Bitcoin broke the $50000 mark every noon; a cake house fire broke out in Yucheng, Shandong Province, killing seven people; who experts: it is necessary to trace the origin of the new crown outside China

1. A fire broke out in a cake house in Yucheng, Shandong Province, killing seven people. According to the wechat public account of “Dayu city”, a fire broke out in Fukang cake house in Fujin community, Yucheng City at 6:14 a.m. on February 16, 2021. There were 9 people who lived in the cake house owner and his family, one of whom survived running; seven of the eight rescued died after ineffective rescue, and one was not in danger. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Bitcoin broke through the $50000 mark, and bitcoin hit a record high in the day, rising to above $50000 / piece. 3. WHO Expert: it is necessary to trace the new coronavirus outside China. According to cgtn, John Watson, member of the joint expert group on the traceability of new coronavirus of the World Health Organization, was interviewed by foreign media on the 14th. When asked whether the virus was found in China, Watson denied it. He said there are many hypotheses about the origin of the virus, and the most likely one is that the virus is transmitted to humans through intermediate animal hosts. “China is likely to be the source of disease outbreaks, but the process of virus transmission from animals to humans does not necessarily happen in China,” he said He believes that it is also necessary to carry out traceability research outside China. 4. At the height of last year’s epidemic, the number of British air passengers plummeted by 98%, according to CCTV finance and British Sky News. On February 15, local time, the official data released by the British National Bureau of statistics showed that the number of British air passengers plummeted by 98% during the peak period of the new epidemic in 2020. According to the relevant data, during the first outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the number of air arrivals per month decreased from 6.8 million in February to 112.300 in April. 5. Japan’s dry ice production capacity is facing challenges in the near future. According to Xinhua news agency, the Japanese government is scheduled to start new crown vaccination this week. However, the rapid increase in production capacity of dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, required for the preservation and transportation of vaccines, is facing challenges. Japan’s Kyodo news agency quoted an unnamed director of a large dry ice manufacturer as saying on the 15th that the shortage of dry ice should not hinder the promotion of vaccination, but he was “not sure how much dry ice is needed to promote vaccination”. Daily economic news

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