Bitcoin brought the needed point-to-point payment system for the mesh network

Bitcoin brought the needed point-to-point payment system for the mesh network

The mesh network (MeshNetwork) has promised to solve the problem of Internet providers to charge users. The network technology brings the routing technology mature, promoted the development of many large Mobile Corporation around the world, and this technique was first used by the military battlefield communications.

The Internet service provider to provide either connected or not, it means that you can either have or no network. For those who work during the day, people sleep at night, the connecting way makes use of most of the time. Network let the owners to make full use of their existing Internet connection, and can provide services for the surrounding area neighbors and other people.

From the technical level is more strict, the end user can make the grid pattern formed in the point-to-point network between client devices. Network infrastructure shortage means that this model can at very low cost to establish a high performance and scalable broadband network. As users join the network, Internet service providers would improve the throughput of the network coverage and network.

FireChat is actually one of the most well-known network. This point of the mobile phone network applications do not use Internet access, do not use cellular data. Even in the face of natural disasters and deliberate disruption of Internet services, FireChat can not use the central services (such as the Internet service provider (ISP)) to keep in touch with each other between users.

ResizedImage120120-Konstantin-Dukakis like Firechat mesh network success has proved this technology is certainly a market demand. Wifiportal21 founder KonstantinDukakis”

In many attempts on mesh network technology more widely, the best example is the current It is a peer-to-peer network connected to Catalonia’s only hardware router a commercially available, the rest is completely free. now has three continents linked to connect more than 32000 households sharing a wide area network, such as the ISP connection, and there is no cost to each other.

BrooklynMesh is covering Manhattan and the surrounding areas of the free network. Although it is much smaller than the Guifi, but there are still many people who are willing to participate in the volunteer project.

Hyperboria, it was originally called the Meshnet project, it is a target for a European project unified network. At present, it is seeking a good solution to make for a specific network of different routing protocols can coordinate each other. Through this reform, hyperboria can make users guifi users and BrooklynMesh interworking network.

Even if each family of low hardware cost to $30 -90 dollars, the prices in line with the existing home router, but it still makes many projects bottlenecks encountered in the past few years. Because the user to other people to share broadband no monetary reward, resulting in free access to business model has become the main inhibitor.

The BrooklynMesh website said;

If you’re with someone close, or can ask someone can share the network with you, then try it, we encourage people to share the network with their neighbors.”

“Micro payment” has provided a solution for many years, when we know it has been integrated into the network. These micro payment usually costs less than $1, they are used to sell some of the online content, such as a link or a download of consumers.

In 1996, increase the payment response code: “HTTPstatuscode402”. Completed in 1999 the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) micro payment link integration specification. “We believe that the user should use the same user interface as a regular web site, so you can pay a small amount for some content or service, simply click on a hyperlink.

The idea may be to replace the traditional subscription model, such as the use of the ISP. It means that when the user demand exists when the content of payment. Provides a micro payment system available bitcoin appears, for the mesh network quietly ushered in a new era of paid.

In the past few years has launched half of the project, these projects to promote the Internet payment technology scattered, and attract more new users. A dense monetary supply network, a few such as BitMesh, BEWP and BitcoinWifi to set up WiFi hotspot to entrepreneurs, and willing to accept bitcoin as a set of WiFi feedback.

ResizedImage120119-Andrew-Donley bitcoin is not only the ideal technology is crucial for the realization of the function of the BitMesh. Micro payment channels in a safe, trusted way to meet customers need to buy and sell, and it does not require third party hosting services. Bitmesh co-founder and CEO, AndrewDonley”

The famous bitcoin theme of the best-selling author of the book AndreasAntonopoulos, also developed a bitcoin WiFi portal project called wifiportal21. Originally developed the code is used for 21 bitcoin computer company, and some developers have been using their own project code. Antonopoulo said to BNC:

“This is a proof of concept co..”

Antonopoulos explained:

“This is an interesting proof of concept, the bitcoin application program interface, 21 application interface and micro payment can help, but it will not bring real income. But they also found no customers are willing to buy this service.”

Antonopoulos explained:

The concept of “Network Point-to-Point nature will need to pay a system of point to point, perhaps is the bitcoin or equivalent of bitcoin, but now only bitcoin is the most appropriate, because it is now one of the most widely used encryption currency.”

ResizedImage120120-Andreas-M.-Antonopoulos mesh network pay need to pay by the mechanism (such as bitcoin) and geographic information. This makes it very difficult to guide. Even in a similar place, you still need to bitcoin users and access points to provide bitcoin service. In addition to a small area, there is no such place. – AndreasAntonopoulos”

In August, 21 of the company’s KonstantinDukakis developers use bitcoin computer and AndreasAntonopolous wifiportal21 code to create a wireless portal application index. He agrees with Antonopoulos that why the project has not become the mainstream in space. The reason is that bitcoin is not the mainstream of daily affairs.

At present only in the Github community and WiFi associated bitcoin wireless portal project is Biternet. The proof of concept program was written by RenlordN.Yang and his students at ETH Zurich.

Yang successfully set up a working group of nodes, he concluded:

“Depending on whether Biternet can become simple and easy to configure the network node to provide network services for hardware.”

Biternet white paper explains:

The only requirement in biternet is the need for a network device to unlimited ad hoc network. Otherwise, the other network interface is optional.”

“Each node in point to point level, no strict requirements, but the Internet access is essential. Bitcoin payment channels to facilitate the micro payment, it has become a reality to the terminal users of network node data based on the use of charge to fine efforts. -RenlordN.Yang”

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