Bitcoin (BTC) has a market value beyond Twitter has reached $10 billion

Bitcoin (BTC) has a market value beyond Twitter has reached $10 billion

The huge demand China bitcoin promoting bitcoin prices reached $643, the total market value of bitcoin was $10 billion, which is higher than the market value of the company’s Twitter (Twitter has a market capitalization of $9 billion 500 million)

Chinese demand for bitcoin bitcoin prices soaring again so

A large number of bitcoin exchange Chinese RMB has been the main cause of bitcoin prices soaring.

Bitcoin exchange in Chinese such as “BtcTrade” and “poly currency net” in the price is 4385 yuan (about $668), the price in the global bitcoin exchanges such as Bitfinex and Poloniex is a super high.

China government limited capital outflow policy leads to the Chinese and buy a lot of gold coins, which raise the price of bitcoin.

The market value of the vs Money Supply

Bitcoin is currently the market value of 10 billion is not what worth complacency, it is important to focus on the long term some. The world’s most valuable listed company is a Apple Corp, it has a market value of $540 billion.

Bitcoin market capitalization is now only a small part of the Apple Corp (about 2%). If we compare the value of bitcoin and other companies, the result is very obvious.

The total money supply in the United States is about 3w8000 billion dollars. This is 380 times the value of bitcoin.

Bitcoin vs gold

According to the World Gold Council statement, has been mined out and the total amount of gold above the ground is estimated to be about 187 thousand tons.

In order to calculate the current price, the total value of gold is about 7W billion dollars. Although bitcoin is often compared to digital gold, but its value is lower than the current total value of 0.2% gold storage.

Great potential to rise

Since 2015 June, bitcoin prices from $230 up to now.

Then bitcoin current bull market still has the potential to continue to rise? Look a bit difficult to say clear coins from the current price is entered a stable period of development will go down, but in the long term bitcoin potential is huge.

If bitcoin began to emerge in the international trade, or which countries regard it as foreign exchange reserves, so bitcoin prices will skyrocket.

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