Bitcoin broke through $50000 a piece, tripled in half a year, surpassing Tesla in market value

Under the influence of the epidemic situation, global stock markets continue to fluctuate throughout the year. Under this background, bitcoin has become “digital gold”. Today, on the day when the God of wealth is welcomed on the fifth day of the new year, bitcoin has exceeded $50000 a piece, much more expensive than gold. For gamers, not only did they not wait for the mine disaster, but the eagerly anticipated game graphics cards were snapped up by bitcoin developers who used video cards to mine. It was even reported that miners had entered the video card manufacturer’s factory to lock in the video cards on the production line, resulting in a price increase for the video cards on the market. NVIDIA rtx3060 was listed before the Lantern Festival. Although the price has been announced, it is hard to escape Miners sweep. According to the latest data of assetdash, the total market value of bitcoin has surpassed Tesla by more than $890 billion, ranking the seventh in the world. The market value of bitcoin is already equivalent to that of an oligarch like Tencent. Since September 2020, bitcoin has continued to lead the rise in the capital market, with an increase of nearly 300% in six months, far higher than that of other major categories of assets. It has become the most successful investment and financing product. Some well-known people are optimistic about the rising momentum of special currency. Sunzhengyi, chairman of Softbank group, Alibaba’s largest shareholder, said bitcoin would replace gold and increase its unit price to $100000 by 2025. Fitzpatrick, an analyst at Citibank, the largest U.S. bank, is more aggressive, believing that the unit price of bitcoin is expected to rise to $318000 by 2021.

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