source: the company’s Zhongbao xiongan technology’s stock price trend chart from 1.1 to 2.17 in 2021 Data source: in addition to wind, other bitcoin related concept stocks such as blue harbor interactive (8267. HK), China wallet (0802. HK) and Meitu (1357. HK) were also worthy of attention, of which blueport interactive (8267. HK) closed down 5.56% to 0.68 yuan; China wallet (0802. HK) closed up 6.48% to 0.115 yuan; Metco (1357. HK) closed up 13.54% to 4.11 yuan. It is worth noting that although the blockchain is hot at present, it is still in an early stage, because the blockchain technology is not mature, and the application scenarios are relatively limited, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of virtual high and virtual heat. Bitcoin is a more risky speculative asset, so we should be aware that the bubble of related concept stocks will be punctured due to the return of bitcoin value in the future.

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