Bitcoin broke through $30000 for the first time in its history

In line with our expectation, the price of bitcoin has broken through 30000 US dollars, from 20000 US dollars to 30000 US dollars, only 17 days have passed. According to the media, investors who invest in bitcoin can get 50% return in less than one month. This kind of investment return is not high. But recently, there is a voice in the group that makes people feel helpless. Many people feel unable to explain to their families and friends. Obviously, bitcoin has increased by 700% compared with the low point of last year, but they have not made any money. It is funny. This proves from the side that most of the retail investors in China have no bitcoin in their hands, so most of them are just spectators. This is normal. As for where bitcoin has gone, I believe many people can guess about it. In addition to grayscale, microstraty has already stockpiled a lot of bitcoin, PayPal’s entry has undoubtedly opened the channel for retail investors to buy bitcoin, which is greatly beneficial for retail investors to enter. On the contrary, domestic investors still take it for granted that bitcoin is difficult to break through the historical high created last time. So they sell around $20000 and prepare to buy it again when the correction rate is 30%. No one thought that the bitcoin price this time is a direct breakthrough The all-time high, instead of a pullback, has led to the downfall of these investors, which may be the fate of most investors. Bigwigs often say that bitcoin is used for hoarding. As an investment product, bitcoin always needs to be sold in order to change his life. When is the time to sell it? I personally feel that after countries, especially China and the United States, recognize its legal status, after the SEC passes the bitcoin ETF, and even after bitcoin has the status of value reserve and is recognized, bitcoin must be cashed out; of course, bitcoin at that time may have been sky high; it may be 100 million, maybe 500 million, or even higher. Say to leave bitcoin to children, this still wants concrete problem concrete analysis! Many early investors who had thousands or even hundreds of bitcoin in their hands have been thrown off their cars and are now just spectators. With the continuous rise of bitcoin prices, this situation may become more obvious. Is it a bull market now? I don’t think so. But we can see that many people have begun to pour cold water on everyone. The point of view is also very correct, that is, the bull market is the easiest to lose money. However, I think that the current situation is at most the bull market of bitcoin. Even Ethereum has not broken through the historical high price, let alone other counterfeit coins. For investors who do not have bitcoin, how can this bull market of bitcoin lose money? Maybe when the currency circle ushers in a general rise and brings a new round of bull market, this sentence may be useful. For investors, what we need to do now is to wait patiently, and then hope that Shanzhai coin will rise sharply; I have held bitcoin for more than three years, grapefruit for more than two years; vichain, I have held it for three years, and there are still some projects like this; since I am optimistic, I will hold it for a long time, and wait until the bull market, so I can sell in time. This is the big loss I suffered in the last bull market. I hope you all this time Can be avoided. Mentality decides everything! We need to keep learning!

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